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Date post:31-Aug-2014
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Describes the development of the Paul R. Williams Project website by the Art Museum of the University of Memphis (AMUM).
  • Deborah Brackstone, AMUM, Art Museum, University of Memphis Kay Cunningham, Plough Library, Christian Brothers University
  • http://www.paulrwilliamsproject.org /
    • AMUM, the University of Memphis' Art Museum, created an educational website devoted to the work of African-American architect Paul Revere Williams, the "architect to the stars." With the assistance of libraries and archives from across the country, AMUM assembled a comprehensive bibliography, verified and collected images of Williams' works, and enhanced the images with background text to create a research tool useful for K-12 students, college architecture majors, researchers, or the general public. The presenters describe the development of the project, giving particular attention to the collaboration between art historians, archivists, librarians, and the public.
    • Who was Paul Revere Williams?
    • Why make a website in his honor?
    Paul R. Williams Portrait, 1951 Herald Examiner Collection/Los Angeles Public Library
  • Basic Magnesium Plant, Las Vegas, NV Photographer: Fritz Henle, 1942 Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, LC-USW3-053849-E Roosevelt Naval Base, 1996 Photographer: William B. Dewey. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division: Historic American Buildings Survey, HABS CAL, 19-LONGB, 3-9
    • Accessible for all levels
      • K-12, architecture majors, researchers, general public
    • Attractive, professional design
      • Easy navigation, professional technical support
    • Achieve high rankings in search results
    • Accurate content
      • Verifiable, research-based
    • Incorporate appropriate new technologies
    • Communicate new information
      • Moderated postings
      • Point for questions
    • Disseminate known information
      • Moderated blog
    • Easy navigation
    • Accessible by any browser
    • Uniform, professional design
    • Broadly useful
      • Many ages
      • Many interests
    • Interesting
      • Content
      • Visuals
    • Technologically up-t0-date
  • Langston Terrace, Washington, D.C. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Theodor Horydczak Collection, ca. 1920 - ca. 1950. Roosevelt Naval Base, 1945 Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division: Historic American Buildings Survey, HABS CAL, 19-LONGB, 3-10.
    • Select collection management software
    • Identify material
    • Verify material
    • Order material
    • Input material
    • Edit for currency
    • Update website (quarterly)
    • RefWorks*
      • Allows the collection and classification of references to articles, books, and other research resources
      • Can be edited to include customized as well as standard information
      • Generates bibliographies with ease
      • *One of many options for citation management. Requires subscription and registration. For more details see http://www.refworks.com
  • An example of a reference in RefWorks Editing screen for the same reference
    • Working well with other institutions
    Paul R. Williams at Hollyhock House with a model of LA Junior Arts Center, 1965 Photographer: Harry Chase Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive, Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA
    • University of Memphis Libraries Special Collections and Reference Department
    • Library of Congress
    • Los Angeles Public Library
    • Getty Library
    • University of Southern California Library
    • OAC: Online Archive of California
    • University of California at Los Angeles Library
    • State Library of California (picture catalog)
    • Office of Historic Resources, City of Los Angeles
    • Neon Museum, Las Vegas
    • And many more
    See: http://www.paulrwilliamsproject.org/resources/archives/ for detailed listing
    • What happens when YOU are the Us being contacted?
    • At 2:10 a.m?
  • http://www.paulrwilliamsproject.org/news/ http://blog.paulrwilliamsproject.org/
    • Tells you if your page is being used
    • How its being used
    • What section of the page thats being used
    • Categories of whos using it
    • Where they are
    • What kind of browser/computer/search strategy theyre using
    • Where theyre navigating from
      • Google? Wikipedia? One of your own pages?
    • Expand your horizons
    • Get out of your comfort zone
    • Understand the changing needs of potential clients
    • Think of new applications for old tools
    • Be able to explain your technologies
    • Be open to meeting with people
    • Be willing to be a hand-holder
    • Make connections
    • Not everyone is on the same page as you are
    • Cultural literacy is dead
    • Common knowledge is a thing of the past
    • BUT
    • Being approachable makes friends for the research process
    Image created using http://www.wordle.net / .
  • Betty Ford and Cary Grant on the Beverly Wilshire Hotel mirrored staircase, 1976 Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive, Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA Contact: Deborah Brackstone AMUM, University of Memphis [email_address] Kay Cunningham Plough Library, Christian Brothers University [email_address] This presentation will be available at http://www.slideshare.net
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