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Plunger Pump Overview · 2014. 1. 20. · Plunger Pumps FMC Technologies & Dynapumps plunger pumps...

Date post: 12-May-2021
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Pump Engineering Data Book www.dynapumps.com.au PH: 1300 788 579 FAX: 1300 799 199
plungerpumpsintroData Bookwww.dynapumps.com.au PH: 1300 788 579 FAX: 1300 799 199
Pump Quick Reference Chart Model Max PSI Max GPM Max BHP Cast
Iron Ductile
L06-HV 1,200 42.6 20.7 x x x
L09 1,200 28.7 13.8 x
L09-HV 1,500 52.3 27.1 x x x
W11 1,000 53.0 36 x
L11 2,500 75.1 52 x x x x
L12 2,500 92.6 61 x x x x
L16 2,500 115.5 105 x x x x
D04 2,150 4.1 3.2 x x x
lu n
g e
M14 10,000 213 104 x x x x x x
M16 10,000 351 142 x x x x x x
M18 10,000 372 190 x x x x x x
Q16 10,000 585 240 x x x x x x
Q18 10,000 620 325 x x x x x x
M28 10,000 837 440 x x x x x
Q28 10,000 1,395 800 x x x x x
Q32 10,000 1,594 1,000 x x x x x
42 M14 Plunger Pump Data
46 M16 Plunger Pump Data
50 M18 Plunger Pump Data
54 M28 Plunger Pump Data
58 Q16 Plunger Pump Data
62 Q18 Plunger Pump Data
66 Q28 Plunger Pump Data
70 Q32 Plunger Pump Data
26 Plunger Pump Overview
All pumps have been carefully designed to provide years of operational life. Heavy-duty designs with oversized bearings ensure these pumps will deliver value and performance in real world operating conditions. When maintenance is required, FMC Technologies & Dynapumps’ pumps feature easy access to typical service areas.
FMC Technologies & Dynapumps’ plunger pumps have an outstanding record of dependable service in thousands of installations around the world. This success stems from the ability to combine sound engineering, reliable craftsmanship and years of pumping experience.
Braided Compression Packing made from aramid and PTFE fibres provides excellent overall performance. External lubrication is not required but can be added as an option to extend packing life in many applications. Numerous additional packing styles or materials can be supplied to provide optimal performance in any service.
Fluid End wetted parts can be supplied in a wide variety of cast or forged materials.
Standard Disc Valves provide quiet, efficient performance in most applications. Abrasion resistant valves are available to suit high performance applications.
Hard-Coated Plungers provide the best combination of value, performance and corrosion resistance for most applications. Ceramic, tungsten carbide or other styles are also available.
Durable Power Ends are designed to provide years of service life. Heavy- duty design features include oversized bearings, precision crafted components and a reliable splash- lubrication system. Pressure oil lube, oil level monitoring, heating and cooling systems can be added as options.
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