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Score make easyPMR (SCIENCE PAPER 2) 55/2

Do and dont during exam Be on time! Be prepared! -Have your pens, pencils, eraser, other required supplies with you. No eating or drinking in exam hall! No cell phones or music-playing devices in exam hall! Be courteous to others! - Listen while others are speaking. - Raise your hand if you wish to ask a question. - Dont be unnecessarily loud and boisterous. - Stay on-task. Dont distract people from their work.

Understand questions1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. menyenaraikan ciri-ciri (characteristic) menyatakan sebab atau alasan (give reason/ why) menerangkan pernyataan (state/ give detail/ describe/ explain)menyenaraikan contoh2 (give examples) menyatakan definisi (define/ give meaning) menyatakan lokasi (where/ define location) menyatakan proses (how)menyatakan fungsi (give function) menyatakan pemerhatian (state observation) beri cadangan (give suggestion/ state other ways to ...) membanding (compare and contrast) menyatakan jenis (define type) membuat pengiraan (show calculation) menyatakan perkaitan (state relationship) membuat andaian (give prediction)

Question 1Test basic knowledge.

Able to use the words in the box to state the situation of the pair of balls.

[3 marks]

Able to () in the boxes below the items that produce electrostatic.

Able to () in the correct box the meaning of electrostatic

Question 2

Able to state what happen to the size of the silica after stirring. Suggested answers: 1. No change //Tiada perubahan 2 . Unchanged //Tidak berubah 3 . Same // Sama

1. Silicon // Silika 2. Oxygen // OksigenAble to state one property of silica Suggested answers: 1 . Does not dissolve // Tidak terlarut 2 . Insoluble // Tidak larut 3 . Not soluble in water // Tidak larut dalam air

(i) Able to state the effect of heating on lead sulphide Suggested answers: Heat breaks down lead sulphide. (ii) Able to name gas Q Answer: Sulphur dioxide

Question 3Analysing

Able to state two benefits the organism gets from the interaction Suggested answers : 1. Gets a place to grow 2. Helps to get sunlight [Accept any reasonable answer]

(i) Able to name interaction Y Answer Prey-predator // Mangsa dan pemangsa (ii) Able to state one advantage of preypredator Suggested answers: 1. Does not affect human's health . 2. Does not affect or kill other organisms 3. Does not cause pollution 4. Not costly //cheap

(iii) Able to explain why guppy fish is placed in a pond. Suggested answers 1. To control the population of larvae 2. Acts as a biological control [Accept any reasonable answer] (iv) Able to differentiate between mutualism and parasitism Suggested answers: Mutualism gives benefit to both organisms but the host is harmed in parasitism .

Question 4

Able to state the type of energy produced by all the activities. Answer : Heat energy

(i) Able to state the changes on state of the candle Suggested answers: Solid Liquid solid (ii) Able to state the physical process of P Answer: Melting (iii) Explain what happens to the candle particles during process P Suggested answer: Vibrate faster

Able to explain what happens to the water particles during the process of making ice cubes. Suggested answers 1. Water particles release heat energy. 2. The kinetic energy decreases . 3. The particles becomes closer together [Any two]

Question 5Comparing Inferring

Able to compare the taste of the two food Answer Lemon is sour, bitter gourd is bitter // Limau masam, peria pahit

(i) Able to name the gas produced in the activity Answer: Hydrogen gas (ii) Able to give one reason why lime juice is able to remove rust from the rusty knife Suggested answer: Lime juice reacts with metal

Able to state one property of calcium hydroxide Suggested answers: 1. Calcium hydroxide is slightly soluble in water II 2 . Calcium hydroxide is an alkali

(ii) Able to explain the process that occur in the reaction Suggested answer: 1. Acid reacts with alkali 2. Form water and salt. (iii) Able to complete the equation by giving the product of the reaction Answer: Sodium chloride

Able to state one importance of using toothpaste. Suggested answers 1. Prevents teeth decay. 2. Neutralises the acid that is formed (by the decomposition of food residue ).

Question 6

(i) Suggested answers : 1. Increases the yield of crops. 2.Improves the characteristic crop.

Suggest one way (ii) Removes /Cuts all the anthers. (iii) Able to give one reason for the answer in 6(a)(ii) Prevents the plant from producing its own pollen grain

(i) Able to make one suggestion to increase cross-pollination Suggested answers: 1. Use vibration method 2. Use external pollinated (ii) Transfers the pollen grain from one plant to the stigma of another plant

Able to explain how the situation helps to increase the yield of fruits Suggested answers: 1. Honey bee helps in the process of pollination 2 . Honey bees acts as the agent of pollination 3. More fruits develop form /after pollination [Accept any two reasonable answers]

Part BQuestion 7

Able to state how the students stand Suggested answers P : Stands on one leg Q : Stands on two R : Stands on one leg S : Stands on two

Able to state one inference based on the observation. Suggested answers 1. 2. Q is more stable because he stands on two legs //spreads his legs // his base area is wide R is less stable because he stands on one leg // his the base area is small

Able to relate the relationship between the way the student stands and the stability Suggested answers: 1. The bigger the base area, the more stable (vice versa) 2. Base area affect the stability 3. The way the student stands affects the stability

Question 8Experiment

Able to state one difference based on the observation Suggested answer: The grasshopper in J died but the grasshopper in K is still alive

Able to make one inference based on observation in 8(a)(i) Suggested answers: I. The grasshopper in J died because there is no air //oxygen 2. The grasshopper in K still alive because there is air //oxygen

Able to state the relationship between the size of container and the time taken for the candle to extinguish Suggested answer: The bigger the size of the container, the longer the time taken for the candle to extinguish (vice versa)

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