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Pocket App at Twenties Club

Date post:25-Jun-2015
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Paul Swaddle's presentation from the Twenties Club event that took place in Reading. For a high resolution version of the presentation, please email feel free to email us at [email protected]
  • 1. A Mobile Tour Paul Swaddle DESIGN | DEVELOP | DISTRIBUTE

2. Fun FactsThere are 5x as many mobile phones in the world as PCs 3. Fun Facts64% of people fall asleep next to their phones 4. Fun Facts70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour. (it takes a month for the same percentage of desktop users to catch up) 5. Fun Facts30 million consumers watch TV via mobile devices 6. Fun Facts40% of people look up information about a show while watching it 7. Fun Facts74% of people use their mobile phones to help them with their shopping 8. POCKET APP An overview of the company or who the hell are you? 9. Pocket App50+ years team experience in mobile Offices in London andAsiaMobile expertsCross-platformFull serviceUniting creativity with technical know-how Diverse client base 10. Our ServicesCreative & consultancy DesignTechnical Build App STORE submission PR & Marketing Application Analytics On-going app reviews and upgrades 11. Clients 12. MOBILE TOOL KIT Is there more to mobile than apps? 13. Mobile ToolkitTEXTPICTURE MESSAGEEMAILMOBILE [email protected] BLUETOOTHPAYMENTSQR CODESGPS 14. SMS and MMS Broadcast Marketing Interactions Utility 15. SMS and MMSBrand: BBC Campaign: BBC World in America Release year: 2007 16. Mobile Email and Internet59%29%12%41% of Commercial emails are opened on a mobile device 17. BluetoothBrand: ColdplayResults: From 87,000 discoveredCampaign: X&Y album promotionBluetooth phones, 13,000 downloaded mobile contentRelease year: 2005Response 15% 18. Paymentso SMS o Paypal o App Store In App Billingo Payforit o Credit Card o NFC 19. CharitiesThank you for your 5 donation to Kids Company, Charity Number 1068298. Your money will help support vulnerable inner-city children and young people.Brand/Client: Kids Company Service:Mobile donation Service launch: 12/2009 Media: Mobile, print 20. Coupons and QR CodesMobile coupons have 10x higher redemption rate then their print counterparts 21. Order a coffer from your phone 22. ... and pick it up at the store 23. Location Based Services 24. GREAT APPS Why are some apps better than others? 25. What Makes a Good AppVoice (Speaker) Touch Accelerometer Ears (Mic)Location (GPS) 26. What Makes a Good App 27. What Makes a Good App 28. What Makes a Good AppScanning the Night Sky Using your iPhones Compass, Starmap is your tool for viewing the night sky from your actual location and smoothly scanning across the horizon with a panoramic view 29. What Makes a Good AppManhattan Apartments for Sale in Augmented Reality 30. What Makes a Good AppDiscover, explore and share more music, TV shows and ads you love. 31. THREE CASE STUDIES A few simple solutions 32. Peri Products Mobile Mistletoe CampaignObjective Periproducts approached Pocket App to deliver a solution for one of their flagship products, a portable mouth freshening spray called 'UltraDex'. The solution needed to tie in a Christmas theme for a December launch. The key objective was to create more brand awareness around the product.Results The project was delivered on time and to budget, within the tight deadline and budgets. The app was launched successfully at the Comedy Gala and app downloads grew sizeable after the Gala launch. The apps were received well by users resulting in lots of positive comments. Periproducts have indicated they will be promoting the apps every Christmas moving forward. 33. Travel Agency Winter Destinations AppSki Maps- Ski Maps is the must have resource for all skiers and snowboarders. It gives you unlimited instant access to over 1,000 trail maps from all around the world. The maps are quickly downloaded to your device so that they can be viewed anytime from the mountain, even without cell service! SkiTrailMaps is a handy resource while on the mountain, to aid in planning a trip or showing your buddies where you went on your last trip. 34. Diversey Field Sales Tool Objective Pocket App were charged with delivering a mobile app solution that would integrate all of the various sales documents and information resourcesin to one place- the appResults Field sales staff are infamously resistant to change and accepting new processes, so it was important to get everything perfect first time. Initial field based app tests in 2 regions have gone very well and the sales staff have enthusiastically adopted the app. A full roll-out across all UK regions is now in progress. 35. [email protected] @pocketapp or @paulswaddle Tel: +44 20 7183 4388 36. Design Examples Delivering for clients 37. Design Process Design Building BlocksUIUSER INTERFACEUXUSER EXPERIENCEVIVISUAL IDENTITYWe take our clients through the full design experience. From creating the brand and identity all the way through to high fidelity final designs of the application with a full wireframe depicting the entire user experience for the project. Some examples of recent Pocket Apps design projects. 38. Design ExamplesW Hotel The W Hotel application integrates the mBlox Engage platform to deliver news and deals based on the users location. 39. Design ExamplesGamestacker Gamestacker is a location based, peer-topeer game trading app designed to help gamers discover 2nd-hand games nearby. 40. Design ExamplesOracle The Pocket App team has developed multiple assessment and questionnaire tools for Oracle. Generated reports include key insights, graphs & charts which help the user in making an informed decision for future planning and growth. 41. Design ExamplesABB ABB required an app to help their engineers monitor and track large mining machines. Our solution allows engineers to collect and post hundreds of data points, syncing in real time with ABBs servers. Saves potentially millions of pounds of downtime cost from better maintenance 42. Design ExamplesShred-up Shred-up is a sport news reader application for iOS. It allows users to keep up to date with all the latest extreme sports news within their customised categories 43. Design ExamplesChampionship Fantasy league is an extension of our clients existing service, reimagined and adapted for a full mobile experience. Allowing users to manage their fantasy teams on the go. 44. CASE STUDIES Additional projects 45. Case StudiesObjective Create a mobile solution to allow Pole Stars customers to track and monitor their shipping fleets from a smartphoneResults Delivered a solution which allows Pole Star to provide 24 hours a day tracking to their customers via their smartphone. 46. Case StudiesObjective Provide a range of apps using the content that Welcome Guides publishes onlineResults Expected to generate significant PR in tourist-related press Expected to reach minimum sales target within week 1 47. Case StudiesObjective The purpose of this project was to raise donations and provide awareness for the Womens Aid FoundationResults Delivered on time Seamless incorporation 48. Case StudiesObjective Provide a creative iPhone mobile solution that incentivises donation to charity and which supports the integrated campaign.Results Provided The Eve Appeal with a further payment platform, which can be re-used for future campaigns 49. Case StudiesObjective Allow users to upload a video CV using their camera phoneResults Increasing the efficiency of their internal recruitment processes Allows them to reach out to a wider audience 50. Case StudiesObjective Provide a commercially successful cross-platform health encyclopaediaResults 3 unique applications delivered on time and to budget 100% ROI over target 51. Case StudiesObjective Deliver multiple resort-based promotions to relevant holiday-makersResults The Triptu application has just been launched and Triptu is in the process of signing up businesses to offer users promotions. 52. Why Pocket AppCompetitive Pricing StructureFull service / cross-platform Account Management Quick turnaround Hugely Experienced 53. What our clients say The Pocket App team understood our priorities and delivered exactly what was required. A great, innovative team Conservative Party Chairman The guys at Pocket App have a vast experience of mobile and apps. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them. Mobile Strategy, MicrosoftPocket App have a expert team in mobile. I can highly recommend them Mobile Content, Samsung The launch went without a hitch and we were all very pleased with the result. I would recommend Pocket App to anyone looking for a solution in the mobile space. Head of Digital, Grey London

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