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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons pa hs presentation

Date post: 22-Nov-2014
Author: hanoi-university-of-technology
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Detectable in almost all internal organs, Organs rich in adipose tissue are storage depots from which hydrocarbons are gradually released Gastrointestinal tract contains high levels of hydrocarbon and metabolites, even when PAH are administered by other routes, as a result of mucociliary clearance and swallowing or hepatobiliary excretion (IPCS, 1998)
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Public Health Services A Shared Service of Cape Breton District Health Authority (CBDHA) & Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority (GASHA)
  • 1. Public Health Services A Shared Service ofCape Breton District Health Authority (CBDHA) &Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority (GASHA)
  • 2. Brochure
  • 3. Learning Objectives Define and identify sources of PAHs Discuss Health Effects of PAHs Review actions for reducing exposure to PAHs
  • 4. Description Can be colorless, white or pale yellow/ green solids Chemicals that occur naturally and as a result of human activities Examples include Benzo(a)pyrene and Benzo(b) fluoranthene PAHs are formed when materials that contain carbon and hydrogen do not completely burn
  • 5. Sources of PAHsFormed duringincomplete burning of : Coal Oil Gas Garbage Tobacco
  • 6. Sources of PAHsReleased from : Volcanoes Forest Fires Exhaust
  • 7. Sources of PAHsFound in: Coal and roofing tar Crude oil / Creosote Some dyes Plastics Pesticides BBQ or smoked meat and fish
  • 8. How Are We Exposed? Inhalation of air releases Contact with contaminated soil Ingestion of contaminated water or cows milk
  • 9. How Are We Exposed?Contaminated Foods Charred or smoked meat and fish Cereals Flour Vegetables Fruits Marine life in contaminated waters Exposed indoors mostly through second hand smoke
  • 10. PAHs and Your HealthSome PAHs have beenshown to be cancer causing:Chronic BronchitisSkin ProblemsAllergies
  • 11. PAHs and Your HealthFetus is at greater risk andsusceptibility :Growth retardationLow birth weightSmall head circumferenceLow IQDamage DNADisrupt endocrine systems,such as estrogen, thyroid,and steroids
  • 12. Tests to Determine ExposureTests are available for some PAHs or their byproducts, butonly at special facilities with required equipment Urine Blood Body tissueCan indicate expose but not whether health effects willdevelop
  • 13. Protect Yourself: Protect Your Family Ensure proper enclosure, ventilation and protective equipment Wash immediately after exposure and before going home Change clothes at work, launder separately Avoid second hand smoke Use a properly installed woodstove Avoid smoked foods If you barbeque remove charred parts Obey No Fishing advisories Dont smoke
  • 14. Resources ATSDRwww.atsdr.cdc.gov/ tfacts69.pdf Health Canadawww.hc-sc.gc.ca
  • 15. In Review What are PAHs and how we are exposed to them How do PAHs effect our Health How can we reduce our exposure to PAHs