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Energy extraction from the earth or ground water. Utilising environmental energy at the highest level of efficiency. Brine / water and water / water heat pump Thermalia ®
  • Energy extraction from the earth or ground water.Utilising environmental energy at the highest level of efficiency.

    Brine / water and water / water heat pumpThermalia

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    The Thermalia brine/water and water/water heat pumps extract energy from the earth or ground water. With a verified COP value of up to 6.5, the brine/water and water/water heat pumps generate more heat from the active energy input than any other heat pump technology.

    Thermalia.Advantages at a glance.

    Economical Ecological

    Sophisticated Easy to use

    High energetic efficiency (COP)duetoinnovativetechnology

    Constant high efficiencybyutilisingenergyfromtheearthorgroundwater

    Savings in energy costs duetopumpswithenergyefficiencylabelclassA(typesupto15kW)

    Use of freeambientenergy

    Independent of rising energy prices

    Fast installationduetoready-to-fitcompletesystems(upto15kW)


    Simple installationduetohighflexibilityinpositioning

    Full, comprehensive rangefrom6to90kW

    From15kWonwardsincludes2 compressors and 2 output levels

    80 % cleaner environmental energyfrom20%electricity

    Environmentally friendly energyfromgeothermalresourcesorgroundwater

    CO2-neutral and particularly environmentally friendly inconjunctionwithgreenelectricity

    Can be used for heating and hot water Easily combined with solar plants

    forevengreatereco-balance Fully automatic and monitored operationdueto

    intelligentcontrol Comfortable quiet running

    duetolow-noise,3-bearingconstruction Reduced maintenance

    duetofirelessandemission-freeheatproduction Optional remote monitoring


    With 20 % use of energy 100 % heat gain

    Complete and flexible

    Use of ecological environmental energy

    Simple planning, quiet operation

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    European Quality Labelfor Heat Pumps


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    l at w






    Top marks in cost effectiveness

    Thermalia brine/water and water/water heat pumps have verified above-average COP values of between 4.5 and 6.5. Behind the enhanced efficiency lies an entire range of further technological developments in the control, hydraulics and cooling circuit. Components that are optimally tailored to one another and large heat exchangers ensure greater heat extraction from the electrical energy used.

    Pumps with energy efficiency label class A

    Thermalia (6 - 15) models are equipped with RPM-regulated heating and circulating pumps with energy efficiency label class A.

    This significantly reduces the energy consumption, thereby increasing the cost effectiveness of your Thermalia system.

    Thermalia.Heat energy from the earth and ground water.

    Heat that comes from the subsurface

    Thermalia uses natural heat from the subsurface. Using electricity as the drive energy, Thermalia generates valuable energy for heating from tiny temperature differences from the surface. 1 kilowatt of electricity can produce 4.5 to 6.5 kilowatts of heat.

    By improving numerous details, the developers at Hoval have once again substantially increased the cost effectiveness of Thermalia models. Thermalia generates flow temperatures of up to 62 C, with the H model, temperatures can even reach 67 C. This makes it suitable for operation with conventional radiators which is important when refurbishing.

    Certified quality

    All Hoval heat pumps have been awarded the INTERNATIONAL HEAT PUMP QUALITY SEAL. The official label guarantees excellent energy efficiency, high reliability and comprehensive customer service.

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    Compact, complete, robust

    The high-quality robust frame casing of Thermalia conceals all the technical components for smooth, economical and safe operation. The ready-to-connect, fully equipped compact device is simple to trans-port and easy to install.


    The structure of Thermalia models has been completely re-designed. The devices no longer have feet, but stand on anti-vibration rubber mats.

    The soundproofed, 3-bearing construction guarantees consistently quiet running. A high-quality sound-insulated and heat-insulated lining reduces noise emissions and prevents heat losses.

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    A full range of highly efficient brine/water and water/water heat pumps. For single family homes to residential, commercial or administration buildings. In their standard design, the devices cover flow temperatures of up to 62 C. With the H design, temperatures of up to 67 C can be realised. Thermaliadual is also available with a cooling function.

    Thermalia dual (43 - 90)Thermalia dual H (43 - 90) Thermalia dual R (43 - 90) with cooling functionCompactheatpumpsforbrine/waterorwater/wateroperation.Withtwooutputlevelsforoptimaloperation,higherefficiencyandalongerlifecycle.Reliableoperationalsafetyduetotwoseparatecoolingcircuits.

    Thermalia (6 - 15) Thermalia H (6 - 15)Compactheatpumpsforbrine/waterorwater/wateroperation.

    Thermalia twin (20 - 35) Thermalia twin H (20 - 35)Compactheatpumpsforbrine/waterorwater/wateroperation.Withtwooutputlevelsforoptimaloperation,higherefficiencyandalongerlifecycle.

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    Thermalia (6 - 15), Thermalia H.Compact heat pumps for single-family homes.

    Ready-to-connect compact unitwithanewdesignthatguaranteesalonglifecycleduetoitsrobustframestructuremadefromzinc-platedsteelandpowdercoatedsidewalls.

    RPM-regulated pumps withtheenergyratingensureextremelyenergy-efficientoperation.

    Large heat exchangers made from stainless steelensureoptimalheattransfertothehotwater,generatehighwatertemperaturesandexcellentefficiency.

    TopTronic T/NWPenablessimpleandcomfortableoperationfromthefrontviatheelegantcontrolpanel.

    Sound-insulating floor matabsorbsnoiseemissionsandpreventsstructure-bornesoundloadsofthecasing.

    Removable side walls ensureconvenientaccesstoallcomponentsformaintenancework.

    Sound-insulated casing forlow-noiseoperation.

    Technical dataThermalia (6) (8) (10) (12) (15) H (6) H (8) H (10) H (15)


    kW 6.14.4









    Weight kg 140 150 160 170 180 140 150 160 180

    DimensionsW/H/D mm 600/1480/750

    Performancedatawithbrine0C/hotwater35C(EN14511) Subjecttomodification*COP=proportionofheatoutputtoactiveenergyinput.Thehigherthisfigure,themoreeconomicaltheheatpump.

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    Thermalia twin (20 - 35).Compact heat pump with two output levels.

    Sound-optimised constructionExtremelyquietrunningdueto3-bearing,sound-insulatedandthermallyseparatedconstruction.

    Ready-to-connect compact unitwithanewdesignthatguaranteesalonglifecycleduetoitsrobustframestructuremadefromzinc-platedsteelandpowdercoatedsidewalls.

    Large heat exchangers made from stainless steelensureoptimalheattransfertothehotwater,generatehighwatertemperaturesandexcellentefficiency.

    TopTronic T/NWPenablessimpleandcomfortableoperationfromthefrontviatheelegantcontrolpanel.

    Sound-insulating floor matabsorbsnoiseemissionsandpreventsstructure-bornesoundloadsofthecasing.

    Removable side walls ensureconvenientaccesstoallcomponentsformaintenancework.

    Sound-insulated casing forpleasant,low-noiseoperation.

    Operation in two output levelsenablesfewerstart-ups,thusimprovingcosteffectivenessandincreasingthelifecycle.

    Technical dataThermalia twin (20) (28) (35) H (20) H (28) H (35)

    Level 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2


    kW 10.74.7












    Weight kg 273 283 293 273 283 293

    DimensionsW/H/D mm 690/1120/765

    Performancedatawithbrine0C/hotwater35C(EN14511) Subjecttomodification*COP=proportionofheatoutputtoactiveenergyinput.Thehigherthisfigure,themoreeconomicaltheheatpump.

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    Thermalia dual (43 - 90).Compact heat pump for larger objects.


    Two output levelsFewerstart-upsimprovecosteffectivenessandincreasethelifecycle.

    Dual technologyensuresenhancedoperationalsafetywithtwocompletelyindependentcoolingcircuits.

    Sound-optimised constructionforpleasant,quietrunningdueto3-bearing,sound-optimisedandthermallyseparatedconstruction.

    Compact designReady-to-connectcompactunitwithanewdesignandarobust,long-lifeframeconstruction.

    Large heat exchangersmade from stainless steel ensureoptimalheattransfertothehotwater,generatehighwatertemperaturesandexcellentefficiency.

    Removable side walls ensureconvenientaccessformaintenancework.

    TopTronic T/NWPenablessimpleandcomfortableoperationfromthefrontviatheelegantcontrolpanel.

    Technical dataThermalia dual (43) (60) (74) (90)


    kW 43.04.3




    Weight kg 590 610 625 660

    DimensionsW/H/D mm 1450/1286/650

    Technical dataThermalia H dual H (43) H (60) H (74) H (90)


    kW 26.74.5




    Technical dataThermalia X dual X (43) X (60) X (74) X (90)


    kW 34.94.4




    Technical dataThermalia R dual R (50) R (60) R (70) R (90)


    kW 40.64.9




    Performancedatawithbrine0C/hotwater35C(T10KEN255) SubjecttomodificationCoolingcapacitydatawithbrine15C/coldwater7C*COP=proportionofheatoutputtoactiveenergyinput.Thehigherthisfigure,themoreeconomicaltheheatpump.

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    Using nature as a cost-effective energy supplier

    With a Hoval heat pump in conjunction with a Hoval solar plant, you can transform your house into a small power station that will cover the bulk of energy requirements using sustainable, ecological and clean energy sources. Using the air, earth and sun as energy suppliers is intelligent and worthwhile.

    The sun as an additional heater

    If supplementary heating is needed, not just for hot water but also for space heating, Hoval solar plants are an ideal option. By expanding the collector surface area, enough solar power can be collected to provide supplementary building heat. Energy savings are between 20 and 35%, depending on the insulation. In low energy houses, savings can actually reach 50 %.

    Hot water comfort with the sun

    Using Hoval solar plants for the purposes of hot water production, a solar annual coverage rate of up to 90 % can be realised. This means that over the course of a full year you can cover up to 90 % of your energy requirements for hot water by simply using the power of the sun.

    The combination of Hoval heat pumps and Hoval solar plants to heat water guarantees a future oriented, all-round solution. Favourable price-performance ratio, economical and extremely energy-efficient.

    Hoval heat pumps and solar plants a perfect couple

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    Intelligent TopTronicT/NWP and Hoval system solutions.For a perfectly coordinated overall solution.

    Remote access via TopTronic online

    The TopTronic online feature allows you to control and optimise your heating system from afar. The exceptionally user-friendly interface is equipped with easy-to- operate features, accessible from either your PC or Smartphone.

    Additionally, you can use your mobile phone to communicate with your heating system. Previously programmed phone numbers can receive fault notifications via text, so that you can always be in touch with your system.

    Intelligent command centre for your system

    All Thermalia models are equipped with TopTronicT/NWP control as standard.

    The control technology, developed especially for heat pumps, enables simple power adjustment. Innovative microprocessor technology ensures fully automatic operation that can be monitored at all times. Due to self-explanatory user guidance, the desired heating programme can be activated in a few easy steps.

    Water heating

    Hoval offers a wide variety of water heaters and storage units from single-family homes to commercial properties, with capacities ranging from 160-2000 litres.

    Whether your aim is to produce hot water as ecologically as possible, or to achieve an unbeatable price-performance ratio, the extensive product range guarantees a solution to meet all building conditions.

    Room control an added bonus

    One degree warmer, two degrees cooler, set the system to economy mode or switch it off. This practical control unit not only enhances comfort, but also makes it easy to regulate the temperature to the nearest degree, without leaving the room.

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    Hot water comfort, acquired from the air

    CombiVal WPE (300) is equipped with an integrated defrosting device. Due to this feature, hot water can be produced down to a minimum temperature of -10 C. The CombiVal WPE (300) is thus suited for operation with outside air.

    Cooling and drying as free additional benefits

    The CombiVal is not just an efficient water heater. It can also be used as an effective air conditioning unit. Equipped with supply and extract air channels, rooms can be cooled, dried or ventilated with the exhaust air of the heat pump aggregate. In this way, for example, laundry rooms can be ventilated and de-humidified or storerooms can be kept pleasantly fresh. And this can all be done without excess energy consumption.

    The CombiVal WPER (300) is also equipped with a heating coil. This can be connected to a solar plant or to an existing heater.

    CombiVal WPE (300), WPER (300).Heat pump compact device for your hot water.

    With the CombiVal acquire up to 2/3 of energy from free ambient air. This makes it the ideal alternative to electrical water heaters. With existing oil and gas heating systems, hot water production can be generated without fossil fuels. And with CombiVal, you can ensure additional energy efficiency while considerably improving the energy balance of your building.

    The compact design conceals a powerful air / water heat pump, which is responsible for the generation of hot water. Compared with a conventional water heater, up to 2/3 of your energy consumption for hot water can be saved at one fell swoop using CombiVal.

    CombiVal WPE (300)Applicationlimit-10C.Microprocessor-controlledforadditionalcomfortandefficiency.Incl.automatedlegionellaprotection.

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    What you can count on.

    Hoval Service.For specialist commissioning and maintenance of your Hoval appliances contact our service and spare partsdepartment or your local Hoval partner. This is your guarantee for economical operation, reliability and added value.

    Responsibility for energy and environment.The Hoval brand is internationally known as one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate control solutions. More than 65 years of experience have given us the necessary capabilities and motivation to continuously develop exceptional solutions and technically superior equipment. Maximising energy efficiency and thus protecting the environment are both our commitment and our incentive. Hoval has established itself as an expert provider of intelligent heating and ventilation systems that are exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

    Clever and complete solutions from a single sourceConsistent Hoval system technology simplifies the links between different technologies and establishes a reliable platform for efficient and dependable solutions.With us, you can easily incorporate solar or biomass energy solutions into your heating system. Hoval everything you need from one source.

    Hoval AktiengesellschaftAustrasse 70, FL-9490 VaduzPrincipality of Liechtenstein(Swiss customs territory)Phone +423 3992 400Fax +423 3992 618E-mail: [email protected]

    Your heating planner / installation engineer

    Planning support from expertsHoval are happy to assist you and your planning partners in developing progressive systems, allowing you to take advantage of our expertise, and to count on the experience of our specialists.

    Ask about Hoval system solutions and learn more about the many ways to combine highly efficient condensing boilers with our range of renewable products.

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