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POOP 911 Franchises

Date post:18-Jan-2016
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POOP 911 Franchises
  • I N F O R M A T I O NF R A N C H I S E S

  • Ever wonder what it would be like to own your own business? The pet industry is flourishing now and we have been

    blazing a trail since we started. Our sophisticated systems and proven

    processes keep our franchise owners happy and our customers yards

    clean! How successful are our processes coupled with our state of the

    art web-based billing system? Try less than 0.5% bad debt annually!

    Poop 911 service is growing very rapidly and has a strong grasp

    on what it takes to be successful in this industry. Lets face it this

    industry is not rocket science but you do have to have sophisticated

    systems and methodologies for scalability, great name, logo and savvy

    marketing to make it all work. We offer all this at an affordable cost

    to franchisees and give them a road map to pave their way to success.

    T h e P o o p - P o r t u n i t y

    63% of all US households have pets. Thats about 69 million homes.

    The growth for pet related industries is so vast and Poop 911 has the recipe for success - Greg- Austin Franchise Owner

    - 1 -

  • A VERY LOW COST OF ENTRY and return of your initial

    investment is projected well within your first year of being in business.

    Very few start-ups could make the same statement. One advantage of

    being a franchisee is the ability to start this as a side business, while not

    quitting your day job until your customer base matures. We can speak from

    experience because thats how we started this business! If you are in a

    heavily populated city where you think POOP 911 pooper scooper service

    would be a great addition to your community services lets get started...

    45% of all US households have more than one dog.

    In 2004 an estimated $34.4 Billion was spent in the US on pet expenditures. 2005

    is estimated to be over $35.5 Billion

    T h e P o o p - P o r t u n i t y

    As a scooper I love my hours and I

    am making up to $20-$30 an hour!!!!

    -Jennifer- Dallas Scooper

    - 2 -

  • As a company, we have developed systems and processes to be able to capture and harness this demand into a very profitable opportunity. Although scooping poop is something just about anyone with a strong stomach can do, running a company that

    provides sophisticated system and process expertise in billing, customer

    scheduling, routing and call center services is nothing to sniff about.

    O u r Re c i p e F o r S u c c e s s

    US spending on pets and pet services has grown each year for the past 10 years

    - 3 -

  • Our success model was developed from not only overwhelming demand for this new service but with the experience of our

    company officers. That experience begins with the companys CEO that

    has 10 years experience working in 3 of the 4 largest consulting firms in

    the world. During that period he worked for more than 2 dozen Fortune

    500 companies, implementing computer systems to automate daily

    operational and reporting functions for each of these companies. Poop

    911 National Operations Manager has more than 20 years in customer

    relationship management. Our Director of Sales and Marketing designed

    graphic branding, media strategies, and advertising on the internet for

    companies such as Land Rover, On the Border, the Airforce, Wal-Mart and

    Penzoil prior to stepping aboard. This collective team has created a recipe

    for success that our rapidly growing customer base speaks volumes to.

    O u r Re c i p e F o r S u c c e s s

    - 4 -

  • We started this business ourselves

    to have a better quality of life at

    home with our family and friends. Although all of the vast experience our team has come from working

    in corporate America, we ultimately wanted to get back to a better

    quality of life as far as the time we spent at home with our family

    and friends. Our franchisees maintain the ability to work from a

    home office and have the freedom to manage thier time as they see

    fit. This is made possible with centrally operated and maintained

    tools like our our call center which is always answering new customer

    calls and setting up service for your franchisee branch 24/7!

    Q u a l i t y O f L i f e .

    I wanted a job I could spendmore time with my family

    - Geoffrey Bodle - Poop 911 Founder

    - 5 -

  • C a n I S t a r t T h i s W i t h o u t Q u i t t i n g M y D ay J o b ?

    The answer is a resounding YES! We started Poop 911 doing just that. We require that you are able to dedicate at least 20 hours a

    week for your first 6 months and after that time be able to either quit

    your day job or hire a full time local operations manager to manage

    the business activities for you. We will not only provide you with the

    personal training in Poop 911 proven systems and processes but

    also with how to hire the right people for your investment. The way

    we look at it is that you are investing in the reputation of the Poop

    911 name and we want to make sure that it continues to represent

    quality and convenience at an affordable cost to your customer base.

    With the convenient schedulingI was able to keep my day job while my customer base grew.- Jory - Denver Franchisee - 6 -

  • Poop 911 is looking for energetic individuals that have the will to succeed. Its been said that success is something

    that happens when the prepared meets opportunity Well, Poop 911

    provides you with the opportunity and we are definitely prepared!

    We provide you with all the tools that you will need to succeed in

    a market that doesnt seem like it will ever run out. If you dont

    believe us just ask the 41 million households across the US that own

    dogs! Poop 911 does not require its franchisees to have extensive

    business background because we automate and guide you so much

    of how to run your own business. We are looking for indivicuals that

    not only have an open mind but are trainable in our success model.

    60% of pet owners in the US have dogs, which equals about 41 million potential customers that need dog poop scooped.

    W h o I s P o o p 911 L o o k i n g F o r ?

    I am off and running and growing

    faster than I even projected

    - Jory - Denver Franchise Owner - 7 -

  • P o o p 9 1 1 P R O V I D E D

    F R A N C H I S E ER E S P O N S I B I L I T Y

    Initial Poop 911 B.A.R.C.S. System Training AutomatedCustomerCreditCardBilling Administration Routing CustomerScheduling

    XX X X

    StartupServicesandSupplies FranchiseE-mailAddress NewCustomerSetupvia1-877-POOP-911byHoundMoundsCorporatecallcenter Existingcustomercallroutingvia1-877-POOP-911toyourfranchiseoffice StarterEquipment&Uniformsfor5Employees



    XFranchiseOperatingManuals Managermanual Employeemanual


    AdvertisingStepbyStepPlanning&Implementation Poop911Branding Graphics/Logos Internet SearchEngineOptimizationforGoogle/Yahoo VehicleWrap Local Other


    OngoingSupport GrowthStrategy ProfitOptimization NoCostAccesstoFutureDevelopmentandEnhancements EmployeeManagement PayrollManagement

    XXX X X

    W h a t Yo u W i l l Re c e i v e a s a P o o p 911 Fr a n c h i s e e

    - 8 -

  • 1. DEFINE FRANCHISE TERRITORY - We want to know where you want your territorys boundaries to be. We will work with you to define an exclusive territory map via zip codes for counties/

    cities you are interested in serving. (Based upon availability of territories and number of

    territories purchased. 1 Territory equals approximately 500,000 households.) Any customer

    that lives within the defined boundaries will be considered to be your exclusive customer.

    2. CONTRACT REVIEW - Our contract is updated with a first draft of the territory boundaries and submitted to you for your review. We will go over every step of our contract with you to make

    sure you fully understand and are in agreement with the Terms & Conditions of the contract.

    Final refinements can be made here on the defined franchise territory as well as any other

    minor adjustments that may be necessary.

    3. AGREEMENT & SIGNING OF CONTRACT - Once agreement is reached with the contract the new franchisee will sign and submit to Poop 911 Corporate.

    4. PAYMENT SUBMITTED - After the contract has been signed the initial franchise fee must be paid at this time. This payment may be made via check or credit card.

    W h e r e d o w e g o f r o m h e r e . . . . N e x t S t e p s

    - 9 -

  • 5. NEW FRANCHISE PACKET SENT OUT New franchisee will be sent out all startup materials including: a. Poop 911 Franchise Operations Manual which includes how to use B.A.R.C.S. (Billing Administration Routing Customer Scheduling) system b. Poop 911 Employee Manual c. Poop 911 Equipment and Uniforms for 5 d. Poop 911 Business Cards e. Poop 911 Market Materials Starter Pack

    6. SCHEDULE TRAINING We will schedule 8 hours of training with you that will cover everything you need to do to get off and running successfully.

    This will include: a. Business Setup b. How and where to advertise c. Training on dog behavior d. Training on B.A.R.C.S. (Billing, Administration, Routing, Customer Scheduling) e. Employee Hiring

    7. OFF AND RUNNING After your training course you will be off and running and ready to service your first customer. Of course if you have questions af

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