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Pope Pius XII Part 2 – Finish Chapter 3 Chapters 4 and 5 Catholic Committee on Scouting

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  • Pope Pius XII Part 2 Finish Chapter 3 Chapters 4 and 5 Catholic Committee on Scouting
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  • Pope Pius XII2 Before We Begin Welcome Back Ground Rules Schedule Questions and Answers from First Session
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  • Pope Pius XII3 Life Choices Panel of people who have made these commitments. Sample questions to ask can be found on page 13 of your book.
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  • Pope Pius XII4 Life Choices POST PANEL DISCUSSION Whats similar/dissimilar of these life states? What are benefits/drawbacks to each life state? How does each life state help a person answer his/her baptismal call? How does each life state benefit the secular community? How does each life state benefit the faith community?
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  • Pope Pius XII5 Life Choices Select 2 life states you feel God may be calling you. For each life state discuss Why did you select it? How would you benefit personally? How could the secular community benefit? How could the faith community benefit? How can this life state help you answer your universal or baptismal call? How can this life state hinder in answering the universal or baptismal call?
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  • Pope Pius XII6 Life Choices Discuss What should we be getting out of or learning in our current life state? How do we evaluate our success at living as a transitional single person? Are you really committed to your current life state?
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  • Pope Pius XII7 Life Choices Jot down what you have learned or discovered in this chapter, if you feel it would helpful for future reference in the program or Board of Review. END OF CHAPTER 3
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  • Pope Pius XII8 9 to 5 GOAL To examine various professions or occupations, and seek to discover the ones to which God may be calling me.
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  • Pope Pius XII9 9 to 5 The second major choice in our life: What occupation or profession? Poor occupational choices lead to unhappy life and a sense of lack of fulfillment. God assists us through our emotions, feelings, and desires. Our call comes from God, however as society changes, so may our call. Through our work, we fulfill our baptismal calling.
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  • Pope Pius XII10 9 to 5 Compare and contrast your day with your parents. For a normal weekday, list how your parents spend their time. For the same period, make a list of how you spend your time. Include the number of hours on each task or activity.
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  • Pope Pius XII11 9 to 5 Compare and contrast your day with your parents. Other than in sleeping, in what activity or task do you spend the majority of your time? Looking at your parents list, what currently is your primary occupation or profession?
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  • Pope Pius XII12 9 to 5 In analyzing our time we learn about ourselves and the expectations of society. Most probably your occupation is student. By now you have been going to school 2/3 of your life.
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  • Pope Pius XII13 9 to 5 Discuss Why is it important to society that I attend school? Using your school electives as a guide, are you heading toward a specific profession. Is there a reason for these electives? Write a job description for yourself as a student. Is this in sync with your baptismal call?
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  • Pope Pius XII14 9 to 5 God communicates to us through our interests the things we enjoy, that spark our curiosity, or give us energy. To be effective in answering Gods call, we must examining our talents and gifts. You might wish to refer back to the talents and gifts inventory you took during the Ad Altare Dei program.
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  • Pope Pius XII15 9 to 5 Activity On a separate piece of paper list what you consider your personal gifts and talents. For each member of your group, do the same using a separate sheet for each person. Give the sheets to the other people. Spend time in reflection of what others see in you and what you wrote about yourself.
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  • Pope Pius XII16 9 to 5 Discuss Did your peers make any suggestions that support and/or affirm what you wrote? If yes, what was it? Were you surprised by anything a peer wrote? Which gift? Did your peers attribute anything that you did not have on your list? What? If you dont understand what a peer wrote, ask them to explain.
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  • Pope Pius XII17 9 to 5 Besides your gifts and talents, what else would you consider in selecting an occupation or profession? Make a list of what these considerations might be Prioritize them. Share and explain.
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  • Pope Pius XII18 9 to 5 Discuss Which one of these jobs would you select and why? What reasons do you have for not selecting the others? Is there a job that you would spend over $5 million and 18 months to obtain? Review the four job descriptions on pages 16 and 17.
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  • Pope Pius XII19 9 to 5 Discuss What is there about this job that makes it so attractive? Are there any other jobs that might have this attraction? Do you feel any of these attractions are important in your consideration?.
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  • Pope Pius XII20 9 to 5 Reflecting on your lists of gifts, talents, and considerations, list some jobs that you foresee as possibilities in your future. Select two jobs that hold special interest to you. Explore them. Do interviews. Follow guide on page 17 for your two interviews.
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  • Pope Pius XII21 9 to 5 Discuss Why did you select these two occupations? What have you learned about them from your interviews? What training or education is required? How would you benefit personally? How would the secular community benefit? How would the faith community benefit?
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  • Pope Pius XII22 9 to 5 Discussion continued Can either/or both of these occupations help you answer your baptismal call? How can each of these occupations hinder you from answering your baptismal call? Is there anything else that has altered or reinforced your mind about seeking either one of these occupations? What was it? Why did it alter your choice?
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  • Pope Pius XII23 9 to 5 Since your current occupation call is student and having reflected on the future, discuss What should you be getting out of your job as a student? How can you evaluate your success as a student? Are you really committed to your job as a student?
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  • Pope Pius XII24 9 to 5 Jot down what you have learned or discovered in this chapter. END OF CHAPTER 4
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  • Pope Pius XII25 Here I Am GOAL To examine various ministries, and seek to discover the ones to which God may be calling me.
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  • Pope Pius XII26 Here I Am Finding comfort from others Discuss With whom do you find it easy to talk to about personal matters? What is it about this person that makes you feel okay to talk to them? As a group do you know of peers that your fellow teens use in a similar fashion?
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  • Pope Pius XII27 Here I Am Finding comfort from others (2) Discuss What are the characteristics of the individuals who make your fellow teens comfortable talking to them? Do these characteristics reflect ones baptismal call?
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  • Pope Pius XII28 Here I Am Finding comfort from others (3) Reflect Has anyone ever approached you in this manner? If yes, why did they choose you? If not, is there a reason why your peers might not be comfortable talking to you in this manner?
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  • Pope Pius XII29 Here I Am Our Universal Baptismal Call select one person who lives it out. WWhom did you select and why? HHow does this person demonstrate his/her baptismal call to be a Christian, a person in whom and through whom Christ lives, every day? (Priest, Prophet, King) IIs simply going to Church adequately fulfilling the baptismal call?
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  • Pope Pius XII30 Here I Am Read Matthew 20:28 Read Luke 22:27. Discuss What specifically is Jesus trying to get his followers to do? How do I specifically live this in todays world? What behavioral change is Christ calling me to make?
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  • Pope Pius XII31 Here I Am The Ministerial Priesthood In Chapter 2 we discussed those in Israel who were set aside/anointed king, priest, and prophet. To serve not be served. Ministry and Service words are inseparable. Universal priesthood all of us binds us to minister to serve one another.
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  • Pope Pius XII32 Here I Am Since Vatican II we have seen these ministries flourish: Lector Usher/Hospitality Minister Altar Server Eucharistic Minister Bereavement Ministry Teachers etc.
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  • Pope Pius XII33 Here I Am The one true ministry is the ministry of Jesus Christ What we call ministries are formalized functions of the Church to assist us in performing our one true ministry. Ones individual ministry flows out of the one ministry of Christ. It can be either public or private.
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  • Pope Pius XII34 Here I Am Discuss As we began we discussed people your peers could talk to about personal matters. Do you feel this person is fulfilling his/her part in the ministry of Christ? Are they doing this privately or publicly?
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  • Pope Pius XII35 Here I Am Refer back to the gifts and talents you
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