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  • 1. Zachary Kasper Northwood University Career Development

2. Table of Contents Slide 3 Introduction Slide 4 Goals Slide 5 Resume Slide 6 & 7 Letters of Recommendations Slide 8-10 Samples of Work Slide 11 Volunteer Work Slide 12 Awards Slide 13 Closing Statement 3. Introduction This portfolio consists of my work and achievements that I have a accomplished throughout my years. My focus over the past couple years has been trying to learn the different aspects of business and with the main focus being accounting. 4. Goals My goal in the next year is to get an internship with a company I would enjoy working with. My goal in two years is to graduate from Northwood University with an Accounting degree. My goal in five years is to be settled down and working for well respected company. 5. Resume Zachary Kasper (616) 477-8300 [email protected] School Address (Thru 5/20/14) Permanent Address 2717 Scott St. 1507 146th Ave Midland, MI 49323 Dorr, MI 49323 Education Northwood University Midland, MI Bachelor of Business Administration Major: Accounting Cumulative GPA: 3.4/4.0 Major GPA: 3.0/4.0 Scholarships: Freedom Scholarship Experience City Of Wyoming Summer Maintenance Summer 2012-2013 Each task that was completed, demanded excellent communication and the ability to work as a team Required a quick learner and the ability to work independently Fast paced job that requires efficiency in order to complete the job in a timely manner Officiating Basketball Summer 2012-2013 Ability to take criticism on all of the calls I made throughout games Confidence in every call that I made Ability to explain in depth every event that has happened throughout the game Metro Health Hospital Volunteer in Finance Department Summer 2011 Demonstrated professionalism and strong communication with coworkers to assist them on tasks. Maintained and inputted invoices and organized documents by filing. Mastered the Microsoft functions such as Word and Excel.Leadership Student Alumni Network Northwood Mens JV Basketball Team Captain two years National Honor Society Skills Hard worker and very dedicated. Ability to take criticism and learn from my mistakes. Developed the ability to lead and encourage others.2012-present 2011-2013 2009-2011 6. To Whom It May Concern I have known Zach Kasper for the last eight years both as a teacher and coach. From these experiences I can say with confidence that Zach is a dedicated student-athlete who sets a strong example with his effort and intensity both in the classroom and on the basketball court. Zachs drive is very evident in the classroom and extra-curricular activities. He earned All Conference Honorable Mention and All County honors in cross country, and All District 1st Team and All County honors in soccer. He participated in National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and helps our boys and girls youth program. Zachs commitment to any activity he involves himself in is without a doubt one of his best qualities Zachs work ethic in the classroom is great as well. He had a 3.5 grade point average and that was done along with many extra-curricular activities. Throughout the time I have known Zach he has displayed the moral character, discipline, organization and commitment necessary to become a successful student athlete at the next level. If you have any questions about Zach contact me at your convenience. Sincerely, Mike Hudson Wayland Union High School Wayland, MI 49348 269-792-2254 7. To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Zach Kasper. If you are looking for someone that is hard working, a great role model, dedicated and very dependable then look no further. I have had the opportunity to have Zach in many of my business classes. He has taken Accounting, General Business, and Advanced Accounting and has done extremely well in all the classes. He is a great student who is very respectful and hard working. He takes pride in his education and strives to excel. He is not afraid to ask questions to make sure he is has a full understanding of what it is we are doing in class. One of his greatest strengths as a student is his attention to detail. This is an important characteristic to have in the business field. Zach is an outstanding young man who excels not only in academics but also participates in extra-curricular activities. He participated in basketball, soccer, and cross country for Wayland Union High School. Zach is also a member of the prestigious Nationals Honors Society. He has a wide variety of activities that interest in. one of his greatest strengths is his ability to balance his time. Even though he is involved in multiple extra-curricular activities he does not let it affect his schoolwork. Overall, I feel that Zach is a very motivated, dependable, and trusting person who has helped maintain the overall integrity of Wayland Union Schools. Our school would be honored to have many more students that are just like Zach. In my opinion, Zach is going to excel in anything that he chooses to do. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Nicole Cardosa Business Education Teacher Wayland Union High School 8. Sample Work Product Cost 9. Opening Paragraph of English Paper Hard work and dedication from college athletes is the main reason why college sports are so special. Athletes have to sacrifice so much of their lives to do what they love the most. To reward the athletes for their sacrifices, they are given a free college education. Some of the elite athletes do more for their team than just win games. They also bring in a lot of money. The elite athletes should be paid for the job they do on the playing field. This will be the only way an athlete will be able to earn money to pay for miscellaneous expenses, since they do not have enough time to have a real job. College programs now days have so many sources of income that they should easily be able to pay the players. If athletes are paid then people will see a bigger percentage of players staying in college, which will make the game more exciting to watch. College athletes bring in millions of dollar and still cannot get a dime of it. 10. Closing Paragraph on English Paper Its always the person in povertys fault why they are there. If they are because they are lazy, then they are most likely going to stay there for their rest of their lives. No one else is going to get them out of poverty. Poverty is a sad thing to see. I just cant picture what it is like to be in poverty. Many people complain that their income is low and how they dont have a lot of luxury goods. They dont realize that there are millions of people without a home to sleep in. There are millions of people that cant afford to put food on the table, and they cant afford to wash their clothes. In all reality people should be thankful for what they have because there are millions of people that are in poverty that would love to be in the situation that they are in. 11. Volunteer Work Adopt a Highway Volunteer Basketball Coach Volunteer Basketball Official Youth Basketball Programs Rake a Difference 12. Awards 4 time member of Deans list Northwood Freedom Scholarship National Honor Society 13. Closing Statement This portfolio has been created by Zachary Kasper and may not be copied without his permission.

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