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Positives of Social Networking Negatives of Social Networking Safety of Social Networking Types of...

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  • Positives of Social Networking Negatives of Social Networking Safety of Social Networking Types of Social Network Opportunities
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  • What is Social Networking? Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, if you will. Although social networking is possible in person, it is most popular online. This is because the internet is filled with millions of individuals who are looking to meet other internet users to develop friendships and business relationships, too. Definition: (n.) the use of a website to connect with people who share personal or professional interests, place of origin, education at a particular school, etc. ~ Usage in computing
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  • Safety Of Social Justin Nolan 1. Since most social networking sites don't require much information it is easy for sexual predators to stalk victims. 2. Once you post images and other personally information on a social networking site it is easy for a number of people from employers to the police can access your site. 3. Once you post any media or personal information on some sites they may claim ownership of said material.
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  • Examples On January 1, 2008, a memorial group on Facebook posted the identity of murdered Toronto teenager Stefanie Rengel, whose family had not yet given the Toronto Police Service their consent to release her name to the media, as well as the identities of her accused killers. MySpace provided two state attorneys general the names of 90,000 registered sex offenders it had banned from its site in response to a subpoena. MySpace The figure is 40,000 more than the amount previously acknowledged by MySpace, according to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, who along with Attorney General Roy Cooper of North Carolina are among officials pressing social networking sites to adopt more stringent safety measures.Richard Blumenthal Almost 100,000 convicted sex offenders mixing with children on MySpace shown by our subpoena is absolutely appalling and totally unacceptable, Mr. Blumenthal said in a statement. For every one of them, there may be hundreds of others using false names and ages. MySpace a place for friends
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  • Pros of Social Networking Sites by ANTHONY ORTIZ Interpersonal communication is made simplier, and allows people to remain connected. Meeting new people is easy, and more common.
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  • More Pros by A. Ortiz Online communities aide in conducting businesses. Sites like eBay and Craigs list allow users to exchange goods.
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  • Even More Pros Many turn to sites like eHarmony and match.com in search of dates. People can exchange personal info and communicate for hookups or long term relationships. Healthcare professionals are using social networks to manage institutional knowledge. These sites are also used to highlight individual physicians and institutions.
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  • In February 2006, a 16-year-old Colorado boy was arrested for juvenile possession of a firearm after police saw pictures that he had posted on MySpace of himself posing with rifles and handguns. He was later convicted in 2006. The Criminal Justice System has jumped on the bandwagon and has begun to use social networking sites as evidence in many criminal investigations. Sites like Facebook and MySpace are the top sites used by police to prosecute sex offenders, as well as other criminals.
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  • Negatives of Social Networking by Jill Coriglione Many wall posts can be misinterpreted. You can come to feel a sense of disappointment. It can affect a potential school or job. A person can even be fired for accessing these sites on the job. Friends may not always be who they say they are. l Source~http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2 933,298166,00.htm
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  • Latest LinkedIn Facts LinkedIn has over 38 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world. A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of our members are outside the U.S. Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members Manage - the information thats publicly available about you as professional Find- and be introduced to potential clients, service providers, and subject experts who come recommended Create - and collaborate on projects, gather data, share files and solve problems Be found -for business opportunities and find potential partners Gain - new insights from discussions with likeminded professionals in private group settings Discover -inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals Post - and distribute job listings to find the best talent for your company LinkedIn is free to join www.Linkedin.com
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  • Facebook Founded in February 2004, Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers Facebook is more of a lifestyle play which allows users to connect with each other.
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  • Facebook Stats. 60 million active users since 2007 More than users are outside of college. Demographic of 25 and older. 65 billion views per month Average amount spent on site is 20 minutes per day. # 1 Photo Sharing application.
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  • myspace.com a place for friends Largest social network in North America. 300,000 people sign up everyday. 85% of users are 18 or older. 1:4 Americans is are on MySpace. Launched in January 2004. This site is aimed at youth wanting to connect with new bands, brands and self expression. www.web-strategist.com
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  • twitter Started as a side project in March of 2006. The result of using Twitter to stay connected with friends, relatives, and coworkers is that you have a sense of what folks are up to but you. This means you can step in and out of the flow of information as it suits you and it never queues up with increasing demand of your attention. Users are very much in control of whose updates they receive, when they receive them, and on what device. Twitter solves information overload by changing expectations traditionally associated with online communication
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