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Positivity Month at METNS Don’t worry, be happy!

Date post:05-Jan-2016
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Positivity Month at METNS

Dont worry, be happy! 1Try a mood booster!

2Mood BoostersDance to a favourite songCuddle a baby or a petShare a jokeTry a tongue twisterWatch a crazy cartoonSpend time with a friend

3Show a friendly face!

4Be friendly!Smile - Give your teeth some sunShow respect to everyone you meet todayGive someone a compliment: "Nice try, Sexton!"Invite someone to join in a game

5Be thankful!

6Every little counts!Make a list of all the things you have to be thankful for like friends, family, a happy school...Thank anyone who helps you todayWrite, decorate and send a thank you note

7Give your head some space!

8Peace and quiet!Enjoy 5 mins quiet timeSit in a garden or under a blossom treePut your feet up and listen to some classical musicTry some yoga!Watch fish swimming in a tank or view a nature programme


10Have fun!Look back on the highlights of the week or of the school year so farWrite/ draw your top five happy momentsShare these with your friendsLook at some old photographs or family videos.


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