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Power Fans – Solar Fans/Export quality Ceiling and rechargeable fans

Date post: 14-Feb-2017
Author: shahzaib-malik
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Karachi Model is the only common model manufactured by almost 100+ industries in Pakistan Gujrat but one thing that makes this fan unique among others is that what kind of quality is being used in the manufacturing of this fan. Well this model is still being manufactured in most of the companies. This model is manufactured only in pure white color and comparatively motor standard and running capacity is best than all other companies. Some other companies are also manufacturing this piece But one concept is being used that other companies are manufacturing the same style but in small motor while our company is installing the same model in standard large motor.Same features are for this fans.

Saboor Model which is also known as woodish model just because of the peak front style that make this model unique .This model is manufactured in two colors pure white and black and only made in 1 size is introduced in it (56 inches).This model is also having life time guarantee 100 % copper rewinding and high speed .

Power Model and Dubai Model having the same style but the only difference is in the size of motor and the blades are designed according to the motor designing and capacity .No doubt the large the size of motor and blades the more cool they will keep the room environment.

Water Proof model which also demanded by the name dear model by Customers in Market is some what similar to the nabeel model produced by Power Fan Company or GFC Fans Only the difference that make this water proof is an iron guard is used above the motor that prevents the water move in wiring.Our Company claims the guarantee of water risk and challenges customers to use this fan even in rain

Sinco Model known as Curvy Fan because of designing of blades and style that stretches the air towards room environment at extreme level. Contrasting colors are introduced in these models as the middle plates color is different than the motors colors. In the sales of Ceiling fans 20% out of 100 is demanded.This Fans Is manufactured only in two colors of motor one black and other white while 7 colors are introduced in middle plates of this motor

Golden Economy Model manufactured by Power Fan Company is the model designed similar to the Fantasy model but the motor is comparatively smaller than Fantasy model and having Leaves golden plates on the plates that makes a Moving layer around the moving motor beautifully attracts the customers.

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