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PowerBot+ Dashboard Tutorial v3.1

Date post:08-Jan-2017
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  • PowerBot+ Dashboard

    Version 3.3

    Added Arcana Buffs

    PowerBot+ Dashboard description

    Now you can see everything you need to see on a single screen! The PB+ Dashboard contains

    an overview of your city's defensive capabilities and current status. It is integrated in PB+ and

    part of PB+ can be configured as well to suit your needs in PowerBot+.

  • Main Features: Toggle City Defense Mode On/Off

    Arcana Tab

    Arcana Tower Buffs in Fortification Tab

    Distance to HQ & inside or outside Aura (Red/green indicator)

    Quickly select Marshal, Champion, Throne Room and Guardian

    Attack, Defense & Life boosts

    Change Guardian and Throne Room Preset

    Sacrifice Troops!

    View Troops in City - Split by Defenders and Sanctuary, and categorized by troop type

    (Infantry, Ranged, Horsed, Siege and SpellCasters)

    Quickly change defending troops

    Add extra defenders and defensive presets

    View Reinforcements - both encamped and incoming

    View Wall Fortifications

    The "Overview" section has options to change Marshall, Guardian, Champion and Throne


    The Throne Room selector tells you immediately when the throne room change request has

    been accepted by the server. This will help you decide how late you can safely leave throne

    room changes before an attack hits, based on your connectivity and the responsiveness of your


    Throne Room presets can now be named, and can optionally be selected by name.

    Everything else is really just eye-candy, but it's kind of nice eye candy ;)

    Let us configure the options,

  • The Dashboard Settings Tab Options

    - Show Dashboard Show Dashboard in game screen


    - Overview Defend button / Troops defend Button Option to show Hide/Defend buttons.

  • - Show TR Preset Changer

    Option to show Preset selectors in dashboard.

    - Select Preset by name

    Option to show Preset numbers OR the Preset Names you gave your presets.

    Preset that is active will be highlighted in Blue.

    - Graphical Champion Selector

    Option to show name (right) or the Pic representing each champ (Left)

  • - Show quick Sacrifice icons

    Option to show graphical representation of each troop in the Defending city

    with option to Sacrifice (Fey) or not.

    Clicking a Pic representing a Troop, will Sacrifice that troop for the Default

    Sacrifice Duration.

    - Default sacrifice duration Standard set at 1-minute Sacrifice duration. You can change to higher minute

    settings according to your needs.

    - Maximum troops to sacrifice The maximum amount of troops you can Sacrifice via Dashboard is 100.000

    You can change to lower then 100.000 or higher, depending on your needs.

  • - Show Assign Defenders section above Troop display

    The possibility to put the red encircled section on top (choice) or below on the

    Troop section (Standard)

    - Show defense add troops

    The ability to add troops to defense.

  • - Default add defense amount

    Standard adds 100.000 troops to defense, change to lower or higher setting

    to suit your needs.

    - Show defensive Presets

    The ability to change Troop configurations via Presets based on Defense


    Presets can be made for different defending scenarios where you would use

    different troops to defend in different scenarios based on incoming attack


  • The ability to change the components order in Dashboard.

    This is the standard option when you install PB+.

    You can UNTICK the components you do NOT want to show on Dashboard.

    In this Example the Fortifications and Outgoing Attacks Components are unticked

    and therefore will not show themselves on Dashboard. This can be done to make

    Dashboard smaller and/or remove components you do NOT need.

    The Sequence can be altered to, My Dashboard has Incoming Attacks on top

    instead of at bottom. You can change the sequence by changing the numbers


  • Throne Room Presets

    These are the common settings. (It shows your


    You can alter the names Preset 1 to 24 etc.

    to reflect what preset it is, like defense 1, or

    Names (Which make sense to You) etc.

    You can when selected, let PB+ change your

    Presets based on selected Presets. Gives an

    illusion you are at keyboard.

    If you have named your Presets in TCO, when

    clicking this Option, PB+ will pull the Preset

    Names from TCO and import them here.

  • Game wise it should / could look like this on your screen.

    This Depends on YOUR Monitor screen and setting and what you set in PB+.

    The 3 settings are Normal, Wide and Ultra.

    Normal sets the screen width to 100%... Wide sets the screen width to 1520px, and Ultra sets

    the screen width to 1900px. (Check what fits your screen size best, if you have a 22-inch

    screen ULTRA would best fit you)

    For people with screen resolutions of say, 1280px, Normal gives them 100% of their visible

    screen, wide gives them a bit extra with a scrollbar, and ultra gives them even more with a

    longer scrollbar. Barbarossa 01-07-2015

  • The Battle Dashboard We will now discuss the various options this dashboard gives in game

    I have made it smaller by not expanding all options so its easier to discuss by level

    Your 8 cities. By clicking the number of the city, the dashboard gives you the

    option to go to that city and what is there. In addition, hovering over a city number

    gives you a pop up with resources in that city.










    The distance from the City you

    are on to HQ is measured.

    If the distance is Green you are

    within the Aura.

    If the distance is Red you are

    outside the Aura.

  • Below the 8 city tabs, you have 4 options. To mist, to dove, to use portal of

    refuge or portal of order. You can do so by clicking those icons. Mist & dove are

    general. PoR & PoO is for the city that is highlighted in the city tab above. From

    this dashboard you can take immediate action without going into inventory.

    This refresh button refreshes the game WITHOUT reloading the page. Its great

    for stuck scout marches, knights not available etc. Try it, it really works.

    This info part gives you a lot of info, city name, the location (cords) + province.

    If you have an embassy and how many slots available. If there is a Marshal and

    which level. Also if a champion is defending that city, and if not, you can quickly

    assign one or change the champion to one of your other champions. (if no

    champion is send by attacker, you may want a champ defending that has all troops

    stats and thus favoring the outcome in your advantage)

    Look may vary depending if you have Graphical selector for Champions

    activated or not.

    In this row you can change the guardians of your city, you can quickly switch to

    defense or attack or else. Selected/Active Guardian is blue Encircled.





  • This line is for attack/defense / health, the icons reflect the options you can

    activate here. In the picture given you see that 50/20/10 is activated. I can easily

    click on de 50% attack & 50% defense (blood fury & iron skin) as well as the new

    health option icons (last 2)

    These are all your TR presets, 24 total.5 If all Presets unlocked)

    You can quickly change to your preset of attacking, defending, or peacetime, or

    load etc. Again depending which option you have selected, Classic numbers, Or

    New Presets by name.

    Classic / Standard View

    New Presets by Name.

    The option to set City to Hide or Defense.




  • The Arcane Tab

    The main part of this is a new expandable section on the Dashboard, labelled

    "Arcana", where you can view the currently active bonuses, and activate additional Personal Bonuses if there are any available.

    Note that the game does not provide a way to cancel active Arcana Bonuses, so use with caution!

    IF you are the chancellor of your alliance, you can also activate Alliance Bonuses

    here too.

    The effect of the bonus on the currently selected city can be viewed by hovering

    the mouse over the arcana name or selecting the bonus.

  • In time when you unlock the levels (1-5) of the Arcane Temple more bonuses become available for Alliance & Personal use.

    On Max level, you will have access to 5 bonuses for Alliance and 3 for Personal use.

    Arcanas running out will be marked in red, warning you that you either you need to choose a new one or prolong again the one you had active.

  • The Sacrifice Tab

    There is a lot of info here about sacrificing

    Number of Altars you have in that city, and what increase (%) that gives. Also it

    shows which blessings you have activated for that city. Like in this case Dark Ritual

    (yes) and Channeled suffering (no).




  • On the troop type box, which drops down, you select the troop you want to

    sacrifice. Then in the amount box you enter how many. Standard it will give you

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