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PowerMill Robot - · PDF fileLearn more at 10 reasons to choose PowerMill Robot Multi-axis...

Date post:27-Jun-2018
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  • PowerMill RobotExpert software for offline robot programming


  • PowerMill RobotExpert software for offline robot programming

    PowerMill Robot was able to meet both the requirements for ease of use and for programming speed. Stephen Young

    Senior DesignerSouthern Spars

    Industrial robotic automation is becoming the standard for manufac-turing sophistication and efficiency in many industries.

    Autodesk PowerMill Robot com-bines the CAM control that users have come to know and love with intuitive robotic-arm configuration and motion control.

    Regardless of the types of part you produce, or your robot configura-tion, PowerMill Robot provides total flexibility.

    Programming Create robot NC programs, including toolpath link simulation and tool change simulation. Program robots holding spindles for tool to part applications - ideal for machining large, heavy parts for prototype manufacturing or low produc-tion runs. Suitable for programming part to tool applications, such as grinding or linishing, and mass production runs. Increase the working area of robots with exter-nal axes, such as linear tracks and rotary tables, for greater flexibility over the size and types of parts you can manufacture.

    PowerMill Robot eliminates the complex and laborious nature traditionally associated with programming robots. With access to PowerMills renowned toolpath strategies, you can easily program and simulate robot paths and post native robot language to a range of robots. Get the most out of your robotic platform in the shortest possible time. A simplified work-flow makes it easy to program, simulate, analyze and refine toolpaths, whilst enabling your robots to achieve levels of accuracy like many CNC milling machines.

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    10 reasons to choose PowerMill Robot

    Multi-axis programming with advanced machining strategies.

    Powerful toolpath editing for improved efficiencies.

    Supports an ever growing list of popular robots.

    Full simulation and collision checking. Minimize cycle times and maximize finish

    quality. Total flexibility for greater productivity. Eliminate lengthy teach and learn

    methods. Avoid costly mistakes and manufacturing

    bottlenecks. Output directly to a robots native

    language. Program robots as easily as you can

    program a 5-axis NC machine.

    Simulation Define a solver strategy to achieve the

    desired robot simulation and control the robots movements through different variables such as axis limits, axis priorities and tool work plane constraints.

    Output a simulation directly into a robots native language, eliminating any need for a third party translation.

    Save your favorite robot cell configurations such as axis limits, tool constraints and home position with PowerMill cell configurator, and simulate the robot within your set constraints.

    Analysis Display the robots working envelope

    to optimize the part position within the envelope and give maximum access to part machining.

    View the maximum range of movements required of each axis for the robot to execute toolpaths to analyze the robots behavior and movements throughout the operation.

    Remove the need to teach every tool and save time with accurate tool and spindle calibration functions.

    Create user defined toolpath transitions with manual teach and learn options and collision checking.

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