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Date post:21-Jun-2020
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  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only


    Consumer Mobility

    Maintenance Issues of BTS

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only


    • This is a presentation for the E2-E3 Consumer

    Mobility Module for the Topic: Maintenance

    Issues of BTS

    • Eligibility: Those who have got the Upgradation

    from E2 to E3.

    • This presentation is last updated on 15-3-2011.

    • You can also visit the Digital library of BSNL to

    see this topic.

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only


    To know the methods BTS maintenance

    Important process under each method

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only


    To ensure the health of BTS in various generic

    aspects deserving quick attention

    Electricity power,

    Engine Alternator,

    Transmission link availability

    Antenna alignment.

    Equipment Hardware maintenance

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Preventive maintenance ( Once in Six Months)

    Corrective maintenance.

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Preventive Maintenance

    Aviation lamp -

    Performance of sensor and lamp is to be


    Action:- Mask the sensor from sunlight and

    check for glow of lamp. Glowing shows the good

    condition. Remove the mask and thus expose

    the sensor to sunlight. Glowing of lamp should

    cease. Test results may be recorded in the

    logbook. If the performance is not satisfactory,

    replace the lamp/sensor which is faulty.

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Earth - Lightning spike earth, Tower earths DG

    & Equipment earth to be checked. With Megger

    take the value. Value should be less than 1 ohm

    for each earth.

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Antennae & Tower: To be verified as andwhen any faults/defects (like high VSWR)reported or once in a year which ever is earlier.

    Visual check of bolts/nuts and sample check oftheir tightness,

    Greasing on foundation bolts to be done.

    Check the Antenna connectors and theirtightness.

    Check for tightness of antenna fixtures, u clampsetc..

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Check for ingress of water (condition of weatherproofing in waveguide) etc

    Check the orientation of antenna of each sectorand compare with the old records.

    Check for the down tilt of antennae which alsomay be compared with old records .

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Power Supply

    1. AC Power Supply

    2. DC power Supply

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Check of Battery

    Measure for Out put


    Measure for individual

    cell output After 1 hr


    Tools required – screw driver / spanner sets

    Testing Instrument required – Digital Multi



  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    BTS Checking Procedure

    Filter Fans Performance of eqpt

    Check of clogging

    due to

    accumulation of

    due to dust etc..

    Cleaning of filter is

    to be done.





    of fan


    Check for VSWR &

    Power for each DRX

    in each sector

    (VSWR for 900 MHZ

    & 1800 MHZ cables

    must be less than 1.3

    Tools required – Spanner set, screw driver bit set

    Testing instruments required – Power meter, Site

    Master / BTS Tester

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    2. Corrective Maintenance

    Whenever any fault is reported from or duringperiodic visits/inspections, the correctivemaintenance is done for the BTS site inaccordance with alarm. After any majormodification in the BTS site like change inantenna settings, site configuration, power etc.,drive test and optimization of the site is done inaccordance with the Operating Procedure.

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Problems in the Network

    Low network availability

    Low network stability

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only


    Coverage problem

    Hand over problem

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only


    Power Failure and Low battery back up.

    Non functioning of DG at the time of Powerfailure.

    Transmission media failure.

    Delay in restoration

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    RF Issues

    Overloaded BTS

    Interference problem

    Load balancing with adjacent BTS bytilting/lowering down/raising up BTS antennasshould be carried out whenever required

    Fault/damage in Feeder cable (causes VSWRfault) , IF cable (mini link) requires change ofthese .

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

    Procedure for handing equipment

    faults.1. It the fault is of IDU/ODU, replaces the faultyunit with spare, subject to spare availability.

    2. The fault unit is handed over the AMC holderfor repair.

    3. It spare is not available, the fault isregistered at OMC-R (web site)

    4. OMC-R, in turn, intimates the concernedvendor / AMC holder for rectification.

    5. Monitors the corrective action taken by thevendor / AMC holder and acts accordingly.

  • For BSNL Internal Circulation only

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