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Date post:26-Aug-2014
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  • By Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 www.bydesign-inc.com Website Launch Integrated Public Relations Plan Presented by Joan Durand April 2014
  • WHY BY DESIGN ? Joan Durand.founder By Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 Contents Research Objectives Programming Evaluation Timeline 20 years of business strategy, PR and marketing experience Specialized knowledge of the baby boomer demographic Focus on ROI Exceptional client services with weekly update reports Team of design professionals Digital media buying professionals with proven record About us. About Us Budget
  • Company. ResearchBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 Boomeranglife.org MISSION Eldercare Resourses for those boomerang-ing between life and caregiving. Blog Articles, stress relieving tips and help for caregivers. Resources Eldercare resources by community rated and reviewed by those who use them. Products Daily living products for caregivers and those they are caring for.. (Close relationship with a long term care manufacture) LINK www.boomeranglife.org
  • Market. ResearchBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 Market Facts It is estimated that 70% of US disposable income is controlled by the fifty and over population. Interestingly enough 41% of all Apple computers being purchased are by this demographic. The brand Depends generates $600 million a year, with the global adult incontinence market growing 47% to 4.7 billiion in the past five years. 38% - 42% of boomers use social networking and one in five use social media sites as a source of healthcare information according to homecaremag.com. Emarketer says that 49% of this demographic uses tablets and 40% of smartphone users made at least one purchase. The baby boomer/sandwich generations is currently over 80 million strong and is the largest consumer group in the U.S.
  • Competition. ResearchBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 Competitor Research Durable Medical Equipment DMEs) Primarily geared to the long term care industry and home care professionals. Cluttered, unresponsive web design General Ecommerce Site / Retailers Limited product offering Lack of robust, consumer centric info and easy to understand instructions for product use.
  • Problems & Opportunities. The target audience of ages 40-85 years old is a large, easily identified demographic and have both a need for these products and the money to spend on them. This sandwich generation/baby boomer demographic is online. Current competitors are not keeping pace with the mobile, responsive design needed to reach them. Problems Boomeranglife.org is a startup organization with no exposure or awareness with the target audiences. There are other competitors in the marketplace. Opportunities ResearchBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307
  • Target Audiences. Sandwich 47% of adults in their 40s and 50s have a parent over 65 and are either raising younger children or supporting grown children. Nearly 10 million Americans are part of the Sandwich Generation, with over 25% of American families being involved in both child and elder care at the same time. Boomer Post World War II generation (aged 50-85) spend $7 billion online a year. 96% utilize word-of- mouth/viral marketing to share product/service info. 89% regularly use email and 19 million are on Facebook. Mass/General Ecommerce Retailers Sandwich Generation & Baby Boomers Eldercare Vendors Industry Experts/Bloggers Media ResearchBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307
  • Objectives. ObjectivesBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 Impact Objectives To increase awareness and traffic to boomeranglife.org by 100% within six months. To get 10 positive mentions by credible bloggers/media within six months. To receive 10 inquiries from eldercare vendors to be listed in the boomeranglife.org directory within six months. To increase reseller ecommerce general retailers by 200% within six months. Output Objectives Create an online and social media presence that encourages participation in a discussion forum. Produce a stream of once a day tips, quotes or funny sayings that can be easily shared. Create 5 stories about being a part of the boomerang life/sandwich generation that can be republished on other blogs or picked up by the media. Invite 25 eldercare experts and bloggers to create content or be interviewed for a post at boomeranglife.org that will then be shared across social media. Distribute 10 short product instructional videos on YouTube. Create email lists with different categories: eldercare vendors, media, bloggers and end users. Target 50 eldercare vendors for a free listing in the directory. Educate them about the paid enhanced listing and banner ad opportunities. Target 25 general ecommerce retailers through phone calls and email to introduce boomeranglife.org products to them and showcase the benefits/features to their target audience.
  • Programming. ProgrammingBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 Sandwich/Boomer The target demographic will be reached through empathy of shared experiences and some shared experience humor. It is hard to care for elderly parents and have a life. Life doesnt just stop, there are kids, grandkids, careers as well. Sometimes all you can do is just laugh. It is proven that funny, relatable little sayings and quotes are shared more often than any other social media content. Creating little e-cards and also using those phrases on the back of mini-moo sharable cards are one piece of marketing collateral that will shape the theme/message for this audience. Special Events Facebook Contest: Two week Facebook contest to find more tips and sayings and engage with audience. Prize will be a memory foam product. Support contest with Facebook ads. Drive traffic to sign up for daily email tips. Webinar: Free webinar targeting baby boomers about how to handle caregiver stress and valuable resources to help navigate caring for aging parents. Done with another industry expert and published afterward on YouTube and Slideshare. Media Controlled Media includes paid and organic keyword campaigns, banner advertising, Facebook ad campaigns and NPR radio sponsorship announcements. It also includes all of the product information like when you need a certain product and how to use it. Uncontrolled Media includes the sharing of daily tips and articles as well as the republishing of articles and other content on the boomeranglife.org website.
  • Content Marketing. ProgrammingBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307
  • E cards & business cards. ProgrammingBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307
  • Evaluation. Number of unique site visits measured by Google Analytics. Utilize Klout to measure increase and impact of social media presence. Number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, views on YouTube, mentions across other website and social media platforms. Impressions and click-through rate from banner ads and adwords. Ecommerce sales. Number of other ecommerce sites to sell the products. Number of inquiries from eldercare vendors. Increase in email addresses and likes in response to Facebook contest. By Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 Evaluation
  • Campaign Timeline. TimelineBy Design Inc. [email protected] (504) 421-8307 June 2014: Finalize web content, ecommerce, marketing collateral. July 2014: Website and social media go live with a behind the scenes editorial calendar/pipeline in Hootsuite populated and timed for release for the next six months. This includes 5 articles, 100 tips/quotes/sayings, 5 shorter blurbs about industry news pertaining to baby boomers. July 2014: Clarify and customize organic keyword search, tweaking on a weekly basis. July 2014: Reach out to 25 general ecommerce websites in order for them to add the products to their websites. July 15, 2014: Invitations to 25 eldercare experts and bloggers via personal email to guest blog or be interviewed. August 1, 2014: Begin 2 week NPR radio sponsorship. August 2014: Add 10 instructional videos to YouTube. August 2014: Begin paid keyword searches on Google and Bing as well as banner ads on 3 heavily trafficked baby boomer websites. September 2014: Two week Facebook contest to find more tips and sayings and engage with audience. Prize will be a memory foam product. Support contest with Facebook ads. Drive traffic to sign up for daily email tips. October 2014: Email campaign to eldercare vendors to increase awareness, have them list their services on boomeranglife.com, advertise with enhanced listings/banner ads or receive commission on sales generated by click-through from boomeranglife.org. October 15, 2014: Begin 2 week NPR radio sponsorship. November 2014: Free webinar targeting baby boomers about how to handle caregiver stress and valuable resources to help navigate caring for aging parents. Done with another industry expert and published afterward on YouTube and Slideshare. December 2014: Evaluation and wrap up of plan.
  • Budget. BudgetBy
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