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Prairie Dogs

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Prairie Dogs. By: Jodi. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Have you ever seen what looks like a big ferret? Did it have a pink nose like a guinea pig? If it did you were probably looking at a Prairie dog. In this story you will learn a lot more about Prairie dogs. In the first part you will find out more physical things about the prairie dog. In the second part you will find out more about its habitat. In the third part you will find out about their diet. In the fourth part you will find out about their life cycle. When you read on you will find more interesting things about the Prairie Dog.

  • So as I was Saying you will find out many more facts and they will be interesting. Your opinion might be that the Prairie Dog looks like a big ferret. Well thats my opinion too. The Prairie dog is approximately 23-26 inches long and about 2-4 pounds. Also the Prairie dog has fur, and the prairie dog is also brown, beige, and black. The Prairie Dog has two small front teeth, small ears and a pink nose. You might also think that the Prairie dog looks like a big Guinea Pig and looks so cute, well those things would be true as well. Next you will find out about the Prairie Dogs habitat.

  • Now first things first. Now we will talk about the Prairie Dogs habitat. Mostly all Prairie Dogs live in Texas in Prairies, which is why it is called a Prairie Dog. The Prairie Dogs home is surrounded by wheat plants, grass plants, and herb plants. In the part of Texas the Prairie Dog lives in they have Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. It is mainly hot and barley cold where the Prairie Dogs live which as I told you is in the middle of Texas. Now lets move on to the Prairie Dogs Diet.

  • Ok now lets talk about the prairie dogs diet. So the prairie dog eats grasses and herbs. The Prairie dog finds food in the Prairie and goes looking for food in the morning and the afternoon. I didnt mention the Prairie dog eats wheat too. The Prairie dog eats about 5 times a day and about two palmfuls a day. Now there are some animals that eat the Prairie dog too like Bigger birds, snakes, Leopards, and Jaguars. Next you are going to learn things about their life cycle.

  • Now lets read on shall we? Ok, so the Prairie dog is born not hatched. Also the Prairie dog lives up to approximately one to eight years before their life ends. It takes about six to twelve months for a baby Prairie Dog to grow into a full adult Prairie dog. Now we can talk about the Prairie dogs life stages. First is a puppy, then a kid, and then a full adult. Now my story isnt done yet but it almost is.

  • Now as I was saying, in this whole story it is mainly about the endangered Prairie Dog so you have probably learned lots of facts in this story but now the story is over but you have a lot of information and I hope you enjoyed learning the information and I enjoyed writing this story of the endangered Prairie Dog for you to read.

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