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Prepaid sim card hong kong 

Date post: 25-Jan-2017
Author: loyomobile
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Prepaid Sim Card Hong Kong

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Prepaid Sim Card Hong Kong

About"Planning A Trip to CHINA?If you take your mobile phone to China, you could end up paying a fortune in roaming charges. But if you buy a local China/Hong Kong SIM card from LoyoMobile, you pay local call and data rates and can end up saving hundreds of pounds. " China Unicom China Tone is a prepaid SIM equipped with both Mainland China and HK mobile numbers (1-card-2-numbers). Users could make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls by either Mainland China or HK number.


You can order Happy Tourist SIM easily online before your arrival to Thailand.Once you make the payment online via credit cards, you can pick up your order before you departure to Thailand or when you arrive Thailand.

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