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PREPARED BY THE MENTAL HEALTH UNIT OF THE HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT BOARDING HOMES Slide 2 FOLLOWING ARE NOT CONSIDERED BOARDING HOME Transitional Housing- TDCJ Half Way House Penal Institution Connection Sobering House Adult Day Care Assisted Living Facility Rehab Facility Independent Living 2 Slide 3 BOARDING HOME- UNLICENSED Establishment that furnishes in one or more buildings, lodging to three or more persons with disabilities or elderly persons who are unrelated to the owner of the establishment by blood or marriage; and. Provides community meals, light housework, meal preparation, transportation, grocery shopping, money management, laundry services or assistance with self-administration of medication but does not provide personal care services to the persons. 3 Slide 4 BOARDING HOMES IN HOUSTON Usually found in residential areas Private residences which have been found to have 3- 20+ residents Not regulated, no oversight or inspections Code Violations as well as Heath Violations No staffing requirements Education Criminal background Owners often not present at location Transient when they become visible to authorities they move Numerous calls for Emergency Services- HPD/HFD Not licensed by State of Texas 4 Slide 5 Summary of Complaints Complaints Documented in Police Reports Complaints From Social Services PersonnelComplaints From Residents Condition of property Lack of Staff Rudeness of staff To Many Residents for location Issue of consumer being evicted Issue of consumer being put on street Issue of consumers money or property missing Residents wandering away Lack of supervision Quality or Lack of Care Food issues Lack of Trained Care TakersTraining of Care Takers Consumer being easy victim Consumer being taken advantage ofBeing taken advantage of Lack of Respect for consumer and officers Lack of respect for consumer and case workerLack of respect 5 Slide 6 STATE ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT OF AGEING AND DISABILITY SERVICES State Issues Licenses for: Adult Day Care ICF/MR Nursing Homes Assisted Living The States focus is on operations and health conditions, and State licensed facilities provide Personal Care Services, : Administration of medications to residents Assistance for daily living such as: Eating Bathing Dressing The State performs inspection: After receiving an initial application Annually for State Licensed Facilities In response to reported complaints/ incidents received by state When notices of violations are issued by the state and follow-up investigation is required 6 Slide 7 HOUSE BILL 216 Allows county or municipality to regulate Boarding Homes. El Paso Ordinance Dallas Ordinance Requires Health and Human Services Commission to develop recommended Model Standards Standard 1 Construction and Remodeling Standard 2 Sanitary and Related Conditions Standard 3 Reporting and Investigation of Injuries, Incidents and unusual accidents Standard 4 Assistance with Self Administration of Medication Standard 5 Requirement for In-service Training of staff Standard 6 Assessment and Monitoring 7 Slide 8 CURRENT CITY ENFORCEMENT Occupancy Inspection, (PWE) for homes with 16 or more persons- Congregate living Kitchen Inspection, (Health Dept.) if more than 10 people Fire Inspection for facilities with state license of congregate living Currently code enforcement for residential property occurs at time of construction or remodel 8 Slide 9 9 Slide 10 3 DISTRICT BOARDING HOME Existed in neighborhood approximately 8 years Houses 16 to 22 residents in two buildings Multi-use property ( Dental Lab/ Home Repair) Calls For Service 2010 - 73 (Before Inspection) Numerous calls from neighbors away from location Calls For Service 2011 - 35 (After Inspection- New Management) 10 Slide 11 WEB FOCUS CFS HISTORY 2010 73 Calls For Service From: 2010/01/01 to: 2010/12/31 Street #: Street Name 2010/02/03 17:342INF - InformationNorth03B10WELFARE CHECK/CIT 2010/02/27 18:112INF - InformationNorth03B10SUICIDE/ NO WEAPON/JUST OC 2010/03/08 15:282ORI - Report MadeNorth03B10SUICIDE/ NO WEAPON/JUST OC 2010/03/21 20:552INF - InformationNorth03B10ANIMAL/ VICIOUS451K 2010/04/20 17:102INF - InformationNorth03B10SUICIDE/ NO WEAPON/JUST OC 2010/05/23 01:053INF - InformationNorth03B10WELFARE CHECK/ CIT 2010/06/03 11:471ORI - Report MadeNorth03B10DISTURBANCE/CIT 2010/06/04 19:362INF - InformationNorth03B10WELFARE CHECK/ CIT 2010/06/04 20:122INF - InformationNorth03B10DISTURBANCE/HFD PSYCH PROB/CIT 2010/06/23 22:523INF - InformationNorth03B10DISTURBANCE/HFD PSYCH PROB/CIT 2010/06/30 20:322INF - InformationNorth03B10SUICIDE/ NO WEAPON/JUST OC 2010/07/15 06:581INF - InformationNorth03B10 DIST /WEAPONS/CIT 11 Slide 12 INCIDENT REPORTS Incident 1- consumer went to hospital was not picked up, found wandering streets, T.C Jester and 610 2 AM by patrol unit Incident 2- consumer wandering neighborhood ringing door bells, lost Incident 3 -consumer in crisis 10 PM, 11;30 PM left location, Missing Person report made by guardian, next morning drowned in bayou behind location 12 Slide 13 ON INSPECTION Property did not have Occupancy Permit for Congregate Living Health Department Inspection needed kitchen Fire Department Inspection needed Electrical Violations- repairs needed Plumbing Violations- repairs needed Issues with heating and air conditioning to clients rooms Inadequate fire escape second floor Smoke Detectors sleeping area Staffing inadequate no training 13 Slide 14 ORDINANCE PROPOSAL Proposed ordinance would establish the following: Registration/Application Criminal Background Check on Employees Inspection/Compliance Reporting and Records Keeping Investigation/Enforcement 14

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