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Presentation by Van Chanthou, CWCC

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  • 1. Good Men campaign Friday 17, February 2012Cambodian s Women Crisis CenterAnger Management for Men Project
  • 2. Outline o Brief introduction of the organization o Description of the intervention o Target o Results o Geographic locations o Calendar of implementation o M&E o Costs
  • 3. Brief introduction of the organizationo Cambodians Women Crisis Center (CWCC) was established and registered with Ministry of Interior in 1997.o CWCC has 3 core programs: 1) Prevention: CO, GAE, AMM, and SMART 2)Protection: CO, Legal services: monitoring, legal counselling and representation, Shelter: safe accommodation, literacy, vocational and life skill training, and Reintegration & Repatriation 3)Advocacy: Communications & Publications, Government Cooperation and Information Managemento Beneficiaries from CWCC programs: Woman and girl survivors of GBV, Vulnerable women and girls, Abusive Men and men at high risk of committing violence , Migrant workers, Girl students, teachers, parents, polices, local authorities, relevant government institution and NGOs partners.
  • 4. Brief introduction of the organization (Cont.) o Implementing Areas: 1. Phnom Penh: Regional Office in Phnom Penh Municipality (Municipal- Based Network covers all Khans in Phnom Penh) and Regional Shelter and Legal Services (receives clients from Phnom Penh and surrounded provinces, Kandal, Kampong Chhnang and Kampong Speu) 2. Siem Reap: Regional Office in Siem Reap (Provincial-Based Network covers all districts in the province) and Regional Shelter and Legal Services (receives clients from Siem Reap and Oudor Meanchey) 3. Banteay Meanchey: Regional Office in Poit Pet (Provincial-Based Network covers all districts in the provinces) and Regional Shelter and Legal Services (receives clients from Banteay Meachey, Battambang and Pailin) 4. Kampong Thom: Regional Office will be in Kampong Thom town and clients from Kampong Thom will get services from Regional Shelter and Legal Services in Siem Reap. o We work closely with MoWA, MoI, MoSAVY, MoJ, MoE. o CWCCs Donors: DCA/CA, TDH-N, TDH-G, TROCAIRE, LO, UNFPA, GIZ, AFAP, GKS, FWC.
  • 5. Description of the intervention Nine Prevention Strategies: 1. No forced reconciliation in communities which are often detrimental to the woman 2. One-on-One counselling of the abusive husband 3. Peer support Group for Men 4. Husband and wives learn better coping skills 5. Husband recognize the correlation of alcohol use and domestic violence 6. Lawyer mediated reconciliation 7. Gaining community support through the establishment of womens support groups 8. Outreach to the general public 9. The safe shelter and health services offer immediate and long team personal security
  • 6. Target o Abusive men and men at high risk of committing violence in target communities with age above 18 o Quantity of audience: 1. Phnom Penh: Direct Beneficiaries: 337 people (80% are men) Indirect Beneficiaries: 6,000 people 2. Banteay Meanchey: Direct Beneficiaries: 327 people (80% are men) Indirect Beneficiaries: 2,700 people 3. Siem Reap: Direct Beneficiaries: 448 people (80% are men) Indirect Beneficiaries: 6,000 people
  • 7. Results1. 620 men understand the negative impact of domestic violence and have the capacity to practice appropriate methods to control and release their anger by many activities of interventions (please see the calendar of implementation).2. 128 duty bearers change their perspective on domestic violence and actively are involved in the prevention strategies.
  • 8. Location 1. Phnom Penh: 97 Sangkats of 9 khans 2. Banteay Meanchey: 64 communes of 9 districts 3. Siem Reap: 100 communes of 12 districts
  • 9. Calendar of implementation Activity 2012 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q41. Training on domestic violence law and related law X X2. Training on anger management for men X X3. One-To-One counseling and follow up the men who X X X Xreceived counseling4. Produce and distribute EIC materials (T-Shirts, Teaching X Xmaterials in the community, and Handbook for peers)5. Community Education and counseling by peers (IEC X X X Xmaterials)6. Quarterly peer discussion group X X X X
  • 10. Calendar of implementation (Cont.) Activity 2012 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q47. Conduct workshop among trained men to share their Xexperiences and how to conduct peer education8. Monthly radio-call-in show X X X X9. TV spot (Produce and rebroadcasting) X X X X10. Integrate AMM concept to Community Organizing X X X XNetwork in the CO training11. Annual workshop for all men from 3 target areas X12. Conduct baseline data survey focusing on the number of XDV cases happening in target communities
  • 11. M&E1. The Project Officers and staff supervise the daily activities of the projectand monitor the completion of the planned activities.2. The Regional Managers runs the day-to-day operations of the CWCCoffice ensuring proper implementation of the project.3. The Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator and Data ManagementOfficer follow up and update the statistic to track the achievements of theproject. They visit project sites every month to provide technical support tofield staff and follow up the progress of the project.4. CWCC Executive Director and Program Manager alternately conductsite visits to the project every three months to monitor activities and ifnecessary provide advice regarding the implementation process.
  • 12. CostsThere will be cost around 60,000-65,000 USD for one yearimplementation of AMM projects in the 3 target areas(Phnom Penh, Banteay Meanchey and Siem Reap)
  • 13. Thank you