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Presentation of Certificates and Awards Programme, 30th May … · 2020-01-29 · present...

Date post:24-Jul-2020
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  • Order ofproceedings

    The Official Party will enter the Hall at 8.00 pm.

    Mr B.J. MacDonald, Director, Swinburne College ofTechnical and Further Education, will open theproceedings and introduce the Principal Director ofSwinburne, DrW.R. Longworth.

    Dr Longworth will introduce Mr John Halfpenny,State Secretary of The Amalgamated Metal WorkersUnion and a member of the TAFE Board.

    Mr Halfpenny will deliver the Occasional Address.

    Mr N.P. Watson, President, Swinburne Council, willpresent Certificates and Awards.

    Dr Longworth will close the proceedings.

    The Official Party will leave the Hall.

    Supper will be served.

    This program contains the names ofall thoseentitled to awards. For various reasons somecandidates have been unable 10 attend in person, inwhich case the awards will be made;n absentia.

  • Swinburne College ofTechnical

    and Further Education

    Swinburne opened for business in March 1909under the name "The Eastern Suburbs TechnicalCollege", when 80 students commenced classes incarpentry, plumbing and blacksmithing. Generousgifts were made by the founder, the late Hon.George Swinburne, and Mrs Swinburne, towardsthe cost of establishment, and the municipalities ofCamberwell, Hawthorn, Kewand unawadingcontributed annually towards maintenance.

    The scope of the classes soon expanded. Fitting andturning, art and domestic science classes werecommenced, followed by the establishment of aBoys' Junior Technical School, diploma courses inengineering, and a Girls' JuniorTechnical School(the first in the slate). The name of the College waschanged to "The Swinburne Technical College"during those early years.

    During 1968 the name "Swinburne College ofTechnology" was adopted, and at the beginning of1969 the Boys' School and the Girls' School werelinked as the "Swinburne Technical School". Thatschool is now under the control of the EducationDepartment of Victoria and has its own Principal andCouncil.

    Swinburne College of Technology operated throughtwo teaching divisions- the Tertiary Division(diploma and degree courses) and the IndustrialDivision (technician and trade courses). In 1972 theIndustrial Division became known as the TechnicalCollege Division.

    In 1975 the Technical College Division resumed useof the name Swinburne Technical College. With thedevelopment in Australia in recent years of technicaland further education, the Technical Collegeadopted the name "Swinburne College ofTechnicaland Further Education" (often abbreviated toSwinburne College of TAFE) in 1983.

    The objects of the College are 'to improve educationgenerally and, especially, to promote technicaleducation and to facilitate the attainment ofknowledge of arts, sciences and languages', and toaid, by research and other suitable means, theadvancement, development and practicalapplication of science and technology in industryand commerce. The College ofTAFE offersmiddle-level or sub-professional and trade coursesand a sixth (orm or tertiary orientation program aswell as specialized courses as requested by industry.Enrolments in 1985 are 1011 full-time and 4124parHime students.

    The College ofTAFE co-operates closely with privateindustry, government bodies and employer groups.Some indication of this involvement may be gainedfrom the names of firms listed at the back of thisprogram. In 1982 the College introduced thecooperative format of teaching into some full-timecourses in the Engineering Division. Under thissystem students spend part of their course workingfull-time in industry. This type of course is one inwhich Swinburne is a pioneer and which has provenvery successful in tertiary courses.

  • Building DivisionCandidates to be presented byMr GA Martin, BA, BEd, MAIBHead of Division

    Building Inspectors Certificate

    Trevor John Doherty

    Building Surveyor Certificate

    Mario Florian

    Technician Cerlificate - Building(Building Inspector)

    Russell John BatesRobert BonifacioAndrew HillZiatko PalenkasDavid Geoffrey Thacker

    Technician Certificate - Building(Clerk of Works)

    Joachim Karl Arnold

    Certificate of Technology - Building(Building Surveyor)

    Trevor John DohertyMichael Peter MellesPeter Leo MooreHenderikus Van RavensteinJohn Leonard WadsworthRonald James Webber

    Certificate of Technology - Building(Estimating)

    Horst Gustav Gawantka

    Technician Certificate - Plant ServicesDetail Drafting

    Peter John ChalmersChristopher George MeierGino Abel Thomas

    Technician Certificate- Plumbing(Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning)

    Mark Geoffrey CrawfordSydney John HeathGeorge Alan RowRodney John Widdicombe

    Technician Certificate - Plumbing(Sanitary)

    Fredrick George CoadRichard Julian McCooey

  • Business Studies DivisionCandidates to be presented byMr P.c. Quail, BEe, DipEdHead of Division

    Certificate of Business Studies

    Tina Louise BishoppGerald SrinsonChan Wan NeePatricia Mary-Anne D'MonteMargaret Iris DobbieRaymond George HalliwellSuree Itti-ArunMelissa Janet McPhailPamela Sin Mun Vee

    Certificate of Business Studies - Accounting

    Lachlan Neil BardwellAlan Jeffrey CaldwellJoyce ChoyMichael John CroftsSusan May DavenportMeagan Elizabeth DewRoger John DunkleyPeter Norman EnglishLeah Bernadette GeorgeAntony GrgasJoanne Elisabeth HallettRonald Philip HannonWalter Joseph HessRichard Neil HillCarol Joy HoganDavid Ross HowesBaldo lacuoneGale Dawn JensenAnthony Charles JohnsonSheron LachSteven LaskaridisRichard Choon-Fei LoueyLeigh Hans McClureJames Scott McinnesAnthony Rober! MeggsAntony Howard MitchellMichael MullalyKaren MurdochMargaret Jean O'ConnellStephen Anthony Onley

    Anna PsalidasJohn SaflekasGregory John SantamariaVictoria ShoiketSteven StamboultgisMark SwaitAlexandra VasiliouGeorge VassiliadisFrank VitaccoBarry Donald WhiteheadKatrina Susan Wolfe

    Certificate of Business Studies- Office Administration

    Vincent Crupilorraine Allison CrimesRaymond Allan MorrisPeter Neil Riddle

    Certificate of Business Studies - Personnel

    Christopher EdgeworthSophy KayneAmanda Jane LloydBernard Thomas Spence

    Certificate of Business Studies - Production

    Mark Raymond BloodworthRoberl George Martin

  • Certificate of Business Studies- Sales and Marketing

    Steven Ashley ColesBradley David FarmerBruce Geoffrey GrayBernard Michael MarmionRichard john MartinGary Ian McAdamlynette june MitchellNg lee lingFrancis john NiallGiuseppe PiedimonteAndrew Donald Roberts

    Certificate of Business Studies - Secretarial

    Kerry Marie DysonWendy lynette EbbsBoonral Laoratanaburapa

    Certificate of Business Studies - Supply

    Bradley John Attardlorenzo CiurleoVincent CrupiAndrew james DownardAnthony Edward jacotine

    Certificate of Business Studies - Work Study

    Brett jack Griffith

    Engineering DivisionCandidates to be presented byMr R.C. Chamberlain, DipMechE,CerlEng(Aero), llTCHead of Division

    Industrial Electronics Certificate (General)

    Raymond Peter BramleyWesley Andrew CrossGraham Duncan ElliottSteven Dennis FullerGregory john PowleyBradley leighton RossKevin john SoutterChristopher TsioutsisBruce Robert Wallace

    Industrial Electronics Certificate (Digital)

    Barry David ErlandsenPhilip Henry GibcusMichaeillrennan HartGregory David KilmartinPaul Andrew londonGlenn David McCollJan James Mortensenjohn Donato ParisiAngelo Anthony PiconeChristopher James Regan

    Industrial Electronics Certificate(General and Digital)

    Stephen Anthony BarryStephen james CrippsDarren Keith GardinerDonald Edward GherashePaul William GrimshawDavid Nelson HughesHerman lindeGregory Vytas MarenSteven john Seinor

  • Technician Certificate - Electrical (Electronics)

    Graham Duncan ElliottPhilip Henry GibcusGregory Vytas MarenSteven John SeinorBruce Robert Wallace

    Technician Certificate - Electrical (Motor Control)

    Philip Henry GibcusPaul Robert HinceStephen William Prossor

    Certificate of Technology - Electrical

    See Cho Sim

    Certificate of Technology - Electronics

    Enus AliBenny BekermanPeter Gerard DonellyArthur Alfred GriffithsGlenn Raymond HollandAli Osman Karagoz

    .Brian Lindsay MaplestoneMichael Friedrich MarquartPeter Joseph MellinoNicholas TheoharakosPhillip John Vaughan

    Post-Trade Certificate - Toolmaking

    Kevin CollingRichard James DalgleishGraham Paul FordhamMark Leslie SpencerJovan StanojlovicRichard Frank Timson

    Technician Certificate - Mechanical(Fluid Power)

    Mark Richard Davies

    Technician Certificate - Production(Jig & Tool Drafting)

    Andrew Norman DonatMichael Vernon HughesDavid John Stuart

    Certificate of Technology - Mechanical

    Andrew William BarrettGreg Paul BrownPius Chee How KhinAnthony Joseph CheesmanStephen Alan CurtisPeter Charles EdmondsPhillip Dean GodkinRoy Henry HarripPhilip Richard KemmAdrian James KennedyPeter Michael LeggDavid Keith NelsonNgui Ngion HiengDarryl Stephen PerkinsDavid William SadlerRobert Anthony Wright

    Certificate of Technology - Mechanical(Design Drafting)

    Ian Grant CraigGerald John DonkerDarren John HamiltonPeter Michael LeggJim John NtentisGarry Ian Smith

  • Certificate of Technology - Production(Work Study)

    Murray Alexander CaseyPeter Maxwell HelmoreTheodore Terence ThomasRobert Bruce Withers

    Certificate of Technology - Production(Quality Control)

    Laurence Sergovich

    Further Certificate of Technology- Quality Control

    Nagy Gad Sous AbouskhrounRobert WaterhousePatrick James WilkinsTerence Young

    General Studies DivisionCandidates to be presented byMr G.A. Harrison, BSc, DipMechE, TTTCHead of Division

    Certificate of Applied Science(Biology)

    Laurence Howard BarrandClive Norman BishopWendy Maria BrightSusan Debra Kane

    Certificate of Applied Science(Science Laboratory)

    Kathleen Bridget AndersonLeigh Owen BarlingFrank BertucciMaree Anne KellyMark Bradley McKayRodney David MillsKaye Elizabeth MoldenDebra Leanne ParkerAnne Northey SchwarzerEwald Gerardus Albertus Van Laake

    The General Studies Division also offers two TertiaryOrientation Programs: in Science and Engineeringand in Humanities and Business.

    203 students successfully completed TertiaryOrientation Programs in 1984.

  • Special AwardsRecipients to be presented byMr B.j. MacDonald, BEe, DipEdDirector

    Best first Year Carpentry & Joinery Apprentice

    Craig Maxwell CooperSponsors: Gang-Nail Australia Ltd. Australian Furniture Timbers Ply Ltd

    Best Second Year Carpentry & Joinery Apprentice

    Peter Andrew ClarkSponsor: Sussex Timber & Trading Co

    Best Third Year Carpentry & Joinery Apprentice

    Matthew Richard KolbSponsor: Mathews Timber Ply Ltd

    Best First Year Building Technician

    Simon Benson HealeySponsor: O. & j. Evans

    Best Craftsmanship Carpentry & Joinery

    Christopher Di PasquaMatthew Richard KolbSponsor: JAW Broadcasling Co Pty Ltd

    Most Improved Apprentice first Year - 32CDA

    Dean Anthony CarrollSponsor: Oeepdene Plumbing Supplies Ply Ltd

    Most Improved Apprentice Second Year - 32CDA

    Thomas SchroederSponsor: Oeepdene Plumbing Supplies Ply Ltd

    Most Improved Apprentice Third Year - 32CDA

    Thomas David jacksonSponsor: Oeepdene Plumbing Supplies Pty Ltd

    Best first Year Plumbing & Gasfilling Apprentice

    Phillip john CraigSponsors: O. R. Swan Pty Ltd

    Technical Book and Magazine CompanyPly Ltd

    Best Second Year Plumbing & Gasfilling Apprentice

    Craig Edward DiamondSponsor: Viclor Sheetmetal (Australia) Ply Ltd

    Best Third Year Plumbing & Gasfitling Apprentice(Sanitary)

    Michael Patrick FergusonSponsor: Plastic Plumbing Supplies Pty Ltd

    Best Third Year Plumbing & Gasfitling Apprentice(Mechanical Services)

    Jonalhan Peler SpencerSponsor: Turnbulls Hardware Pty Ltd

    Best final Year Plumbing & Gasfitling Student

    Jonathan Peter SpencerSponsor: Hardie Iplex Plastics

    Meritorious Performance - Plumbing & Gasfitling

    Rohan Alexander SakerSponsor: Master Plumbers' and Mechanical Services

    Association of Victoria

  • Best Final Year Accounting Student

    George VassiliadisSponsor: Auburn Office Suppliers Pty Ltd

    Best First Year Electrical Mechanics Apprentice

    Peter Scott BaileySponsor: Dick Smith flectronics Pty Ltd

    Best Second Year Electrical Mechanics Apprentice

    Paul Andrew GaffneySponsor: Thomas Warburton Pty Ltd

    Best Third Year Electrical Mechanics Apprentice

    Kelvin Donald HaycraftSponsor: Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd

    Best Student Over Course - Electric Motor Control

    Philip Henry GibcusSponsor: NHP flectrical Engineering Products

    Pty Lid

    Best Electrical Technician Over Course

    Donald Edward GherasheSponsor: Dawborn Steels

    Best Student Over Course - Certificate of Technology- Electronics

    Brian Lindsay MaplestoneSponsor: Victorian Electric Appliance Distributors


    Best First Year Apprentice Filling & Machining

    Stephen Raymond FarrarSponsor: Silcraft Manufacturing Co

    Best Second Year Apprentice Filling & Machining

    Mark Ronald WatkinsSponsor: Eaton Pty Ltd

    Best Third Year Apprentice Filling & Machining

    Christopher Michael GreenSponsors: Festo Pty Ltd

    Seward Nominees Pty Ltd

    Best Student- Fluid Power 1H

    Warwick Lloyd EdwardsSponsors: Festo Ply Ltd

    Seward Nominees Ply Ltd

    Best Toolmaker Over Course

    Gary Leslie HallellSponsor: }. Chalmers Ply Lid

    Best Student Over Course - Certificate of Technology- Mechanical

    Peter Thomas SwannSponsor: H.M. T. (International) Pty Lid

    Best Student Over Course - Certificate of Technology- Produclion

    Sandra Jeanne MedsonSponsor: Vickers Ruwolt

  • Best First Year Apprentice Metal Fabrication

    David John AdamSponsor: Steel Improvement Pty Ltd

    Swinburne Apprentice ofthe Year

    The Swinburne Apprentice or the Year is a specialaward to the outstanding apprentice throughout thetrade cou rse.

    Nominations for:

    Swinburne Apprentice of the Year 1984

    Nominations, based on the candidates' overallperformance and results achieved throughout theirapprenticeship, are made by from the variousdepartments.

    The winner is selected by a panel after a review ofthe students' academic performance and aninterview during which each nominee has to give abrief speech indicating the benefits he or she hasgained from the years of apprenticeship.

    Best Second Year Apprentice Metal Fabrication

    Steven Walter DunnSponsor: Jaques Limited

    Best Third Year Apprentice Metal Fabricalion

    George ZaharisSponsor: Liquid Air Australia Ltd

    Best Final Year Arc Welding Student

    Maxwell Norman HunterSponsor: Welding Industries ofAustralia Pty Ltd

    Best First Year Applied Science Technician

    Paddy WadugeSponsor: Ford Motor Company ofAustralia Limited

    Robert Arnold BiddiscombeMichael Patrick FergusonKelvin Donald Haycroft

    Matthew Richard Kolb

    Johnathan Peter Spencer

    Sponsored by

    (Fitting and Machining)(Plumbing - Sanitary)(Electrical andElectronics)(Carpentry andJoinery)(Plumbing-Mechanical Services)

    Best Applied Science Technician Over Course-Biology

    Laurence Howard BarrandSponsor: C1C Medisl'ield

    Best Applied Science Technician Over Course- Science Laboratory

    Anne Northey SchwarzerSponsor: ICI Australia Limited

    Warren and Brown (Division of Repco Ltd)Nonporite Pty Ltd

  • AcknowledgementsThe College wishes to thank the following donorsfor their gifts -

    Au.burn Office Suppliers Ply LtdAustralian Furniture Timbers Pty ltdBunge (Australia) Ply ltdC1G MedishieldD. & J. EvansD. R. Swan Ply LtdDawborn SteelsDeepdene Plumbing Supplies Pty ltdDick Smith Electronics Ply ltdEaton Ply ltdFesta Ply LtdFord Motor Company of Australia LimitedGang-Nail Australia LtdH.M.T. (International) Ply LtdHardie Iplex Plasticsrei Australia LimitedJ. Chalmers Ply LtdJaques LimitedJennings Industries ltdLiquid Air Australia LtdMaster Plumbers' and Mechanical Services Association ofVictoriaMathews Timber Ply ltdMelbourne Manufacturing Stationery Company Ply ltdNHP Electrical Engineering Products Ply ltdNonporite Pt)1 ltdPlastic Plumbing Supplies Ply ltdPrentice Builders Pty ltdRobert Bosch (Australia) Pty ltdSeward Nominees Ply ltdSilcraft Manufacturing CoSteel Improvement Pty ltdSussex Timber & Trading CoTechnical Book and Magazine Company Pty LtdThomas Warburton Pty Ltd3AW Broadcasting Co Pty ltdTubemakers of Australia limitedTurnbulls Hardware Pty ltdVickers RuwoltVictor Sheetmetal (Australia) Ply LtdVictorian Electric Appliance Distributors AssociationWarren & Brown CompanyWelding Industries of Australia Pty ltd

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