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Presentation on The Walking Dead, by Lluis F and Dani

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2. It first came out on 2010 Is based on a series of comics ( Image comics ) Directed by Frank Darabont This TV Show has four seasons At the moment, just season one to three are available on Spanish TV. 3. SECOND SECTION 4. The Walking Dead owes its name to the fact that: 1. The zombies are called walkers by the main characters 2. The zombies are dead (though They can still walking, eating and having the senses of sight, smell, touch and hearing) 5. THIRTH SECTION 6. Rick grimes -------Andrew Lincoln 7. Shane Walsh ----- Jon Bernthal 8. Lori Grimes-----Sarah Wayne 9. Andrea------Laurie Holden 10. Glenn-----Steven Yeun 11. Merle Dixon-----Michael Rooker 12. T-DOG----- ironE singleton 13. Michonne-----danai gurira 14. Hershel Greene-----Scott Wilson 15. Daryl Dixon -----Norman Reedus 16. the gobernor -----David Morrissey 17. THE GAME 18. Rick Grimes 19. Andrea 20. GLENN 21. DARYL 22. T-DOG 23. Fourth section 24. Why the walking dead? 25. Outstanding features 26. Personal enjoyment 27. FIFTH SECTION 28. This series is to people who likes: ZOMBIES Action Tension during the entire time And horror drama 29. Thank you for listening to our presentation 30. Llus Franco & Dani Vilalta

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