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Presentation title (Date) Presentation Title Presentation title (Date) Ante Post Natal.

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PowerPoint PresentationCPD credits for attendance 20cpd
Recognised by the Exercise register
Presentation title (Date)
Containing knowledge of programming
Lesson objectives
Identify common myths surrounding the do’s and don’ts in pregnancy
Identify the potential benefits and risks (to the mother and baby) associated with exercise during the ante natal period
Explain the different stages and symptoms of pregnancy period
Presentation title (Date)
Any myths you have heard of
Note down a minimum of 6
5 minutes to complete
Do not exercise on back
Exercise for no longer than 15 minutes
Running is contraindicated
Do not do strength training
Eat all you want during pregnancy
Vigorous exercise causes miscarriage
No abdominal work should be done throughout pregnancy
Presentation title (Date)
Think about the mother and baby
Presentation title (Date)
Benefits of Exercise
Alleviates many symptoms of pregnancy
Increases self-esteem & feelings of well-being
Increases endurance levels for labour
May decrease the time spent in active phase of labour
May involve less obstetric interventions
Presentation title (Date)
Improved recovery from labour
Can prevent stress incontinence
Increased confidence for labour
Curbs excessive weight gain
Blood flow and oxygen delivery to the baby reduced
High impact activities wrap the umbilical cord around the baby?
Waters will break with too much exercise?
Strong abdominal and pelvic floor muscles will extend labour or require forceps?
Returning to exercise too early will damage abdominal wall or internal organs?
Presentation title (Date)
Barriers to ante natal exercise
Discuss the barriers to exercising during pregnancy with the group and your tutor
List ways to overcome these barriers
10 mins
Lack of knowledge (medical and gym)
Presentation title (Date)
The 3 Trimesters
There are many do’s and don’ts during pregnancy
Many of the original concerns are unnecessary due to the adaptations that take place
There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy provided the programme is suitable, and frequently monitored
Pregnancy is split into 3 roughly equal trimesters.
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Presentation title (Date) Presentation Title Presentation title (Date) Ante Post Natal
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