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Date post: 20-Jul-2020
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    2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

    No tax reform scenario

    Pre-Covid Baseline

  • ✓ Fair, progressive, taxation supports poverty-reduction and improves


    ✓ Clear, simple rules reduce opportunities for corruption, reduce

    taxpayer errors, and make it quicker and easier to pay

    ✓ Easy-to-pay taxes increase voluntary compliance

    ✓ More efficient taxes support economic growth

  • • Is tax policy progressive and fair?

    • Are tax rules clear and easy to follow?

    • Is tax policy supporting economic growth by

    minimizing inefficiencies and distortions?

    • Is the revenue authority hiring people with the

    right education, skills and background?

    • Does the revenue authority offer career paths

    that develop specialists in needed areas?

    • Is a strong anti-corruption culture engrained as

    part of the DNA of tax officials?

    • Does the revenue authority leverage technology

    to enhance its capacity to detect fraud and

    evasion, to manage risks, and to ease the

    administrative burden of paying taxes?

    • Are business processes designed to support

    effective and efficient service delivery?

    Important considerations include…

  • Top PIT Marginal Rate


    41.2% (2018 avg.)

  • Source: Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell, IOC

  • collect more taxes from the wealthy and better-off

    support infrastructure, fisheries and tourism through green taxes

    support long-term health spending through health taxes

    impose equitable taxes on the digital economy

    taxes on profit-making businesses only