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  • 1. PRESENTATION ZEN Kenley ButlerThomas Halvorsen

2. When to use?Not for all purposesAnalyze it to find out when to use. 3. Garr's Top Ten Preparation Tips 1. Plan ahead2. Know your audience3. Focus on content4. Simplicity5. Planning, old school http://www.garrreynolds.com/Presentation/prep.html 4. Garr's Top Ten Preparation Tips 6. Structure 7. See if from different perspective8. Clarity9. Telling story10. Confidence 5. Garr's Top Ten Slide Tips1. Keep it simple2. Not too many bullet points and text3. Stay on focus, do not use too many transitions4. Use high quality visual tools5. Have a visual theme http://www.garrreynolds.com/Presentation/slides.html 6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/2222523486/ 7. Garr's Top Ten Slide Tips6. The use of diagrams and charts 7. Choose correct colors 8. Choose correct font 9. Use of visual aids correctly 10. Chronology 8. Make your audience rememberSimplicity Unexpected Concreteness Credibility Emotions Stories 9. Empty space is OK 10. ResourcesSlideshop.com Freedownloadpowerpoint.com How to create templates

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