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  1. 1. N E B R A S K A S E IMPROVEMENT CENTERv_!, ... . ~
  2. 2. NEBRASKA'S . . W .Q},H7rs-E-71+?Titans ". ll"7YEEllI,9ETF. R .. :7'*, '* l ol Windows Bringing quality to light.Soft-Lite manufactures the highest-performingreplacement windows and sliding patio doors in the industry. It means: 6 you will never have to purchase new windows again. In signicantly reduce heating and cooling costs. 9 warranty for life,even if you sell your home. PATIO DOORSTwo stunning sliding patio doorlines provide b- efciency and dependable operation.Uf ,. .i y Because of the amount of glass in them,patio doors are typicallyone of the least energy-efcient elements of your home. The thermal performance of Soft-Lite sliding doors,however,is exceptional.These remarkable doors help keep your home more comfortable and your energy bills low. , -q .-3:
  3. 3. NEBRASKA'SLl,, IMPROVEMENT CENTER Our 2-Point Mortise Locking,, stainless steel system securely .locks the door into the lamb.Our heavy-duty,ball-bearing, Du raRo| lerTM,with its l-I/4"diameter dual wheel,keeps g f I yourdoor reliably on track. ?, The roller is fully adjustable ' i to accommodate seasonalfoundation shifts in older homei l 2 Tu fa.
  4. 4. IMPROVEMENT CENTERNot sure what you need?No worries.Our professional dealers are here to help. Call Now (402)467-1212 Lincoln (308)284-7011 OgallalaDOORS
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