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  1. 1. N E B R A S K A S E IMPROVEMENT CENTERv_!, ... . x m
  2. 2. NEBRASKA'S _.[r .*1, IMPROVEMENT CENTER.0. g.VWindowsBringing quality to light.Soft-Lite manufactures the highest-performing replacement windows and sliding patio doors in the industry. It means: in you will never have to purchase new windows again. -n signicantly reduce heating and cooling costs. a warranty for life,even if you sell your home. PATIO DOORS Two stunning sliding patio doorlines provide beauty, Because of the amount of glass in them,patio doors are typically efciency and dependable operation. one of the least energy-efcient elements of your home. The thermal performance of Soft-Lite sliding doors,however,is exceptional.These remarkable doors help keep your home more comfortable and your energy bills low.
  3. 3. NEBRASKA'SJ,1 IMPROVEMENT CENTER Our 2-Point Mortise Locking,, stainless steel system securely ,locks the door into the lamb.Our heavy-duty,ball-bearing, Du raRo| lerTM,with its l-I/4"diameter dual wheel,keeps g f l yourdoor reliably on track. ?, The roller is fully adjustable ' to accommodate seasonalfoundation shifts in older home1 l . nu fa.
  4. 4. IMPROVEMENT CENTERNot sure what you need?No worries.Our professional dealers are here to help. Call Now (402)467-1212 Lincoln (308)284-7011 OgallalaDOORS
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