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  • 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?My magazine has been based and laid out in similar way of big selling magazines such as Hip pop connection,RWD, VIBE and The Rap Up. I have ensured to mimic these magazines as much as a I possibly can whilst stillbeing individual and creative. I ensured that the layout of my magazine resembled the magazines that I hadlooked at to ensure that my target audience are aware that it is a music genre magazine .In the finalising of my magazine I have tried to ensure that I followed the layout and design of music magazinesas closely as possible,. On the front cover I used a typeface for the mast head similar to that of an Americanmagazine The Rap Up, I did this because I felt their uniqueness and individuality being imitated would appealto my target audience the best. The eyebrow is also a similar style as this makes it look professional that Iused form Hip pop connection.The image I have used on my front cover portrays the images I have seen used in other music magazines suchas RWD, and Hip pop Connection.. The shot I took was a medium shot, with eye contact with the audience,to entice them further. The fact that I have placed the model with a microphone in her hand reinforces thegenre , I got this idea from an RWD magazine. I also edited the photo to make certain aspects brighter, I addedlight to the left side of her .This was an attempt to make the front cover image looks as focused as possible ,therefore enhancing that professional look of a magazine.When looking at other music magazines. The use of consistent fonts where important, as it grasps and keepsthe audiences attention, it also makes the magazine look collective. I applied this t my own magazine by onlyhaving four main colours. I chose to use red and blue for the title as I felt this stood out against the backgroundof the magazine.Whilst carrying out my research it became apparent to me that some of the magazines were using promotionaloffers such as freebies. These promotional offers furthered the audiences enticement in buying the product.By using this same idea with my media product I thought that it would be an ideal convention to use as itwould maximize sales.I ensured that the name of my magazine could easily relate to that of its chosen genre. The chosen name BeatDrop, was used as the drop adds emphases on the beat therefore expressing immediately it is a hip pop andR&B genre magazine.

2. The idea od including artists name at the top was used as it makes the magazine look more professionalThe U has an arrowpointing up , Isimilarly used thisidea to create aunique masthead. A list of the artists included within the magazine have been I imitated the ideaHeadlines were placed here , I did this of the artist holdingplaced at the side , as wella microphone ,I similarly did thiswhich expresseswhich genre theA quote that Themagazine is as wellGame said was as attractsplaced underneath attentionhis name. I toocopied a quote thatSloozie said. This is what gaveThe main cover me the idea ofartists name is bold including a free mixwhich attracts tape cd and fixatingattention similar Iit here.did this 3. An advertisement was placed next to the contents page I similarly did thisI placed the date next tothe contents line as wellI used four different boxeswhich give an insight as toowhat the reader will read intoas well . 4. The contents page is the page that directs the reader around each part of the magazine. The creation of the contents pagefor me was an easy task , as I based my design on a simple layout form RWD. This layout configured of four pictures givingthe readers insight of what to expect to read into with text at the bottom , it is clear layout for my target audience tounderstand and not to overwhelming. There is a picture to the right of the contents page advertising VioJens , this wasdone to keep the readers interested.The four images I used for the main contents page were electronics, a female , a male , and one of both a male and female..All of RWD contents pages have been laid out like this. I edited some of the pictures clearing the backgrounds. The imageof the male is to show that the magazine appeals to males , and the image of the girl is to show that the magazine appealsto females just as well as males , the image of 2 people represents music artist that are in a group , and the image of aphone and headsets show that as well as music other interest of the target audience are cover to an extent. The image onthe right of male advertising Vio jeans , is a technique used to keep the reader interested.I used the same font that was used on the front cover sloozie to write the content page up as well , so that the magazinelooks collective and professional. I ensured through out the contents page pink and blue was used. Both these pagesalong with the front cover page have a black background. I have done this so that it is easily noticeable that the pagesare form the same magazine,. 5. 2.How does your media product represent particular social groups?My media product represent a youthful age group of teenager to late 20s.Through my magazine I haverepresent this group to be very independent and dominant. i ensured that both males and females can identifythemselves within the magazine. I have ensured that I have kept to the genres of my magazine and have notgone off topic to keep the target audiences interest going. The models used have been positioned in such a waythat my target audience can identify themselves carrying out those poses. The language used is some whatinformal making my target audience feel more comfortable with the magazine. I have represented a magazinethat portrays a calm youth culture of hip pop and R&B. 6. 3.T3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?The Distribution of my magazine is one of the most important aspects of the media institution.In order to give my magazine a chance of selling I would have to get help from other big mediainstitutions. I have decided to use Bauer . As there is space in there institution for a Hip pop andR&B genre magazine. As Bauer do not have already have a genre of this magazine , I do feel thatat first may not sell however in the long term with effective publishing and advertising it will .It isnoticeable that all the magazines that are published by Bauer all the same colours that relate toone another , however my magazine does not have this as I was trying to make it stand out fromthe rest of the magazines as it is a new product which has not got any loyalties form customersjust yet. This is a massive publishing. The conclusion so deciding to sue Bauer instead of IPCwas because I believe that it is generally a better and more thoughtful idea to team up withleading magazines such as Kerrang! and Q rather than compete with them. This also meansthe funds advertise my magazine would be more cost effective , rather than to the idea of beingan independent magazine. The result of not being independent would mean a maximised profit.As I have created a music magazine it can be distributed in wide range of places. Such as newsagents and music shops. By selling my magazine in these locations it will reach the a lot of itstarget audience , as newsagents are located often amount schools , colleges and universities. Iwill also enable subscriptions of my magazine to be made online which will also increase theinterest within the magazine. 7. The audience for my magazine are 18-34 year olds who have an interest in urban music, entertainment, culture andlifestyle. In terms of the SOCS my target audience are between the B-D band. Overall I think it would be targeted moretoward the C-D band however for the older end of my target audience, from the ages of 25 and upwards they maypossibly be well fitted into the B band of the social grade .As the price of the magazine is 3.99p this fits in well withband B, C and D. People in the C-D band would be young adults, who have just left education or are still in educationwhich means that this magazine should be an easy option for them to buy. However people that are not within mytarget audience may be able to afford the price of my magazine, therefore expanding the range of customers who buymy product. The gender of my targeted audience will be both male and females as I intend to reach the maximum amount ofprofits by appealing to both genders. .Although the front cover image is of a female artist, who has been representedas a strong individual and not as a stereotypical object which relates to sex as how most for the females within theindustry are portrayed. which means other females would feel more obliged to buy the magazine. However in order tomake sure it relates to males as swell I have included information about other male artists e.g. K.Koke, Johnny Gunzetc. Also the colours used are a mixture of red ,blue, pink, light blue and yellow ,which ideally is not for a specificgender. The language used could arguably be said to reach out more to males however I feel that the mainbackground image of a female will make up for the lost customers amongst the female spectrum ,who feel put off dueto the language used. I have tried to make it appeal to both male and females , however I fell that it relates more tomales., which was not the intention. 8. 5. How did you attract/address your audience?When it came to me having to target my audience this was not hard, because it is very simple to indentify and understanthe basic appeals of Hip pop, R&B and Grime cultures and to present them in my magazine. The first main opportunity yare given to sell your product is the front cover as this is the first thing that the target audience will see and will determinewhether they possibly buy the magazine or not .I had to ensure that my colour scheme complimented my main cover imaand at the same time not b

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