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Prezentatsia english-poems

Date post: 11-Apr-2017
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Englis h Poems


English Poems


Good morning !Good morning !Good morning !Good morning to you !Good morning !Good morning !We are glad to see you!

FamilyFather, motherSister, brotherHand in hand with one another


FlowersFlowers here,Flowers there,Flowers growingEverywhere.

Spring I am happy and merryI sing again Because today It is spring again.

Potato One potato Two potatoes Three potatoes Four Five potatoes Six potatoes Seven potatoes More One bad


I see a big yellow lion,A big yellow lion!What a big yellow lion!What a lion! What a lion!


Rain ,rain Go away, Little Tommy Wants to play.

An apple.It is very red and sweet,And it is so good to eat .

My dear Mummy

My dear, dear Mummy,I love you very muchI want you to be happyOn the 8th of March!

My dear Mummy

My., dear Mummy,I .you .muchI ..you to .happyOn the ..of March!


Red, red, red the roseBlue, blue, blue the dressGrey, grey, grey the catAnd so is the rat.


The clock. Tick the clock says Tick, Tick, TickWhat you have to do Do quick.

The clock. Tick .says Tick, .,TickWhat .have .do quick.

[W] Willy

Why do you cry, Willy ?Why do you cry?Why, Willy? Why, Willy? Why, Willy? Why?

[W] Willy

Why do you cry,?..do you cry?Why,..?, Willy? Why,? Why?

Thank you!!!