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chemical prices
  • PriceList

    20132014Ver 4.01 dt 21.09.2013

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    New Introduction



    PRICELIST 21.09.2013 VER 4.01

  • QR code * Introduced for the first time in India bys d ~NE-CLEM h i ~ ~ d


    111 111111ll1111111111111 I Ill 1 W~th the advent of new technologies adopted by us, it is now possible for you to

    252s;";;' , A .#... L -\ 1 U2A/0212/2412/53 -- -- -- -

    3u % 3, -- -

    DIRECTLY get our batch CQAs. right into i l l t U l C l l l r I IIII,,II",Y(, ,,,,,-,., ,,,,:,; Acetonitrile fur HPLC a your MOBILE or a TAB. This is through the ..I U- .,,.., .. w.na, :,,,,, lYr.snlu,l,~ ":& SP~CC~OSCOPY QR code image printed on right side top of ~h* a a ( U - ~ I ~ I C Y I W I I ~ , ~ s l r ~ l ~ r o u g ~ '..,..I..* ,-st 'UW I,', *cr*>.,' ., < $ < . , , - a . c


    I>. >.. (1,. *ILl&ii 3LE.- 1 -.;.,,,**-.,.,., i*li," , ,u>

    S.?. ,,r,, .A:,>,...., ". , . , , , i l l

    , ~ , . ~ ~ , , , : . ~ m , , , ~ r * , . . ~ ~ ~ , , , , A ,:...>,A

  • Foreward Dear Customers,

    We are pleased to Introduce our Prlce lhst for the vear 2013-2014 u. I~ lch~sa lneo atllelpng yo~tocnoose tnc r gt~tcnean ca.s I nos ycar ;.Is0 :.c I avu addedaw oerangeofspec~al ly cnetn~calstooctr p r o ~ ~ c t range Our product range includes :

    GC-HS solvents : For 'Gas Chromatography - Head Space" analysis, a whole range of GC-HS salvenls are introduced which are specially developed for OVll Residual solvents alialysis as per Pharmacopoeia or ICH guidelines. These solvents are suitable for GC-HS applications using a Head Space GC with auto injector and are characterized by very high purity, very low NVM, exlremely controlled residual solvents meeting USPl ICH requirements and also high UVtransmittance.

    LC-MSIULC-MS solvents I buffers : This year we are also introducing a range of LC-MS I ULC-MS solvenls sullable for HPLC and Ullra High Performance LC system coupled w~ lh Mass Spectromeler detector. This ranae of solvents 8 buffer is characterized bv h ~ a h ouritv. verv low UV

    , u , ,

    aos . ~ c l l conlrolieo base llne dnlt, mln LC graclenl el~t,on pea, ne gnl, man metallw mpur~t~asand very low NVM levals Thus lnls range s a Doon for R 8 D AOL and even routine LC-MS analysis

    "CERTIS0L"AAS 8 ICP standard solutlons : We hade inlrortuced new 'CERTISCL' range of elemnntal solul on Standads for AAS (Atomic Aosorplion Speclropnolorneter) and ICP 8 ICP-MS (Induclovcly CoJpled Plasma) analysis These are Cen~taed Reference Materials lramaole to MIST (Natonal lnst l l~te of Standards 8 Tecnnologyl cenlcate for qsvJmenl calorat~on and analysis of rnelall~c traces In organic, norganc. pelrole~m. pesticides and environmental applications. All standards are analyzed not only for calibrating element but also for trace impurities up to 70 elemenls in the hnal solution.

    VLSI Range o f Electronic (el) Grade Produck VLSl class of products are characterised b their extremely low levels of nielallicl elemental impurities lhus supplementing I!L grade. VLSl stands for Very Large scale integration. ~ h k e producls are malnl ac~ds or sometimes bases. These are specially craned for use in electronics Jhus il. grade) and semi conduclor industries for PCBs. components cleaning. In VLSl range of products emphasis is on conlroiling rnetal/icl elemental impurltles to extremely low level; in sub-p tn range. T ically profile of each VLSl class roduct contains 30-40 mela&cl eleF?enlaYinpurities in ppb range. The analysisorwhich is wrriedout byAAS pr ICP. Besldes. thls, these products are also controlled for smallest partlculale contamination.

    Deuterated solventsfor NMR analysls : We are offerina a wide ranae o l deuterated NMR solvenls for academic.

    ~ ~

    pharmaceutical, industrialand government researchers. Tliese deuterated solvenls are characierized by highest chemical 8 isotopic purity, higher levels of deuierium enrichment. lowres~dualwater levelsandlow NVM. ~ -

    ' Pestlclde ~ e s l d u e ~ ~ a l y s i s ~ o l v e n t s : These solvents are dkveloped especially for the applications in residual pesticides analvsls and analvsls of other iow-volaliie. environ~~entailv relevant subilances bv usln; GCIECD or GClPhrD or GCIMSD ~.nstrumentaton.'~nese solveis are als; su laole for analyslsofpolvchlonnated blpnenyles(PCBs)class ofsubslances.

    iaborato j Rasayan Grade (LR 8 ~ x l r a ~ u r e ) These consist of wide ranae of oraanic and inoraanic reaaents in oreoaralive chemistry and other diverse"8elds. 1;s range covers-all the chkmicals kqu l r rd on day-to-day basis of all types of chemlcal laboratories, We offered Guaranteed quality at affordable price;.

    Llfe Sclence Products We are introducing wide range of ntlcleic acid purillcation and Protein

    producls for your Lab. These producls are meant for research institutes, Universities. Pharma Companies who are inlo molecular biology research and development of cell lines.

    Analyilcal Rasayan Grade (AR) Tliese chemicals are useful in sophisticated analytical instrumenls and

    research work, where high purity is essential. Our stringent quality controls guarantees, minimum assay and maximum limit of trace impurities.

    ElectronicGrade (EL) These chemicals specially meant for electronic industry looking for high

    levels of purity and trace impurities. Especially metalllc and ionic impurities are reduced upto ppb levels as monitored wilh the help of Plasma Emission Spectrometer.

    HPLC 8 Gradient HPLC Grade Solvents An extensive range of highly characteristic HPLC solvenls are produced

    and tested as per the latest lechniaues to assure interference-free HPLC seoaration and oeleclion. Key parameters sucn as UVabsorbance, transmitlance, nonvolal~le matter, moishre conlent, fluorescence imp~ritios and assay are very caref.llly conlrolled. Waler for HPLC ~salsootlered forexn~o.l~naardd ent elul on lechnla.~e.

    - "

    Our soecilicatlons for these solvents contain ourilv data alonq with max im~m aoso;bance a1 allfarent wavelengths incluolng ' UV..C~I-OA. pac ing IS done In laminar flow by pLrglng n~lrogen and us.ng very 1 tte blter. An lnen letlon p l ~ g is used to seal each bonle thus ensurinq absolulelv particle free solvent. In our p ~ r s ~ a n c e for exceltcnce, we arc prov~d.ng a c t ~ a l Uvabsorptlon grapli of Ine oatcn on tne laoelofeacn bottle as guaranlee.

    ACS-IS0 Grade Very high purity solvenls meant for Analyiical 8 asper applied areas 8

    accnrdina to American Chemical Soclelv Standards and international Standard ~eagen~forchemicalanal~sis.

    Molecular Blology 8 Electrophoresis Grade W d r range of Molecular Biology 8 Electropnoresis reagen.s - wn,cn are

    free from DNs. RNs 8 Protease and fino appltcat~on n tne p-r l w l o n . jsolal on 8 analysisof nucieicacids 8 relatedcornpoutids

    High Purily99.L1% Ethanol O l n ~ ~ i e Grade hls lhave lntrnduced "Ethanol absolute 99.9% 0UNIS"-A very high purily

    sulvanl B a versatile reagent which conforlris lo I.R. AR, Dry AR, ACS, ISO, MOS. RF, USP. Ph. Eurspecihcations. It hndsapplicalior~as Ar~alylicalreagent, in Pharmaceutical preparaiions, Biochzmical applicalions, Organic intermediates, Solvent & In Molzcular Biology preparations 8 DNAsynlhesis.

    Dry Solvents Thesesob~entsfind their use In Moisture Sensitive Reactions.

    DNASynthesisIProtelnSequenceAnalysls Grade of chemicals speuhcsliy utilized In biochemistry & in the sequence

    analysis testing. Spectroscopy Grade

    Tnese are solvenls of hlgh optlcal pur~ly tor L V N s o.e/lR/ Fl~orcscence hMR and Mass spectroscopy l l le cert 1 cale of guarantee !ncl,des assay, m n mum 1. of transniission at certain defined wavelengths in UVrange, tnuislure content, non-volatile rnaller. Packino technlauesare same as HPLCsolvenls.

    - .

    Pharmacopoeial Grade Cheniicals These Chemicals are lor the Pharniaceutical industries and conform lcompiy

    to tlie standards of latest Indian (IP). Uniled States (USP-NF), European (PI,. Eur.), Brilish Pharmacopoeia (BP).

    Diagnostic Reagents Tliese cherr~icals are produced for tlie use of various liospilals, clinical and

    pathological laboratories for dtagnosilc purpose. These are specifically lesled for their applicahil~ty.

    Indicatorpowders, solutionsand papers. Various lvoes of indicators such as adsorotion indicalor. metal ion indicators.

    p n nd calnri, rza; ~no.calors of n~g l i p r ; ty are t . rdv~dc~~ as powder asce l lax r+aa, to usc I qb.d foims far analytical pLrpose. Papcr ~nd~w lo rs are prod-ceo Jslng'Vvnalman- 1 lter papers pH paperscover ooln, nalrow andvr.~ie rangcofpnfrom 1-14

    Hydrogenation catalysts AnJrnUer of n gn perforlnan~e, pure riyorrrgerlat ons caralysts are rrfferecl for

    exalnp e, plat!nl.ma 10 pallad IlrnonvarloLs s..,lpons Also weareoff.?r.nga n#,tnner of phase transfercatalysts

    Buffers Buffers are provided m tablet form, powder form, capsule form as well as in

    solulionfor~n towork invarying pH ranges in chemicaland biochemtcal fields. ~- .

    Biochemicals Tliese are high purity chemicals specially matiufactured and tested for

    biochemical research. As required, heavy melal content is carefully monitored and reduced to minimum possible Ievcls. Our biochemists also carry out various tests to ensure.suitability for desired applications. Our rang

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