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Priscilla Juvelis Rare BooksCatalogue 76 Contemporary Book Arts

Pop-Up Carousel Book

1. Bishop, Bonnie. The Moon-Hare and the Lynx.Cornville, ME: 2018. $3,750Unique artists book, pop-up in carousel format, with circle poem,executed in hand-painted and collaged papers on black Stonehenge

papers for background structure and box, various mould-madepapers for collages and watercolor papers for pop-ups, lettered inwhite and purple inks, signed and dated in silver by the artist,Bonnie Bishop, on the bottom of first page. Page size: 8 (W) x 10(L) inches; 16-inch diameter circle when open; 16pp. Bound bythe artist, Bonnie Bishop, folios through which a dowel slidesforming the spine of the book, top of dowel is black knob,housed in black stiff paper lidded box, The text runs along thebottom of each page. The lynx chases the hare over white / bluetundra under the purple northern lights. The collaged Moon-Hareand Lynx figures leap off each page, wrapping around to thefollowing. A sense of motion is perfectly conveyed. When thewhite hare jumps and lands on the moon, the lynx is astonished, andthe reader is beguiled. On each page the constellation for the Lynxis on verso and the constellation for Hare (Lepus) in on the recto.To assemble the carousel, each page spread is unfurled and thedowel slides through the spine paper loops. The bottom of eachpage folds up so that the standing carousel has the text as theplatform on which the lynx and hare play out their story of survivalin the Arctic. This is a movable book with a structure that conveysthe meaning of the images and verse reflecting the circle of life(except for jumping into the moon, of course). It is, all at once,quite beautiful and simply wonderful. (11370)

2. Chiarlone, Rosemarie and Susan Weiner. Linger.Miami Beach, FL: 2016. $3,000Unique artists book made from found beaded black silk taffetabolero onto which the artist has embroidered the text of SusanWeiners poem, Linger in gold metallic embroidery floss. Size:17- x 19- x inches, 9 pagesof 9 inside pock-ets added by theartist of black silktaffeta on whichthe text has beene m b r o i d e r e d ,p l u s a s m a l lpocket for theh a n d - w r i t t e ncolophon on twopieces of blackFabriano paper lettered in metallic gold ink, housed in custom-made black book cloth lidded box with ties to hold bolero book inplace.

The artists statement tells the reader / viewer that LINGERaddresses the concept that clothing functions as a means offeminine self-expression. While indirect and thus disconnectedfrom the inner self, it acts like a second skin. It covers andprotects yet projects the inner life and true self. Ms. Chiarlonehas collaborated with poet Susan Weiner on several artists books,almost all of them with a feminist message. The found vintagebolero vest is heavily beaded in blue, silver, and gold, depictinghalf views of the larger moon and smaller sun interspersed withstars, rays in gold and silver shooting out from the respectivediscs. Bordering these images on a blue ground in gold beads aresymbols of the zodiac.

The text in goldgilt thread reads: Slipaway / and linger /where the night / isdarker & / slide into /glittering heels / andsparkling gown / adornwith stars / moon rays/ brilliant jewels /Glowing / promises /Entice / embolden / where the / shadows / are.

This is a striking object, with a text that captures theemboldened attitude implicit in the beaded vest - as if the wearerhas assumed another identity. And, as the artist, RosemarieChiarlone notes, clothing, for women (and more than a few men),enables them to be who they want to be. (11358)

Priscilla Juvelis, Inc. (207) 967-0909 [email protected]

3. Culmone, Nancy. Ojitos Flora. Serafina, NM: 2015.$7,500

Artists book, unique from a series of five planned books, thisbook on handmade Katie MacGregor blue paper and vintage

Bodleian, signed by the artist / author on the last page in pencil,Nancy Culmone, and dated 2015. Page size: 10-3/8 x 8-5/8 inches;66pp. including titlepage and colophon. Bound by the artist: hand-painted archival card stock front and back covers and inside turn-in, impressionist views of that area of New Mexico where theartist resides with its blue / purple mountains with reddish high-lights, hand-sewn with linen on vellum tabs, title hand-lettered inwhite gouache on front panel; housed in custom-made blue clothover boards clamshell box with title in white on inset blue paintedpastepaper. Ms. Culmone has lettered her text using copperplatepointed pens and Winsor and Newton gouache with added glair.

The drawings are in sumi ink and white and yellow gold leafcolored pencils, gouache and glair. The artist used technicaldrawing tools - ruling pen, dividers, compass - with gouache andwalnut ink.

The artist notes in her Artist Statement that she has drawnonly the wildflowers on the property of her home in New Mexicoas the subject of this extraordinary book. The semi-arid land, at6,000 feet, is surrounded by tall mesas and the foothills of theRockies. The wildflowers growing here bloom every 1 to 7 yearsdepending on rainfall and timing. Now, with warming tempera-tures and less rain, she notes she sees fewer flowers each year.She ends with the desperate and haunting statement, Sadly, thisseries of books may become a record of what was.

The page spreads flow seamlessly into one another. The artistintersperses circular diagrams in white or pencil, which act as aunifying thread throughout the book and reflect the basic

geometry of flowers and their petals. The reader / viewer followsthe beautiful organic lettering in blue (on the maze Bodleian) orwhite (on the MacGregor Blue) with the subtle geometric circlesin white positioned with delicacy throughout the pages, entrancedby the three-dimensionality of the actual floral renderings. Ofvery great beauty is the double-page spread of the artists propertysurrounded by those of her Colonial-Spanish-descendant neigh-bors, heirs to the Tecolote Land Grant. Local grasses are named.The wildflowers themselves are botanically-accurate images ofgreat subtly and beauty. The flowers are named with their Latin andcommon names, some with notation of the number of petals,others with theiruses, or how theypropagate. The con-nection betweenflowers and the restof the natural worldis encapsulated inthe page that starts,Venus, the planetbetween Mercuryand Earth, draws ahuge pentagramaround the Earth every eight years. The inner-most part of thisorbital path, where Venus changes direction, looks like a simpleradially symmetrical flower.

The tradition of florals is almost as old as humankind. Someare quite grand in size and scope; others are more manageable forsingle viewer. This beautiful book is certainly in that tradition andperhaps takes it further, as the author / artist is quite conscious ofthe fact that she may be documenting a soon-to-be lost world. Adeceptively simple book of extraordinary elegance and beauty, itis to be savored. (11360)

4. Jackman, Sandra. Alas! [New York, NY]: 2018.$2,800

Unique artists book / book object, on white card stock, signed anddated by the artist, Sandra Jackman, on the inside rear pastedown.Page size: 4(W) x 6(H) inches; 18pp. Bound by the artist: accor-dion-style book (leporello) with front and back covers black cloth

over boards, front panel collagedwith white paper which has beenheavily painted and furthercollaged with cut-out imageswhich have also been lettered andpainted, title on top left of cover,lettering in white ink on black onlower half of front, In a fewmoments there might be nothingleft to suggest what happenedhere. Back panel collaged withframe structure around imageof mass destruction superim-posed with open book, red textabove frame: Who will spin

words into wheels? and below, Who will fix all thats broken?

Priscilla Juvelis, Inc. (207) 967-0909 [email protected]

Housed in black wood presentation box, with touches of red alongedges, book viewed through plexiglass window that is removableto release book. Sculpture on back of box uses watch parts, metalfindings, thread and paint to suggest space vehicle with a tinyplastic soldier aboard standing in the shadow of a larger figurewho might be a hero or villain; smaller craft hovering nearby madeof collaged found objects. The book and its presentation case area cautionary tale of impending disaster. The book reads, in part,The clouds are gathering and Small people appear anddisappear...Warning...Keep Out...make no mistake small peopleare a danger to our purpose...Chaos...This is how it began eachtime...Under a blanket of noise... Densely painted pages withlettering in red or black or white on various grounds create a bookfull of dire warnings. While no context is specified, it is not hardto see the anti-immigrant stance of the USA and other westernnations skewered here. The ingenious painted and collaged woodbox houses it all very neatly. If only countries could contain thespinning chaos in a confined space as the box does. (11356)

5. Krause, Dorothy. Concordat. Fort Lauderdale,FL: 2018. $2,200

Artists book, unique, on paperthat has been hand painted,monoprinted as well as collaged,with additional mica overlays.Page size: 5- (H) x 3- (W)inches; 26pp. with printed artistsstatement laid in. Bound by theartist: hand-sewn drum leaf bind-

ing in black leather, the leather from a vintage jacket, housed incustom-made black lidded box made by the author / artist with titlelettered in red on black paper label. Images of wood and stone by16th century Wurzburg sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider arecontrasted with photographs from the exhibition, Fascinationand Terror at the Nuremberg Documentation Center. The titleuses the Gothic font Maximilian Zierbuchstaben by DieterSteffmann. A close-up view of the face of Durers Ch

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