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  • Sanitary PumpsProduct Lines 500 Series Sanitary Quick Disassembly Sanitary HP Pressure Sensor AugMentorSanitary 500

  • Moyno Sanitary Pump HistorySanitary Solutions for Over 50 Years!

    F style pump, based on L-Frame, developed in the early 50s. Now obsolete.FF style with 3A acceptance, also based on L-frame; developed in the mid-1960s.New Sanitary design, based on 1000 Series, developed in 1995.AugMentor developed in 1997.Sanitary 500, based on 500 wobble stator; developed in 1998.Sanitary High Pressure based on the 2000 Series developed in 1999.

  • Moyno Sanitary Pumps Provide High Product Integrity:The ability to pump solids up to 1.1.Excellent particle identity; minimal damage.The ability to handle a wide range of fluids from thin liquids to high viscous products (10 million + CPS).Precise metered flow.Pulsation free.Extremely low shear (yogurts, etc.).Exceptional CIP cleaning capabilities.High suction lift capabilities.

  • Moyno Sanitary Pumps Have: Reduced stress on mechanical seals; one seal on suction side only.Abrasive pumping capabilities.Higher efficiencies than other PD pumps.Quick disassembly design.Long, low-cost service life.Easy to maintain, no timing gears to adjust, no valves to clog.Special options to customize the pump to customers application.Local factory trained stocking distributors.

  • Configurations and CapacitiesOver 190 standard models. Capacities from .02 - 325 gpm.Pressures to 600 psi.Clean-in-place options.Single mechanical seal standard.Open throat design with built-in auger. Close-coupled configuration with integral gear box.Double seal and packing options available.

  • Materials of ConstructionUltra-Flex Food Grade StatorsNitrile synthetic rubberNatural rubberEPDM synthetic rubberFluoroelastomersWhite Nitrile, EPDM, VitonFDA abrasion-resistant urethaneUltra Shield RotorWear-resistant, hard chrome-plated 316 stainless steelHardened 17-4 PH for high torqueNon-plated 316 SS or 17-4 for salts/acids

  • Typical Products HandledMeat & PoultryMeat Packing PlantsSausage & Prepared MeatsFruits & Vegetables Fruit & Vegetable JuicesPickles, Sauces & Salad DressingsBakery ProductsBread, Cake, Donuts & Related ProductsCookies & CrackersYeast & Gluten

    Dairy ProductsCheeseIce Cream, Yogurt & Frozen DessertsPharmaceutical/CosmeticsShampooSkin CreamHand LotionPenicillin SlurriesChemicalWastewater TreatmentCleaning SolutionsChemical Feed & Metering

  • Moyno 500 Sanitary PumpsLow flows.Low-to-medium pressures.3A sanitary design.Compact, cost-effective size.#4 finish 300 Series stainless steel.Exclusive quick clamp assembly.Economical hygienic model available.A positive displacement pump at centrifugal pump size and price.

  • Moyno Sanitary QD PumpsElements Sizes#3 (0.8 GPM/100) to #66 (66 GPM/100)ConstructionSTD = 316 SS, #4 FinishOptional 17-4 Drive train

    3A Sanitary DesignQuick disassembly. No tools required. Handles on tie rod nuts. Modular drive ends in FF, FG, and FH.Open throats with FFJ, FGJ and FHJ.

  • Moyno Sanitary 1000Progressing Cavity Pumps

  • Sanitary Design FeaturesHousings - ProductStd = 304 SS, #4 FinishOptional = 316 SSInternals17-4 Conrod17-4 Intermediate Shaft316 SS Rotor, 17-4 Option316 SS Drive ShaftBearing HousingPowder Coated for Chemical Resistance

    Close-coupled configurations in standard flange and open throat designs.Mechanical seals are standard.Eccentric reducer for self-draining discharge.Built-in extension tube on open throat models.

  • Standard Product with CIPClean-in-place bypass portCIP Bypass PortAllows for higher velocity circulation (5 + FT/SEC) throughout the CIP circuit.Element wont impede higher flow based on gearbox ratio.Keeps high velocity CIP solution in pin joint and seal area for better cleaning.

  • Sanitary Drive TrainSanitary universal joint flushes out extremely well during CIP cleaning.

  • Performance FeaturesStandard auger assembly for positive feed of viscous materials

  • Sanitary Metering Pump SizesStandardized PricingFB31, FB61, 3- and 6- stage #1 (0.045 GPM/100)FA32, FA62 ,3- and 6-stage #2 (0.24 GPM/100)

    Close-coupled (FB) or bare shaft design (FA)Sold approximately 40 units on vitamin addition for cereals

  • Standard Product OptionsListed in Price Book, Page: SANI.2.03

    Customized stainless steel hopper

  • Standard Product Options300 Series stainless steel base

    Listed in Price Book, Page: SANI.2.01

  • Standard Product OptionsSanitary Options Stator cradle for large elements F,G,H,J,K,or LListed in Price Book, Page: SANI.2.01

    Supports stator weight on larger units for easier assembly.Stator Cradle

  • Standard Product OptionsListed in Price Book, Page: SANI.1.01

    Sanitary Stator Removal Hand Tool

  • Standard Product OptionsListed in Price Book, Page: SANI.1.01

    Currently designing hydraulic stator removal device for major yogurt manufacturer.

    Currently designing hydraulic stator removal device for major yogurt manufacturer.Sanitary Options2 PC Shaft Alignment Tool

  • Standard Product OptionsListed in Accessory Section in the Price Book, Page: ACCESS.2.02

    Fluid Detection Control for run-dry protection.

  • Special Product OptionsHeat Exchange SurfaceCall Applications Engineers for pricing

  • Special Product DesignsSpecial suction housingsSpecial connectionsWine pump with 115 element from 2000 Series

  • Special Product Designs Aseptic PumpQuench sealSteam barrier on statorAseptic clamp connections

  • Special Product Designs- Covered Joints

  • AugMentor Feed SystemProvides effective pumping for high viscosity and no-flowable productsAugMentor Pump Stuffer

  • AugMentor Feed SystemHandles viscous products up to 10,000,000 CPS at very low shear

    Handles viscous products up to 10,000,000 CPS at very low shear

  • AugMentor Feed SystemApplicationsExtrusionPrecise MeteringTransferProduct Used OnSausageHamburgerFish MeatLobster MeatPeanut Butter BlocksCookie DoughRicotta CheeseProcessed CheeseDog Food SnacksCurrent CustomersJimmy DeanWilliamsWamplersSwaggertyJC PotterNestleNabiscoKraftHeinzeSmuckersMelsterWorld Pet

    Applications Extrusion TransferProduct Used On

  • AugMentor Feed SystemApplication SuggestionsUse Vector controls for exact weight control on Chubb machines and extrusion processes. Product testing usually required though trial units or Moyno Lab tests.Oversized rotor for temps. below 40FPump taken apart daily, quote stator cradle, stator removal tool, and 2 piece shaft alignment tool.

    Application Suggestions

  • AugMentor Feed SystemSpecial Design for NabiscoHeat jacket onHopperSuction housing

  • AugMentor Feed SystemSpecial Design For Nestle Scraper blade on augerSafety grate with prox switch

  • Special Product OptionsPharmaceutical Design for Clean RoomTeflon statorAll SS gearmotorSS Adapter

  • Moyno Sanitary High Pressure PumpThe Progressing CavitySanitary Solution!

  • Moyno Sanitary High Pressure Pump Design FeaturesQuick Disassembly / AssemblyPinned drive train for quick disconnect.Two piece drive shaft does not disturb bearings.Two piece suction housing for assembling rotor/stator less the drive train.Clamped stator connections for quick disconnect.

  • Moyno Sanitary High Pressure Pump Design FeaturesLow profile design to allow pump to pull directly from the supply tank.No feed pump or stuffing pump required.Single mechanical seal located on suction side, not exposed to abuse of the high pressure environment.Use of drive heads on the larger models to localize thrust wear in smaller, less expensive parts.

  • Moyno Sanitary High Pressure Pump Design FeaturesQuick Disassembly / Assembly (continued)Rigid stator support which supports and aligns stator during assembly.Gasket-less stator connections.

  • Moyno Sanitary High Pressure Pump Delivers:Pressures to 600 PSI as standard.Can utilize PowerFlow elements.Flow rates to 225 GPM.Flow rates to 163 GPM at 500 PSI.

  • Moyno Progressing Cavity Sanitary PumpsTrue sanitary design with CIP capabilitiesHigh pressure with extremely low shearHigh pressure with excellent particulate handlingHigh pressure with steady, pulse-less flowThe capability of high pressure at high flow with high viscosity

  • Sanitary High Pressure PumpsApplicationsExtrusionPrecise MeteringTransferProduct Used onYogurt BaseHand SoapGelatine through VotatorsFruit SlurryPeanut ButterSpinach DipCurrent CustomersYoplaitHeinzSmuckersCangelGoioApplications Extrusion TransferProduct Used on

  • Moyno Progressing Cavity Sanitary PumpsTodays Choice for Efficient, Cost-Effective Sanitary Service!

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Product Lines 500 Series Sanitary Quick Disassembly Sanitary HP Pressure Sensor AugMentor Sanitary 500 Sanitary Pumps
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