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Progeny LIMS

Date post: 10-Feb-2015
Author: progeny-software-llc
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Progeny LIMS sets a new standard for life science LIMS software. Manage absolutely any type of sample and associated data in a fully customizable multi-level inventory system. With a flexible database that is configurable directly through the user interface, you have the power to customize your system to match any lab requirement without the need for custom programming. A dedicated Progeny LIMS specialist will work with you hand-in-hand from defining your project until the moment you go live. From biobanks to individual clinical labs, Progeny LIMS is your affordable sample tracking solution.
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LIMS Sample and Lab Management V1.0 2
  • 1. LIMS Sample and Lab Management V1.02
  • 2. THE PROGENY GENETICS PLATFORM FHQ Family History Questionnaire CLINICAL Pedigree and Clinical Data LAB Genotype Data Management LIMS Complete Sample Management
  • 3. ABOUT US SINCE 1996 UNITED STATES ARUP Labs Baylor College of Medicine Bristol Meyers Squib Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Children's Hospital of Philadelphia City of Hope Cleveland Clinic Foundation Columbia University Dana Farber Cancer Institute Duke University Medical Center GENENTECH GlaxoSmithKline Harvard Medical School John Hopkins School of Medicine Mayo Clinic Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center MGH National Cancer Institute National Institutes of Health Stanford University 1900 UNIQUE SITES 78 COUNTRIES UCLA School of Medicine University of California, Irvine University of Iowa University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center University of Utah USC Vanderbilt University CANADA Alberta Childrens Hospital BC Cancer Agency McGill University Health Centre Memorial University Newfoundland Mount Sinai Hospital Ontario Cancer Treatment & Research Foundation RCMP Central Forensic Lab The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto General Hospital Toronto-Sunnybrook
  • 4. A FEW MORE OF OUR 1900 CLIENTS UNITED KINGDOM - EUROPE AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND Aarhus University Hospital, AAS Belfast City Hospital Cambridge University CCK, Karolinska Institute Erasmus University-Rotterdam Helsinki University Central Hospital Hopital Neckler Enfants Malades Iceland Genomics/UVS Institute of Cancer Research Karolinska Hospital Leiden University Medical Center Malm University Hospital St. James's Hospital The Royal Edinburgh Hospital University of Leuven University of Oslo University of Regensburg University of Tartu University of Vienna Uppsala University Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics Auckland Hospital International Diabetes Institute Peter McCallum Cancer Institute Queensland Institute of Medical Research Royal Melbourne Hospital St. George Hospital St. Vincent's Hospital University of Otago Westmead Hospital MIDDLE EAST FAR EAST Cancer Institute WIA Junshinkai Familial Cancer Institute King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre National Cancer Center Research Institute National Taiwan University Radiation Effects Research Foundation Samsung Cheil Hospital, Sungkunkwan University Taipei Medical University UAE University Weizmann Institute of Science
  • 5. CLIENT SERVER INSTALLATION WINDOWS MULTI-USER ACCESS Database is on the server. Progeny application is installed on each Windows PC that accesses the database on the server. PROGENY WINDOWS DATABASE SERVER PROGENY CLIENT PROGENY CLIENT PROGENY CLIENT
  • 6. WEB SERVER INSTALLATION PLATFORM INDEPENDENT ACCESS Progeny Web Application and Database can be installed on the same Server. PROGENY WEB APP & WINDOWS DATABASE SERVER Progeny provides 1 Windows App installed on a Windows PC to act as the Administrator license. This allows you to create fields, users, setup security and audit functions, design forms and import data. WEB BROWSER WEB BROWSER WINDOWS PC ADMINISTRATOR Web browsers supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8 or newer
  • 7. CUSTOMIZABLE DATABASE Create unlimited fields to track any sample data.
  • 8. SAMPLE DATASHEET Create your own data entry screens.
  • 9. IMPORT DATA Import all of your existing data from Excel or other databases.
  • 10. MANAGE ANY SAMPLE TYPE Blood Vaccines DNA Pathogens Diagnostic Kits RNA Tissues Chemicals Small Molecule Libraries Saliva Antibodies Urine Serum Environmental Specimens
  • 11. INTEGRATED BARCODE SCANNING Scan and print both 1D and 2D barcodes Or scan Pre-Printed barcodes
  • 12. SAMPLE STORAGE INVENTORY Create custom locations for all your samples, like freezers, tanks, shelves, boxes, etc.
  • 13. SAMPLE STORAGE CONTAINERS View and interact with samples in their container well positions
  • 14. MANAGE SAMPLES Customize folders to organize your samples regardless of where they exist physically.
  • 15. CONFIGURING THE SOFTWARE Through the use of Actions/Reactions, Progeny is able to replicate your Create Reactions (single instances to handle a sample) and incorporate current lab processes and implement best practices where it makes them into Actions ( events made up of several Reactions). sense. ALL DONE THROUGH THE UI, NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED!
  • 16. ACTIONS SCAN MODE The History pane allows users allow you to specify how an end user of The Actions and Reactions to see active and passive sub-functions an action, called reactions, and follow the data entry prompts below. handles a sample via the Scan Mode window. Current Action Current Reaction within the Action Data Entry
  • 17. WORKFLOWS Easily design and re-configure unlimited workflows to control how samples move through the lab.
  • 18. SPREADSHEET REPORTING Generate custom spreadsheets of your data to query and analyze your sample informationand export selected data to other programs as desired.
  • 19. AUDIT REPORTS Generate reports to show what samples have been accessed by anyone for anything.
  • 20. PROGENY INTEGRATION PLATFORM (PIP) Clinical Systems Clinical Research Robotic Integration PIP Clinical Data Repository EMR/EHR SHARE DATA ACROSS SYSTEMS Sold separately, the PIP allows you to route data between Progeny and another existing data source. This module can also stand on its own, and can actually route data between two existing data sources that have nothing to do with Progeny.
  • 21. PROGENY INTEGRATION PLATFORM (PIP) Example Robot Data to Progeny LIMS PROGENY DATABASE ROBOT DATA PROGENY INTEGRATION SERVICES Data from an existing robotic machine may exist in a file that is external to Progeny. You may want to have that data dynamically link to Progenys database to update the data as it changes in the external file. The PIP can automate this process.
  • 22. PROGENY SUPPORT PLAN (PSP) PSP IS AN ANNUAL SUPPORT PLAN THAT PROVIDES: Unlimited 800 Phone and email support FREE WebEx sessions to diagnose any problems for FREE Updates, New Releases, tech support for FREE Custom training available on-site or via WebEx On-line video tutorials available via our website
  • 23. WHY PROGENY? WERE COMMITTED TO Utilize 17 years of software expertise to service over 1900 unique sites in 78 countries. Listen to our customers and deliver the most effective and efficient customized solution we dont oversell! Deliver personalized training and tools to get you up and running without delay at no additional cost. Provide exceptional toll-free support answered live by knowledgeable technicians. Believe that if youre completely satisfied, well both be successful.
  • 24. CONTACT US QUESTIONS? Conrad Brammer Account Executive Progeny Software, LLC 800 Palm Trail, Suite 200 Delray Beach, FL 33483 1.800.PROGENY Ext 211 866.479.6801 Fax [email protected] www.progenygenetics.com