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Project: ACM Compiler 2014 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Class ACM 2011 Dong Xie.

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Project: ACM Compiler 2014 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Class ACM 2011 Dong Xie

Project: ACM Compiler 2014

Project: ACM Compiler 2014Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityClass ACM 2011Dong XieIntroductionIntroductionTask: Write a compiler of simplified C in full-featured Java to MIPS.

Main Reference Book: Compilers Principles Techniques and ToolsYou may also need more materials:Modern Compiler Implementation in Java/C/MLMIPS-SPIM documentAll kinds of papers

IntroductionYou are allowed to use a language other than Java

Whoever bootstrapping C will get a full scoreNO bonus needed for other languageBUT you may not have a good support from your TAs.

Apply it explicitly to TAs if you want to do this.

TA Listcloudygooseg [at] gmail.comxiedong1993 [at] gmail.comwuzhongminghang [at] gmail.com121665841 [at] qq.com

Google Groups: tiger-acm-sjtu [at] googlegroups.comIMPORTANT Be sure you have join this group.Schedule & PrinciplesLecture: every Friday 7 PM at SEIEE Building 3-404Project Checkpoint Due: on some Friday 6 PMThere will be TWO code reviews during the project


All test cases will be publicly available.Versioning & SubmissionVersion your compiler codes using BitBucket.You are NOT allowed to publish your code on the Internet

Create a private repo named compiler2014Add username acmcompiler to your repository with read permission

Submit your code for each phase by creating a tag.GradingData Correctness (60 points)Performance (20 points)Code review (5 points)Attendance (5 points)BonusReportMail list SummaryHelperBook ReaderPerformance WinnersPossible Bonus ListUse C language to implement the compiler. Implement typedefImplement higher order functions. (lambda expression, etc.)Static analyzer (abstract interpreter)Garbage collection (If you pass our testcases, you can get this bonus.)Optimization (loop-unrolling, constants propagation, inline functions, dead code elimination, etc.)Concurrency and schedulingReconstruct the AST...Q & ACompiler OverviewCompilers vs. InterpretersCompilers:


Compiler PhasesSyntactic Analysis (Lexing, Parsing)Semantic Analysis (Types, Scopes, )Intermediate Representation (IR)Optimization (CPU, Registers, Memory, )Code Generation

Difference between compilers and interpreters?Exampleint a = 1;print(a);int b = helloprint(b)

When will a compiler and a interpreter raise the error.Compiler Phases

Examplea = b + 42

ID(a) OP(=) ID(b) OP(+) NUM(42)

Examplet3 := t1 + 42t2 := t3

lw $t1, -8($fp)addi $t2, $t1, 42sw $t2, -4($fp)

An AppetizerA toy compiler as a tutorial written by Xiao JiaNotice: you may not find IR phase in it.You will find it VERY IMPORTANT if you have no idea to start.

Description: http://acm.sjtu.edu.cn/wiki/Compiler_2014:_An_appetizerSource Code: https://github.com/stfairy/appetizer

Q & APhase 1: Syntactic AnalysisExample: Input#include

int main(int argc) {printf(Hello World!\n);return 0}Task 1: Tokenlizeint

(int ){



;}Task 2: Parsering(func int main[(arg int argc)])(stmtlist(expr (call printf[Hello World!\n]))(stmtlist(return (number 0))))

Note: you need to print out a AST NOT a Parser Tree.Syntactic SpecificationTokens:http://acm.sjtu.edu.cn/wiki/Compiler_2014:_Tokens

Grammar:http://acm.sjtu.edu.cn/wiki/Compiler_2014:_GrammarTools & GradingFollowing tools are allowed:lex / yacc / Quex / flex / bisonre2c / lemonJflex / CUPANTLR (v3 or v4)Ragel

This phase will be manually judged in code review.Feel free to design your own output formats!Q & AThanks for listeningContact: [email protected]