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Date post: 07-Mar-2018
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1 Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park
  • PB 1Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park

  • 2 3Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park

    PROJECT BRIEFPROJECT DURATION: One - Three yearsPROJECT INTERVENTION AREAS: Simien Mountains National and Awash Parks

    TARGET GROUPS: Partners, stakeholders, and the local communitiesFOCUSThe STRATEGIC CLIMATE INSTITUTIONS PROGRAMME (SCIP) project mainly focuses on Building Institutional Capacity and Participatory Leadership in Awash and Simien Mountains National Parks for Resilience, Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change (BICAS-RMACC)

    OBJECTIVESObjective-1: To develop partnership and collaborations among stakeholders and beneficiaries.

    Objective-2: To build park management and leadership capacity of MoCT/EWCA, Awash and Simien National Parks and respective adjacent weredas of Amhara, Oromiya and Afar National Regional States.

    Objective-3: To build the capacity of women, youth groups and local institutions to engage them in biodiversity entrepreneurship.

    Objective-4: To promote good practices in rehabilitation of the parks ecosystems as a model for environmental resilience and adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

    COMPONENTS Partnership and collaboration,

    Capacity building, and

    Livelihood empowerment

    LEAD APPLICANTPHE-Ethiopia Consortium is the lead organization of the SCIP project.

    PARTNERSFrankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) - for project activities in the Simien Mountains National Park

    Wildlife for sustainable Development (WSD) - for project activities in Awash National Park

    KEY STAKEHOLDERS Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT)

  • 2 3Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park

    Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA)

    Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF)


    TASKFORCESTo implement the project seven taskforces will be established at:

    Park level (2)

    Regional level(3)


    Federal level(1)

    KEY RESULT AREAS Promotion

    Park management and leadership

    Biodiversity entrepreneurship

    Lesson learning and good practices

    RATIONAL FOR THE PROJECT Climate change impacts and ecological degradation threatening the parks ecosystem

    Climate change impacts and population threatening wildlife resources


    PHE Ethiopia(PHE EC)

    Frankfurt Zoological Society(FZS)

    Simien Mountains National Park Awash National Park

    Wildlife for Sustainable



  • 4 5Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park

    Climate change and environmental degradation affecting livelihoods of the local communities Lack of alternative livelihoods and energy sources for the local communities affecting the park ecosystem (unsustainable use of natural resources)

    Poverty fueled by environmental degradation and climate change is threatening biodiversity

    Increasing human-wildlife conflict in protected Areas(PAs)

    Conservation of National Parks and other PAs are major concerns of NAPA and CRGE

    PAs are scientific and research areas for climate science

    The need to empower all stakeholder institutions for coordinated protected areas management

    The need to harmonize the social, economic, and environmental concerns of National Parks for the well being of the society and wildlife

    Limited institutional capacity, partnership and collaboration among stakeholders, and lack of community stewardship

    The need for environmental rehabilitation and improve the carbon sequestration capacity of PAs.

    IMPLEMENTING STRATEGIES Multi-sectoral PHE integration approach

    Partnership and networking

    Awareness raising interventions

    Capacity building trainings

    Livelihood empowerment

    Experience sharing programs

    Communication and documentation

    MAJOR PROJECT ACTIVITIES Conduct stakeholder analysis

    Establish and /or strengthen taskforces at different levels

    Conduct climate related training needs assessments

    Develop action oriented research proposals

    Conduct feasibilities for climate smart biodiversity income generating activities

    Develop a system for fair and equitable benefit sharing system

    Produce various IEC materials, manuals, and guidelines

  • 4 5Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park

    Conduct international experience sharing visits

    Conduct various climate related capacity building trainings

    Conduct and document evaluative researches in both PAs

    Produce fact sheets and policy briefs

    Produce documentary films on the national Parks

    COMPOSITION OF TASKFORCESi) At federal level

    Ministry of Culture and Tourism(MoCT) - Chair

    Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority(EWCA) - Secretariat

    HPR Standing Committee for Culture and Tourism

    HPR Standing Committee for Natural and Environmental Protection

    Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF)

    Ministry of Federal Afairs

    Ministry of Agriculture(MoA)

    Ministry of Womens, Children and Youth Affairs

    Ethiopian Sugar Corporation

    Ethiopian Institute of Biodiversity

    Ministry of Water and Energy

    Ministry of Education

    Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

    Federal Police Commission

    Oromia National Regional State Bureau of Culture and Tourism

    Oromia National Regional State Forestry and Wildlife Enterprise

    Amhara National Regional State Bureau of Culture and Tourism

    Amhara Parks Development Authority

    Afar National Regional State Bureau of Culture and Tourism

    Afar National Regional State Bureau of Pastorialist and Rular Agricultural Development

    Ethiopian Tourism Association

    Ethiopian Road Authority

  • 6 7Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park

    PHE-Ethiopia Consortium (PHE EC)

    Wildlife for Sustainable Development (WSD)

    Frankfurt Zoological Society

    ii) At regional level

    Regional President Office - Chair

    Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (regional level representative) - V/Chair

    Regional Culture and Tourism Bureau - Secretariat

    Regional Environmental Protection authority bureau

    Regional Women, Children and youth Affairs bureau

    Regional Education bureau

    Regional Agricultural Development bureau


    Regional Health bureau

    Universities including Bahir Dar University and Gondar University

    Regional Police Commission Office

    Regional Government Administration and Security Office

    Regional Water and Energy Bureau

    Parks adjacent zone administration

    Zonal Cultural and Tourism Office

    Zonal Environmental Protection and Land Administration Office

    Zonal Women,Children and Youth Office

    Zonal Educational Office

    Zonal Pastorialist/Agricaltural Development Office

    Zonal Police Office

    Zonal Government Administration and Security Office

    Zonal Health Office

    Zonal Water and Energy Office

    PHE Ethiopia Consortium

    Frankfurt Zoological Society(FZS)

  • 6 7Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park

    iv) At park level

    Parks Adjacent Woreda Administrations - Chair

    Ethiopian wildlife Conservation Authority(park level representative) - Secretariat

    Parks adjacent woreda administrations

    Local communities (Peasant Associations)


    Private sectors

    Woreda Police offices

    Woreda Trade and Industry offices

    Woreda Agriculture offices

    Woreda Health offices

    Woreda Womens, Children and youth Affairs Offices

    Woreda Education offices

    Regional Universities (Bahir Dar and Gonder)

    Media staffs

    Charities and Societies Organizations (ChSO) (JICA, ADA, ORDA, Austria Development Agency and others)

    Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)

  • 8 PBProject Brief: Simien Mountains National Park Project Brief: Simien Mountains National Park

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    Financed by the SCIP Fund: The SCIP Fund is financed by DFID UKaid, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Royal Danish Embassy.

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