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Prophecies Steve Quayle

Date post: 14-Apr-2018
Author: true-prophet
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  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle



    Please! I have an urgent warning to empart. I know you have seen the Lordso you will understand. I have just had a horriffic vision of what is to

    come. What I saw is making me shake right now. There is an undergroundfacility of sorts as you may already be aware. I saw there horrors beyondhorrors!!! There were people experimenting on others. Some were infestedwith a virus or something that made them mad. They were devouring livepeople and eating them and were in cages. The Nephilim are real just likeyou said. It had copper around its wrists and huge chains and was just asyou described them to be. It looked demonic. I also saw a woman on a tabledying and she was begging for help and was discolored and looked like shewas wasting away into a skeleton and the scientists were talking about somesort of wasting disease they have perfected. I was taken through hallswhere children and others were screaming in rooms. Then Jesus appeared and

    I was in light. He fell to his knees and I saw him weep with heartwrenchingsorrow. The place we were suddenly turned blood red and I looked below meand saw the countless aborted children in the world and he said to me thatjudgement must come. It must end. I told him I was sorry for questioningwhy we were to face judgement soon and why things were going to go into thetribulation. I said I understand now. He embraced me and said that I mustcontact you tonight. Im not sure why but that is what he told me to do andafter what I saw I have no argument. I pray that you and your family staysafe and under the Lord Jesus protection. I hope that this vision becomesclear soon why I had it and why he wanted me to contact you so bad. May theHoly Spirit guide you and protect you.SQ NOTE--A FORMER CIA SOURCE VALIDATEDTHIS SISTERS VISION YEARS AGO--HE WEPT LIKE A BABY WHEN DISCUSSINGTHESE TORTURE CHAMBERS-HIS NAME WAS -MAVERICK-TO THOSE OF YOU WHOARE IN THE KNOW! HE'S DEAD NOW AND I PRAY THAT HE TURNED HIS HEART TOTHE LORD JESUS BEFORE HE DIED!

    Jan 9, 2013


    Steve here is a dream I had recently and I felt I needed to share it afterseeing some of your posts.

    It is dark and I can not see where I am but I hear a voice tell me to keepmy eyes closed and to listen.

    I did...I could hear what only could be called "booms" off in the distance.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    "What do you hear?" I was asked again...I told the voice that it soundedlike bombs exploding.

    I was kindly told that I was wrong but that I was not alone in this...thatmany would be. So I asked what the noise really was then...

    I saw two events that seemed to overlay each-other in time but somehowstand apart.

    The first in time were Sparkles of Light that were easy to look at andpretty like a gem...But as it seemed to come to the earth it grew in sizeand became harder to look at...the darker it became the harder it was tolook at...like the sun in reverse. It hit the earth and as they did youcould hear and feel a "boom". (I know these are the Fallen)

    The Second I see the Earth as if it were a tomb or a womb of sorts because

    what I am seeing is like viewing an ant farm like slice of our world. Ithe slices I could see VAST places below the ground where there weremotionless human forms of all sizes...but of them all there were those whowere VERY large.

    Anyhow I see these forms and the question that was asked I know includesthis too. So I say it looks something like those terracotta soldiers I sawbefore buried with the Chines king.

    I was told that those were a good representation of what I saw but that itwas more than that...I was to look closer and watch.

    As I watched I had not noticed before, perhaps because I had not beenlooking but the more or less human sized ones came and went as they pleasedlike worker ants...constantly tending to the larger ones below. And likeants they took humans...mostly innocent...down into the pits for the largeones. There were others...call them something between the human sized onesand the large...these almost all at once began to, like a bird trying tohatch, thump their way out of their spots. I want to call these spotswombs or crypts.

    I slowly start to back away from the overlapped world scene I am beingshown and as the earth grows smaller...the locations of the "booms" cause ared "dot" to appear. They are all over...suddenly (like a plague spreads)it goes from just a few here and there to all red...Then there is one bigboom as the whole thing shakes and I am awake.

    This meant a ton to me I hope it means as much to others. God Bless andkeep you in His Light.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle



    Jan 9, 2013

    1982- Dream Of Russian Invasion,1989- Dream Of Giants and 2013- Dream Of Russian NuclearAttack

    Dear brother.. I just really had to pray about this.

    Dream 1: I was around the age of 19 years old, and am now at the age of 49 years of age.This dream was about me looking over a cliff or a giant rock and as I peered over the edge , theLord showed me like 400k Russian soldiers and they were hiding in a valley of trees and thickets.They were heavily armored with rifles and other guns, and I could see them talking to each otheras if they were plotting something against our country.Now bear in mind this was around 1982. I didn't have a clue about what this was.. so I told mypreacher at the time and he didn't have a clue so I just let it rest.

    Dream 2: When I was a young man at the age of 26 years old, the Lord gave me this dream, Iwill be totally honest , I never knew a thing about Giants and the existence of them until I haveread and heard you on radio just last year.Back when I first started to have these dreams it was 1989 when I had the first one. I keepdreaming of these Giant men and their size where around 16+ feet in height, but I just couldn'tfigure out why these men were so tall? But somewhere even taller than that like around 20+ feettall, they were very scary to look upon. I really didn't like those dreams but the Lord gave themto me 3 times in that same year. Here is the interesting part is that they came from the sky andnot the earth. I asked the Lord why did I have those dreams but I got no answer from him untilthis last year when you and others talked about the Nephilim and those men of Renown in theolden days of Noah.

    Dream 3: this dream was last night on January 6th 2013. I was looking outside of my home and Isaw this missile come down from the northern part of the sky , and it hit the America and I knewit was a Russian Nuke, and oh the devastation it made on our land.. I was so shocked at thereality of this dream, I even died and was set before the Lord.But the detail of this dream was crazy how the people just melted away with fervent heat, eventhe animals I saw die, family members die, and so many where taken to heaven as a result of it. Icould see the Lord welcoming so many of his people at once.

    Be blessed brother , I am praying for the family of God all the time, for protection by the Bloodof Jesus.


    Jan 7, 2013

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle



    Jason here with another dream that the Lord gave me about whats coming. I wasn't given a timeframe on when to expect these events but I was given the knowledge that it was nation wide. In

    the dream I was in a city which is just 15 minutes from where I live. I was standing outside andall of a sudden there was an explosion and within a few minutes police and military had rolled inand were rounding people up, but were met with resistance and they dealt with it with lethalforce and even tried to kill the cops and military that refused to obey the order. Then as I looked-I saw drones attack chopers fly over shooting at people and even launching missles at buildingsand cars. I went to my car and grabbed my gear out of the trunk and ducked into a building withmy wife to suit up. While we were in the building a woman came running into the room lookingfor someone and I told her that they were most likely either captured or dead and that it was notsafe to continue searching for them and she should either try to escape or hide. Then we wentdown stairs and exited the building and got outside I noticed a cop car with a dead officer next toit so I took his keys and put my gear in the trunk. As I closed it, a family of 3 came up to the car

    panicked looking for escape so I told them to come with me and to get in the back. I started thecar and my wife got in and then the dream ended. Steve I couldn't even begin to describe theviolence and bloodshed that I saw in this dream and if I could it would be like a horror movie.

    Jan 10, 2013


    Bobs words are in italics, while mine are in [brackets].

    [OK, proceed with your dream..] This took place last Thursday night Friday morning. Now

    what are dates on that? [That would be late on the 8th or early Friday morning on the 9th.] Thatscorrect. Because I was away. I was not even here (home). I was away to participate in a wedding.We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening, Friday we had off so the couple could take care ofwhatever prior to the wedding on Saturday. I think what precipitated this (revelation) was thefluctuating global stock markets.

    I began to feel within myself, now thats a personal feeling, nothing from the Father, or the Son,

    or the Holy Spirit; necessarily. It was just that very ugly feeling that something was not right.That something was amiss. And the dream began, seeing the international dateline with thesunrise coming up over the horizon. Now I dont know exactly where that is out in the Pacific,

    but that was the perspective. It was being seen not from ground level, but slightly above thehorizon, so that it could be seen coming up over the horizon. Does that make any sense? [Yeahsorta, you were up in the air]

    And as the sun began to cross over the Pacific and reached the Japanese Isles there was thisstunned shock, horror, ofthe Japanese investors and the Japanese people which the stockmarket was plummeting... [Thats the Nikkei.] OK.. [Was that our stock market or theirs?] Theirs!

    And staying ahead of the sun, so that it could be seen coming up over the horizon, the Lordbegan to show across the globe it reached the Chinese mainland, went into Hong Kong, came

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    across the Asian markets, and it was like a domino effect.. The Chinese looked on in stunnedhorror. This cannot be happening!

    The Asian markets shuddered when it reached India. It was almost as if you could hear a pindrop. They could not believe what was happening, because they knew that the jobs that had

    migrated from the West were going to be gone. [Hummm] As it came across into the Arabproducing oil nations, they looked at each other in absolute stunned horror. Some of them weretaking their head wraps and burying their face in the head wraps, weeping and wailing as onlyArabs can; and they were rocking from side to side.. In utter dismay, knowing that their oilprophets were plummeting. [So theyre seeing something but you havent told me what it is yet?]Uhh huh. [OK]

    And as this come across into the Middle East, the Jewish people seemed to freeze in terror;knowing instinctively, that without really knowing what was taking place, that it was going toinvolve them, their nation, Jerusalem, and the potential for never again happening again. It sweptacross into Europe, and there was this sickening in their spirits, watching the economies of the

    world.. Now this was what the Father was showing. The economies were imploding/explodinginwardly.

    As this came across Europe into England, and the nations of Wales and Scotland and Ireland andIceland, and on over until it reached the shores of America, the world was waiting with baitedbreath. [Uhh huh] And. the people on Wall Street literally, they went to work that morning.. Nowdo you remember what the Father had shown years earlier about the stock market imploding andexploding at the same time? [No but..] Well, He showed as the horizon light came over WallStreet .. Are you familiar with when you want to send a message electronically so that it is sealedfrom enemy, so that its sent in a burst? [Yes, burst communications] You could have a great

    deal in info sent in a few seconds in this burst.. Well this is what the Father showed. I began toask, Father, what is this?.

    And in a moment of time He permitted what was shown over an extended period of time yearsago about the stock market imploding and exploding at the same time first. And I said, Oh MyGod!! You have got to be kidding? Not now! Because the sense was, that this was no longer

    going to be in the extended future, or intermediate future, this was coming upon us earlier andfaster than anyone had ever imagined. Because there were those who were going to prepare forthis. And as the bible says it would overtake them.

    And in one hour all of their wealth would be worth nothing and they would throw their gold andsilver into the streets. That is what the prophets say. [Have you explained what happened to thispoint?] Ahh, yes its coming. [But youre gonna explain what were talking about?] Yes. And

    brother as this went on over America and Canada, Mexico, South America, and on towards theInternational Date Line, the same identical thing was taking place.

    As the nations and peoples of the earth realized looking at all of this, but not really believingwhat they were seeing that the worlds economies were imploding and that all that they had

    amassed in the stock market, and that was connected with it, their lives were literally beingimploded and exploded at the same time. Everything that they had was now worthless. In the

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    midst of that it started in Japan..[Well, thats how it works.] But the results started in Japan.]

    The wealthy men, the super wealthy, began to take their lives. The middle class people theymade runs on the banks. The middle class and the lower class people, they ran to the food storesand to the places where.. and this began to cascade.. The food stores were cleaned out. They

    went to the places that stored the foods for the food stores to have their stock transported to them;and raided those... [distribution centers!] OK, distribution centers. And from there they would goto the factories and take what they could. And from there they went to the farmers. And fromthere they went to the people who stocked food in their homes, and to where the food was beingprepared to go to the manufacturers.

    It went all the way down to the fields. Stripping it bare like the bible speaks of the locusts andthe different insects that would come afterwards and it was stripped bare and theres nothing left

    on the land. [Hummm] That precipitated the riots. It was literally every man and every womanand every child for themselves.

    The feeling of fathers taking care of there families began to dissipate. Of mothers going andgetting the food stocks for their children began to disappear. And when children see adultsrunning rampant and wild-eyed and theres nothing but chaos, them began to scream and howlnot knowing what to do.

    Now you picture that from Japan onward. Japan was the first. They declared martial law. [Wellsomething had to have happened the day before in America or Mexico that triggered the thing.]That was not shown. There was a sense as this days horizon began to creep across the globe,that there is something very, very, very wrong here.

    And yet, a for instance when it reached China they knew what to do. I mean, they clamped downwith a tight fist; the stranglehold of Communism. And as it creeped (sic) across the globe, therewas with baited breath, Will America hold?

    Now remember, the same scenario that was just said about Japan, with the people rising up inriot and the nation declaring martial law, and they were no they went from using crowd controlmethods to deadly force. Shoot on sight. [Thats in Japan?] Uhh huh.. Now this was coming

    across the globe. Asia went mad! And there was a blood bath as nations began to lock down.When it reached the Arab world their thinking was This is Allahs judgment on the word forrejecting Islam. Now theyre gathering their minds, Should we or should we not launch?

    As this came across Israel they knew that the world was going to come for them. And they wereset on the highest alert. Whatever that is in Israel. [The Jews in Israel. Right?] Still there? [Yes]As this came cross the unthinkable became reality; and was realized.

    The Euro began to gain in strength; because, remember, then worlds economies at this point intime are still based on the dollar. So as these economies exploded/imploded it was seen as thestrengthening of the Euro became disproportionately stronger. And Europe realized, We may beable to weather this thing.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    When it reached America, when the same results that commenced in Japan, and spread across theentire Eastern Hemisphere, brother this was the gruesome reality. It was almost as if I were there,walking through this myself. [And the gruesome reality is???] Al, the president declared martiallaw. And realizing that this had been set in motion by something, or some things.. Were going

    to call it the shadow governments plural - of the N. W.O, they could not stop it!!

    Jan 11, 2013


    There was a sense of such ultimate urgency that pastors were going to be caught unawares; andthey were going to be absolutely in consternation. How do I go backto my pulpit? How do Igo back to the lectern? Everything that I have been preaching and teaching is the exact oppositeof this (revelation). [Yes, right!] So how are the people going to believe me now? [Oh, oh, oh!]

    And if I go back, having preached and taught and preached and taught what are they going to doto me? [Uhh, yeah!] Because Ive been telling them one thing and here comes the wrath of God!

    [Well, its like they told them in China before 1948, that they were going to be raptured, but theydidnt get raptured, they got murdered, raped, and killed.]

    Uhh huh. And when they, with great fear and trepidation slipped into their churches, from side

    and back doors, and the doors were opened for Sunday School and morning worship, thesepeople did not go to their classes or sit in their pews they railed at these men and women (pastors) Why did you not tell us the truth? Some of them, some of these people were so enraged, they

    beat these men senseless at their own pulpits. [Man!] Or they beat them, and chased them andran them while they were being beaten out of their churches.

    The people were looking around saying, Is there anybody here that has got enough common

    sense, and or training in the scriptures to tell us the truth this morning? [Ohhh, Lord Jesus, Ohhh!]The children were just clinging to mommy and daddy. You could see the little girls clinging totheir daddys necks, and the little boys holding onto mommys leg. [Uhh huh] And even though

    those arms were around her thigh you know that women do not permit that with dresses, andskirts. [Uhh huh]. That modesty had faded with the realization, What do I do now for the sake ofmy children?

    And these people were gathered around standing, they were not sitting. While someone would

    be bold enough to walk up to the pulpit area, but not behind the pulpit necessarily, and say, Well,I can tell you what I know, but what I know Im not sure, that I even know that good, because

    Im not a bible scholar. I can only share with you what little I do know. And these people

    would listen. But brother it was not necessarily with hunger and thirsting; it was with fear!.Then they would plead with these people (who knew a little), Well tell us what to do now!.

    [Yeah.. Thats between the economic crash and the arrival of the (dark painted) trucks, right?Must be.] Well, thats while all this is taking place too. [Yeah, right, I gotcha.] Uhhhhh. Becausethe coming of the trucks, remember, is after martial law is declared. But before martial law isdeclared youre watching what happened in Japan and is taking place here.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    Now what would happen, say on a Friday or Saturday when stores are being raided, and you go

    to the warehouses, and then you go to the manufacturers.. Well these people are going to showup in church. [Yeah] And brother if that takes place on a Sunday morning and a Sunday nightand a Wednesday night, [Uhh huh] I cannot even begin to imagine what will pass through themind of these people while they are trapped in the church. [Hummm - OK brother, dear Jesus]

    Brother, I pray that Jesus will take us home before that. That is my prayer; but I DO NOT know.

    Now, when the economy imploded? [Uhh huh] Because the world economies are based on thedollar, it became nothing more than tissue paper. [Yeah, thats what Ive been saying.] The Eurostood alone! [Humm] And now Europe, godless Europe, the Europe that said that we do not wantGod in our Constitution, was catapulted to world preeminence, and dominance that came out ofthat preeminence. Because he who holds the wealth, holds the power. [Hummm]

    [OK Brother]. I do not know what youre going to do with this. [Well, I got it.] And Im not evensure if you sent it out how many people would believe it. [Well, Brother youve never been

    wrong yet. I dont know what theyre gonna do.. If they dont believe theyll have no excuse. For,

    Yea, I have warned thee] Now those were the words that faded while I was in the truck!! And Ijust said, God, I know what this means if you said are saying. Yea I have warned thee. Brother,we will either have revival or we will have ruin! [Amen, brother. Amen.]

    There is no in between on this one. [And I cant my own family, Bob, to believe a thing; I cantthem to believe a word! Not a word! Not a word!] And did not Jesus say that that would be thecase? [Yep] Within ones own household? [I just read that this morning.] Uhh huh Uhh huh

    Mother against daughter-in- law, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.. Children againstparents. Ok brother..]

    I do not know what to say [Well I know on Saturday (the 10th of March) I said Id better callBob about the (SW) border, Bob, what youre saying is coming to pass. Thats the words I lefton your voice mail; I happened to have your cell phone number.. I pushed the button and said,Ill just ring his cell and say What youre saying is coming to pass. Ill get to you later.]

    Now just take what was shared this morning and put it into virtual reality terms. With all thethoughts and all the feelings and all the emotions pf people. In real time. [Yeah] There is no waywith words I can even begin to make it that real. [Yes, its like Paul said it was unlawful to utter..almost.] Uhh huhhh.

    [Ok Brother] Well, there it is. [Thank you Jesus. Father thank you for the revelation. Ohh help usO God! Help us O Jesus! Ohh Lord!! .OK Bob] Brother, it brings to mind the words from theprophets. That a days wages will only buy a loaf of bread. (Read Revelation 6:6 -- KINGJAMES VERSION ONLY!!! Normal food will be so expensive you need not even think ofaffording oil and wine.] Well, God bless and love and keep you. [OK brother] Bye now. [LordBless you.]

    Jan 11, 2013

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle



    Hello Steve, I had another dream I would like to share with you. I am goingto do my best to relay this in words because it is the strangest dream I

    have had. I was on a platform of sorts in the heavens. I say both, platformand heavens because that is the best way to describe them. I do not knowhow I came to be there only that I was there. The platform was like puregold coming out of clouds with large columns. It was beautiful and amazing.At the end of the platform and it was long, was a throne inshrined in purelight. Brighter than the sun, this was the source of light in the heavensbecause the sun was not there. I knew that God was seated on this throne. Icould not see God, The light of God or his glory but not God. I felt like alittle child eager to jump into the arms of a father so I took off runningtowards the light. As I got closer to the light I saw Jesus standing to theright side and angels, thousands upon thousands of angels around the

    throne. The first thing I noticed about the angels was their size, to saythey were huge is an understatement. The second thing I noticed was theywere dressed for battle. Jesus looked at me and raised his hand as in thegesture of be patient and wait a moment so I stopped and just looked andtook in what I was seeing. All of a sudden I felt this overwhelming senseof animosity or anger coming from the throne, it was like a wave. The skystarted to roll and it had the appearance of a severe thunderstorm butunlike anything I have ever seen. The light on the throne darkened and thewind picked up I could hear trumpets and KNEW the wrath of God wasbuilding. My attention was directed over the side of the platform towardsEarth. This was the direction of God's wrath. Jesus and the host of heavenwere peering in this direction as well. I could not see Earth but I couldhear screams, cries, and moaning coming from Earth. It was like a mountainof pain and suffering building up to heaven, again I could not see this, itwas something I could sense. Then I was jolted from sleep as if I had beenthrown back to bed. I fear the darkest of days are dawning here, not downthe road but right now.

    Jan 12, 2013


    Hi Steve

    I had a weird dream and i will give you the readers digest version. Thedream takes place over a 12 month period.

    In the dream my wife and i are watching TV when CNN breaks in with thisstory.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    10's of thousands gather at open air stadiums around the world. They saythey were telepathically called to the stadiums. Several hours pass by whenover each stadium a swirling cloud appears and lights descend and ascendfrom the cloud to the turf and visa versa. This happens for a day or so.

    The next month the same thing happens only now 100's of thousands gatherwith news crews from around the world and millions are glued to theirTV's.

    The 3rd month and over the next 8 months the same thing happens but thetelepathically contacted people begin worshipping and thousands start toget healed and with the last couple of monthly appearances tons of food ofall kinds are majically beamed into the stadiums. The telepathicallycontacted people say unanimously that the food is meant for the poor andthey say that the deliverers will soon be arriving.

    On the 13th event instead of food the throngs of telepathically contactedworshippers and healed and news crews witness from the swirling clouds aship lowering onto the stadium turf.The ships do nothing but suddenly the radio and TV stations beginbroadcasting the time and place of the masters arrival.

    The next day a small glowing glorious craft descends from another cloudwith lights ascending from the dome of the rock site in Israel. A veryhuman like whitish being comes out with a official looking entourage andannounces that the saviour has arrived.

    During the dream between the monthly events news stations and new ageleaders clammered for popularity and viewership. Of all the peopletransfixed by the events 1 very very small group were saying it was all ademonically controlled con and that the anti-christ was arriving. Thesepeople were mercilessly ridiculed by the press and anyone associated withthem in public. The events were mesmerizing the world.

    Thanks Steve for reading. The dream was very detailed and quite riveting. Ifelt no fear and it was like my wife and I were watching a long movie butat the same time knew that it was really happening.

    God blessBert

    Jan 13, 2013


  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    Peace be to your home. May the Lord bless you and all believers as HE seesfit and right on this earth.After the Hagmann and Hagmann show on Fri 1/11/13 I slept well and had adream in which I was told to relate to you. In it I was stopped by amessenger (who appeared with lightning and thunder), I pushed past and

    again the messenger appeared in front of me with lightning and thunder.(He) said to relate that we had been given the information that was correctand needed (in the show) and we should (believe, act, learn, do) as we havebeen told (by God). (He) also said each and every one of us would be"tested". (This was all given with a great sense of urgency). He ended with"This is MY Word".Yours in Christ

    Jan 12, 2013




    My husband and I listened to your show last night w/ the Hagmann's. Whileyou were talking I suddenly understood a dream I had a few weeks ago, rightaround New Year's. In the dream I am walking down a very busy downtownstreet, think NYC. As I was walking a very average, clean cut white male,mid 30's, casually dressed walked by me. In the dream I heard the Lordspeak to me, "this man is not what he seems" I sensed and just knew he wasdeeply evil although by appearances you would never think it. Again in the

    dream I pass him again on the street, looking intently into his face as hepasses and this time I hear "he's not human".

    I awoke and immediately told my husband about it and told him that I feltthe Lord warning us of this in the very near future although I had no ideawhat "he" was, an alien? Demon? Then on your show I heard you talkingabout the fallen angels who can take the shape of a man or woman andinstantly the dream came to mind and I just knew that's exactly what I hadseen. This is very rare for me to dream like this by the way.

    Secondly, around this same time a few nights afterwards, I awoke in theearly morning hours and instantly upon opening my eyes I heard the Lord sayto me so clearly "As in the days of Noah" I actually answered the Lordwith "yes I know Lord, I've read your word" and then heard him so clearagain say two things. "no..AS IN, as in exactly" and also He said, which Ifeel was a response to a question I had been praying about our preparationsand were we to continue to prep despite so much taunting and ridicule andHe said "they made fun of the prepper" (Noah!) It confirmed to me soperfectly to keep going!

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    We have been eating up your site, it's such an encouragement.


    Jan 24, 2013

    Multitudes of parachutes in the sky coming down. The men were wearing dark uniforms.

    Steve,My husband is an intercessor. It's not uncommon for him to be up at different hours of the nightat his "post" praying. He has been very "somber in spirit" for the past several days. Last night hewas up, very disturbed in spirit and had a quick vision:

    In the vision, he was standing inside at the front door looking out through a small window on thedoor (we don't have a window on our front door). He saw multitudes of parachutes in the sky

    coming down. The men were wearing dark uniforms. Then he was outside. (we live rural) Onelanded just a few yards away. My husband was drawn to the weapon he held; looked like an AR-15 but about half the size. Even though the man was a few yards away, it was like he didn't seemy husband or our house at all, like we and our house were invisible to his eyes. End of vision.

    My husband said that he didn't feel this would take place imminently, but is on the horizon.

    This is so encouraging and confirming to us that God WILL PROTECT us and cloak us as westay hidden in Christ. If we do this:

    Col 3:1-4 If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is,

    sitting at the right hand of God. 2 Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. 3For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. 4 When Christ who is our life appears,then you also will appear with Him in glory.

    Then He will do this:

    Ps 17:8 Protect me like the pupil of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wingsPs 27:5 For he will conceal me in his shelter on the day of trouble, he will hide me in the folds ofhis tent,he will set me high on a rock.Ps 641 Hear me, my God, as I voice my complaint;protect my life from the threat of the enemy.2 Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked,from the plots of evildoers.3 They sharpen their tongues like swordsand aim cruel words like deadly arrows.4 They shoot from ambush at the innocent;they shoot suddenly, without fear.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    5 They encourage each other in evil plans,they talk about hiding their snares;they say, Who will see it?6 They plot injustice and say,We have devised a perfect plan!

    Surely the human mind and heart are cunning.7 But God will shoot them with his arrows;they will suddenly be struck down.8 He will turn their own tongues against themand bring them to ruin;all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.9 All people will fear;they will proclaim the works of Godand ponder what he has done.10 The righteous will rejoice in the Lordand take refuge in him;

    all the upright in heart will glory in him!

    Thank you, Steve, for continuing the good fight of faith and beaming the Light on the hill for usall! We continue to pray daily for you/family, Haagman's, Hawke, Horn, Greg, Wiles, and theothers not listed but we all know who they are. WE ARE LISTENING and HEARING.


    Jan 24, 2013


    I was hovering over the earth and saw a map of Asia. I've never done this in a dream before. As Iwas going over the Korean peninsula, N. Korea suddenly turned BRIGHT RED, the color ofdanger. I saw the borders of N. Korea vividly, and the inside turning very red, but containedwithin the borders. I recognized that it was N. Korea since I saw the entire map of neighboringcountries - Japan, S. Korea, China. I had a feeling of imminent danger, dread, fear of somethingbad - natural or man-made catastrophe.

    I woke up and immediately told my wife and daughter so I wouldn't forget. I was focused moreon the N. Korea dream, so I did a search the next day 1/23 on N. Korea in the news. Links cameup on N. Korea's angry response to the UN sanctions, and that they will be mobilizing military,as well as moving forward with nuclear testing. I hope that this will not go beyond any testing.Z

    Jan 24, 2013


    Steve,Just wanted to pass a dream I Had along to you, because I just read some of

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    the dreams and visions on your site.Anyway, about a week ago I had a dream where for some reason I was in themiddle east, (which I've never been) and this middle eastern guy comes upto me, mad because Im an American and hes blaming America for something andas he's talking I notice over his shoulder a mushroom cloud go off and I

    knew somehow it was in America and somehow knew it was Russia and they hadbombed North Dakota for some reason, dont know what it meant but dream 2,I had years ago was that I was outside at night and I looked up andhundreds of ufo's in formation were heading west. Dont know why or wherethey were going, anyways. keep on doing radio shows, because we need it.

    Jan 24, 2013


    Dear Steve,My husband has had a recurring dream dozens of times over the last 30 years. But until yourrecent radio broadcast with Tom Horn on Hagmann and Hagmann, talking about the comingalien/demonic invasion, we didnt fully grasp the meaning. Now we see that the Lord has been

    showing him this fearsome event for decades, to prepare us for what is coming. Praise be to God!He is so faithful!Here is how the dream goes:My husband is standing outside in the yard beside his grandmothers house in WV. He looks upinto the sky. There, coming toward him en masse are these glittering triangular shaped aircraft.Really pointy. Like arrowheads. Silvery and metallic. There are so many of them you cant countthem, thousands, maybe into the tens of thousands. Uncountable. Sometimes in the dream its

    broad daylight. Other times its late afternoon into dusk. When its broad daylight in the dreamthe whole sky shimmers with these things, from the reflected light off them.In every single one of these dreams my husband says the UFOs are bursting in from thenorthwest. I dont know what, if any, significance that detail has.Sometimes my husband just sees the UFOs coming in. But other times, as hes watching them,suddenly from behind him, out of the southeast, come American military aircraft going out tomeet these entities, to engage them in battle. Then my husband stands there and watches theensuing dog fight.Have you heard anything about how or if our military is going to face off with these invaders?Again, Steve, it is only through your recent reporting with Tom Horn that my husband and Ifinally understand the true prophetic nature of this awful dream. I am so grateful to our Lord forthis heads up, even if it is awful, as I would rather be horrified by the truth than comforted by alie.Thank you, sir, for telling us the truth. The Lord bless you.

    Jan 18, 2013

    A Time of Great Sorrow-Glynda Lomax

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    My people are in a state of waiting. You wait and watch for you know My judgments are comingand will be upon you. Some of you have prepared as I have led you and others have not. Youwill fare well as long as you have prepared your hearts.

    A time of great sorrow approaches, My people. A time when none of you will be sure where to

    turn or what to do. You must keep your mind and your eyes fixed on Me as it approaches andencompasses you, for this is what is truly necessary.

    My people will grieve as never before in this time, for the things that will be done to you and thethings you will see. Remember the joy of your salvation and it will succor you in these times, fortruly there will be little around you that will bring you joy.

    I instruct you in these things now that you may tell your brothers and sisters, and that you mayremember them in the times coming, and survive them.

    Endure until the end, My precious children, for I long to share eternity and all the glory of

    heaven with you!

    1 Peter 4:7: But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

    Isaiah 26:3: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because hetrusteth in thee.

    Matthew 24:7-8: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and thereshall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginningof sorrows.

    Psalm 35:9: And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: it shall rejoice in his salvation.

    Matthew 24:13: But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

    Jan 17, 2013

    Sauls mantle is being removed.I am going to strike the false shepherds and scatter the sheep sothat I may bring them close to Me, sayeth the Lord

    This morning in my time with the Lord, He said these words to me: Son, tell My people that Ihear their cries to Me.Word of the Lord:Oh, My people, hear Me this day. I am doing a new thing in the earth that many of you know notof. I shall reach down from heaven and strike the false shepherds and many shall run and flee.And many of My sheep will be dumbfounded and think that I have forsaken them. Not so, Mylittle ones. For I shall NEVER leave or forsake My children.But hear Me, My little ones. I am moving across this land to bring down those shepherds thathave exalted themselves and not built My church. Many of the shepherds fatten themselves byfleecing My sheep. And many of My people love to have it so. Oh, My dear children, hear My

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    heart crying out to you this day. Come out! Come out from among all that is not of Me andfollow Me, sayeth the Lord.I am going to strike the false shepherds and scatter the sheep so that I may bring them close toMe, sayeth the Lord. For I am raising up true shepherds. And these shepherds will teach My truthand My love and lead My sheep into true relationship with Me just as I have purposed from the

    beginning.Oh, My people, hear Me. Time for playing church is over. For I am removing the mantle fromSaul and placing it on my servant, King David. This is a spiritual truth, My loved ones. Thosethat do not know Me, do not know the truth of My word. Therefore, I speak in parables. But forthose that know and understand what I speak in this parable, get ready for your hearts to bethrilled. For the time of My kingdom has come. And those that have a love for My truth shall beshown the way into My kingdom. But for those that I call imposters and do not have a love forMy truth, get ready to be confounded. For Saul shall be taken down from his throne. But notbefore he shall be filled with a defiling and tormenting spirit.Oh My little ones. Did you think that the stories in my word are merely stories? They arespiritual truths, I tell you. And so now I tell you that all the Sauls that do not willingly step down

    from the throne shall be filled with defiling spirits. And those that follow them shall be filled aswell.But for My king Davids, get ready to be exalted to kingship and do My bidding. But do not thinkthis will happen without being persecuted by My Sauls. For even though I may have anointedthem for a time and season, they are now in disobedience to Me.Oh, My little ones, do you not understand these words of Mine? I love you all and it is Mygreatest desire to give you My kingdom. But My kingdom shall only be for those that have alove for My truth. Therefore, I speak in riddles that only those with ears to hear may understand.I love you all, My dear children. But now is the time and season for My house to be raised upand My kingdom to be established. Get ready, My little ones. And seek Me diligently that youmay be found worthy. For all the Sauls and all that offend shall be cast out of My kingdom,sayeth the Lord.

    Jan 16, 2013


    I was on a beach - had been heading up a conference for true believers. My daughter was withme and teaching about Jesus Christ also. This was an open vision in a dream that "THE LORD"had given me. I shared it with you on the phone the day after I had it five years ago.

    We were out on the beach walking during a break in teaching and ministry time - early evening.Everyone heard the most incredible "worship" praising God - many in tongues and it was comingfrom the sky.

    My daughter and I were walking off to right away from the group and as everyone looked up, wesaw the most incredible sight! Coming down from the sky in soft, peach colored robes, were darkangels! They did not have wings and were all very tall - I instantly KNEW that they were NOTOF GOD, as did my daughter! There are NOT FEMALE ANGELS!

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    We ran to hide behind some rugged cliffs on the beach and a girl in her late teens had beenmesmerized by the sound and she couldn't hear anything, she just continued to walk forwardbehind the cliffs in a hidden area far from anyone's view. Three of the dark angels had shed theirclothing and their human looking skins and looked like tall dogs standing on two legs and they

    began eating her while she was still very much alive but in a trance. We couldn't rescue her sowe began to RUN - YELLING TO EVERYONE TO GET BACK TO THE BUILDINGSRIGHT AWAY - THAT THESE WERE NOT ANGELS- BUT DEMONS OR ALIENS ANDTHERE TO DESTROY AND EAT US!

    The dark angels all began to drop their facades and chase the attendees although many didn'tmake it back. The sun was going down and for some reason they couldn't see in the dark, and mydaughter commanded everyone to pray in tongues and for the Presence of God and the Blood ofJesus to cover us!

    The dark beings were scratching at the walls, windows and roofs, which we'd covered with

    anything we could find and prayed and we began quoting the scriptures andPeople were terrified beyond imagination as they'd seen what had happened to those who hadbeen caught trying to run away from them and were in stupors - many had lost their minds fromfear!

    We continued to pray and as the sun began to rise, the demons or aliens / whatever they were,began to leave! We were waiting for rescue.....then I awoke. I was very shaken and prayed andwhen we spoke either that day or the next, I told you everything and you didn't seem to be reallysurprised at all. You believed me and I was extremely relieved that you prayed with and for me!I knew nothing about Cannabalism THEY ARE COMING! ~R

    Jan 13, 2013

    Big Giants 3 stories tall ripping roofs off of building stepping on people

    Hi steve. When I was 6 years old God gave me a prophecy of end times in mydreams for 2 months straight. The same dream over and over again. In thedream everything I read about in the bible later in my life matchs theenvironment of the end times. Everyone was chasing vanity and lust.Storms getting stronger and stronger. Lightning and thunder in the skies.Then they came. The Giants. The one thing that always stood out to methat I had troubles with because It was so fantastical. Was Giants walkingthe earth again. Big Giants 3 stories tall ripping roofs off of buildingstepping on people. One of them came specifically for me. But I can seeand hear many more in the distance wreaking havok on the land and peoples.The Giant took the roof off of the 2 story building I was in and stepped onme with a wicked grin on his face. I went down into the earth and wassurrounded by dark giant spirits mocking me. I stood my ground to them.Then I was shot up back to the surface. But it was Heaven on earth. Iwont get into any more specifics unless you want them. God directed me to

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    you, your website and the hagmann's for a reason. To verify and answer thequestion of End times and giants walking the earth that God had shown me inthis dream long ago. God bless you, hagmanns and tom horn.

    The Giants will walk again.

    Jan 13, 2013

    The Lord showed me that Christians will need to gather together in order to be able to fightwhat's coming down in America.

    As New York was celebrating the New Year - The Lord had me take my tallit on,and drop to my knees and face - and I mourned the America of the past year and years.It was very painful - The Lord showed me that as we approach the inauguration - lots ofchanges will quickly come into place - changes that we are not going to like - He showedme that judgment was inevitable - a sure thing - people have come to His Altar, bringing

    their mixture of idols and worship and calling it good! That He wanted pure - undefiledworship. I had a vision a very dark cloud 1/2 way down as I looked at the window - itstayed there and all of the sudden - it filled the sky - The Lord showed me that christianswill need to gather together in order to be able to fight what's coming down in America.it's going to be a great unity between christians - with one mind and one purpose - toseek the Lord and for protection. He will hide and protect us - I saw people without theircell phones - computer and electricity - for a short time - The Lord showed me that thepeople needed to be without those distractions - people did not know howto live without all that - so they can seek Him with all their heart with all the time theyare going to have in their hands! - He showed that churches were compromising Hisword - and had no fear of God - full of pride and control - this also will have to come down.

    Jan 6, 2013

    Layers Of Deception and The release of anointings

    LayersBy Glynda Lomax on Jan 05, 2013 11:00 pm

    My people, the time has come that so many of you have awaited, that I have foretold in yourlives. Many of you have I called to special tasks and you have waited, being prepared, and nowthose of you who are prepared shall be set into position to minister to My people.

    There are many layers of deception and sin being promoted by the Evil One at this time. Youmust be very diligent to avoid his deceptions at this time. You will know them if you abide inMy Word. He has set a trap for each of you, to prevenet your work for My Kingdom. He desiresto entrap you with sin and keep you focused on this world and its pleasures, forgetting what liesbeyond, but I desire you would walk free from earthly bondages. If you will seek Me and Myways, I will deliver you from sin that you may walk with Me.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    Your time is at hand, My children. Free yourselves quickly that you may do the work of MyKingdom and receive a great reward.

    2 Tim. 3:13: But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being


    James 4:4: Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmitywith God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

    Rev.22:12: And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man accordingas his work shall be.

    Jan 6, 2013



    Hi Steve,Sometime around the market crash in 2008, I dreamed that I was in a beachhouse and looked out the window, and there were storm clouds far off. Ifelt that God was telling me that things would get worse later, but it wasgoing to be awhile yet.Well, last night I had another dream of storm clouds, and they werestraight ahead. In the dream, I was driving down the road and missed aturn, thought I was on the same road but nothing looked familiar. There wasa stretch of rural road, then there were residential trailers on land plots

    in a grid, like an economically depressed suburban neighborhood. I lookedup and the entire sky in front of me was black and stormy. There was atleast one imposing, tall building jutting up in the blackness. I turnedaround and went the other way!When I finally stopped somewhere, there were some more unfamiliar-lookingtall buildings in the distance that looked out of place in our small town.It looked like a chalk drawing of the Seattle skyline. I was telling peoplewho I didn't know to look at those buildings - they weren't there just afew days before, but no one was listening.Either God is telling me the storm is just up ahead and I can try to getaway from it but their plans are coming together, or it's the result oflistening to and reading warnings from those in the know. Either way, it'stelling! We need to be ready spiritually as well as physically, and thereisn't much more time for preparation.A sister in the LordLT

    Jan 5, 2013

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    Dream: 2-man Slavic assassin team

    Brother Q,

    Bad dream last night:

    I was at work and heard a commotion on the plant floor. There was a group of employeessurrounding two strangers, they appeared to be men of Slavic descent - Russian? I spoke firmly,who are you and why are you here!? Thats when they pulled out their handguns and startedchasing me. I used my knowlege of the plant to evade them and got into a semi-secure area andinstructed the office personnel to leave. About that time, the two men breached the security doorand the only thing between them and me, was a heavy door and my ability to keep it closed!

    Time is short brother, abide under the shadow of the Almighty!

    In Jesus name,


    Jan 4, 2013

    Dream from reader 1-2-13

    On new years day I had the most vivid clear orderly dream I have ever had.I was outside a farm house and I looked up in the sky at what I thought wasa U.F.O. Then I sensed that they knew I was looking at them. It turnedbelly up and I saw U.S.A.F. It took off straight up in the sky. About a

    minute later it landed straight down next to the house. A young mandressed in military fatigues walked up to me. I immediately saw he hadphoto I.D on a lanyard I demanded to see it or I told him I would shoot himfor trespassing. He just stood there looking at me. A senior officejumped out of the aircraft. He came over and I demanded to see his photoI.D. Reluctantly they showed me. I asked them what their business was.He said I need all your pistols, rifles, and shotguns with ammo now. Itold him no way I have a 2nd amendment right and that he wasn't gettingthem. At that point tensions rose and the dream ended.

    On 01/01/11 The Lord told me there would be civil war in america soon.After this dream I awoke and knew that it would come to pass this year.

    --J in Ohio

    Jan 2, 2013

    I could hear God say, " No, those aren't falling stars those are falling angels."

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    Hi Steve, I have been reading the dreams and wanted to share two that Ibelieve are important and fairly obvious.I was outside with my son and he said, " look a cumulonimbus cloud, "and I said, " That is not a cumulonimbus cloud, see that one over thereis." As I was saying that the one he pointed at turned pink on the bottom

    and darted quickly to the right. I said, " see clouds don't move likethat." Dream changed and it was evening and we were at this small house wayout in the country with a big wrap around porch and my whole family was outthere to watch a meteor shower. Right at dusk two huge green balls of lighthit the ground to the north of us, we all jumped up and started forward,then three more hit, there was no sound or indication of impact. I saidthose are not meteors, I could hear God say, " No, those aren't fallingstars those are falling angels."--R.W.

    Dec 30, 2012

    Dream concerning disarmament


    Last night I had a very vivid and crystal clear dream. I was ina car with a male partner (not my spouse), and we were driving out inthe middle of some no where desert. We came upon a very large compoundwith hundreds of people in uniform being trained. If you have ever beenin the desert, you can be about 200 yards away from something and neverknow it is there. That is how it seemed. The people that were beingtrained were wearing dark colored tactical uniforms. They all contained

    a patch on the shoulder that read T S A. The letters were similarlooking to embroidered letters that were bright colored on darkbackground, with bright edges around the patch. The instructors did nothave T S A patches, but I did notice that the instructors at the firingrange had F B I patches. They were also wearing dark tacticaluniforms. The trainees were all being instructed on shooting, hand tohand combat, and disarming a subject. I noticed all this while drivingin the car. All at once we were sitting in a chow hall cafeteria typesetting with these trainees. I was talking to them about why we wouldbe trained in these types of situations. That it was to disarm thecitizens of the USA, and would they be ok with doing that. I remembertrying to be quiet and stay out of the "overseer's" vision while talkingwith these people. The overseers would walk around keeping watch overthe trainees. They seemed to be ok with what they were about to do. Wediscussed heaven a little bit as well. I got the feeling that this wasnot a military type boot camp as much as it was a law enforcementacademy training facility. I recognized the very training that Ireceived while I was in the police academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thepeople at the table didn't seem very smart, but ready to do whatever

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    they were told. I don't remember anything else about where this waslocated or whomever else was involved in the training.

    Maybe you have somebody that can interpret what this means; if anythingat all. I just thought you might want to know this. I don't normally

    wake up remembering dreams this vividly. Thank you for your time.


    Dec 31, 2012

    Prophecy spoken by Steve Hill

    These are serious days. Hes calling us closer. Live unsettled. Don't sink too deep into the soil of

    this earth. Keep your head up and your feet moving. Stay alert. Be sober.

    I'm coming. The day of My return is at hand. Loose yourself of any ties that bind. If you don'tloose yourself, I'll help loose you. I want no obstacles. I will return for a pilgrim people. Myfinal work is at hand. My Spirits wooing is about to cease. No one will grieve Me anymore. Noone will quench My Spirit anymore. No one will resist Me anymore. Their days will be over.

    My warm season of grace and mercy will soon turn to a chilling winter of judgment and wrath.The warm days of My wooing will be exchanged for the fiery days of My vengeance. Mypleading for the souls of man, the passionate cry of My faithful harvesters, the unselfish serviceof My holy servants, all their labor, all the charity, all the pain, all the suffering, it will be over.

    I have heard the groans of nature. I have heard the midnight cries. My Bride has been longing to

    be with Me. The tree has born forth its fruit. The fertile soil has yielded the harvest. The plantingwill stop. The laborers will leave. The sickle will rust.

    Its almost over. I'm coming back. I will not delay My coming to you, so don't delay yourcoming to Me.

    2 Chronicles 36; Revelation 22;Malachi 4; John 21

    Jan 1, 2013

    Word for 2013 - Ask for Understanding

    Wings of ProphecyWord for 2013 - Ask for UnderstandingBy Glynda Lomax on Dec 31, 2012 10:00 pm

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    My people, as you see, evil has continued to flourish in your world. Human life has little value tomany and the enemy is working in the minds of many who do not know Me to bring more deathand destruction. All this was foretold by My Son Jesus in My Word.

    You must be diligent to guard your hearts and minds from all that abounds and stay focused on

    Me and My Word. You will need to do this more and more as time passes. Otherwise, spirits sentby the Evil One can affect your minds as well.

    I desire you not dwell on death and destruction, but think on Me, on My Word, on the issues oflife. Think on your salvation and your heavenly home and let that be your joy in those dark days.Those who are Mine need not fear what is to come, though it is terrible and there will be greatsorrow in the earth, you who are Mine need only call on My Name when you have need of Me,for all your needs are easily met in Me. All I have is yours.

    Changes are happening in your lives even now that you do not fully understand.Trust Me in all things and with all things. Seek My face and ask for understanding.

    Prov. 4:23: Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

    Psalm 1:2: But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

    Isaiah 26:3: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because hetrusteth in thee.

    Ps. 91:1: He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow ofthe Almighty.

    Jan 1, 2013

    DREAM OF $300 Silver

    Good Morning Steve,

    I hope you are feeling better. You have been in my prayers. I need to share a dream I had, it wasquick not like my others. I dreamt I woke up and put on the coffee, I turned on the TV theannouncer sounded frantic...he said silver shot up over night and its over 300 an ounce thatmarkets are crashing and there is pandemonium everywhere. He said that silver was outperforming gold?????. They then showed scenes of people panic buying in food stores and chainstores just throwing whatever they could into their wagon...I awoke went to your site to checkthe price of silver. Boy was I relieved to see the price, I feel my dream was a huge warning andthat people need to get what they need NOW. Heed the HAWK and STEVE....Your Sister inChrist...


    Jan 2, 2013

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    We are in a time of decision, about whether we resist the evil which is about to be thrust upon us,or acquiesce. If we resist, there will be a great conflict, and a great amount of damage inflicted toour country by resisting. This act of resisting, r


    I wanted to let you know about a dream I had the night after Christmas, and a staggeringsynchronicity that just occurred a half hour ago.

    In the dream, I was standing in front of a crosswalk at a city intersection. I turned around and anunknown man of Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent dressed in a nice maroon dress shirtstabbed me with a knife in my abdomen, lateral to my bellybutton. I wasnt alarmed, or scared,

    nor did I respond to my attacker with force. There was more to the dream but Ill cover that afterI touch on why Im writing.

    So I get into a conversation a half hour ago with a friend who has very frequent, vivid dreams

    and remembers them for a very long time. I told her my dream and she looked up what beingstabbed means in a dream:To dream that you have been stabbed signifies your struggle with power. You are experiencingfeelings of inadequacy and defensiveness. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are feelingbetrayed as reflected by the popular phrase, "being stabbed in the back".

    Now heres the kicker- My friend sent me a text message about a dream just before I called her.It read, I cant remember who stabbed me, a male character no doubt, as has been the norm. ButI remember standing on a sidewalk in a city and being stabbed in my front side. JUST LIKE

    MY DREAM. Thats why I called her to discuss our shared dream.

    Steve, I thought the dream was just a strange occurrence and nothing more until my friend readthat description and it hit me like a brick. Im definitely feeling like Im being attacked on an

    emotional and spiritual level, and Im in a defensive position. I feel like we are going through amassive betrayal. I have been fighting in my head with the ramifications of looming gunconfiscations, Feinsteins AWB, and the potential to make me and millions of other law-abidinggun owners instant criminals, and possibly pushing us into a hot war. That is my struggle withpower. Do I resist, do I acquiesce?

    Obviously I resist, because in my dream I remember asking myself, Do I pull out the knife? Do

    I not pull out the knife? Several times I asked myself this question before finally withdrawing

    the knife. I looked at the knife and lamented it being serrated its entire length, which didadditional damage upon removal. I looked down at the wound and could see it was quite large,but not causing severe pain, or fear, or panic. I could see the layers of skin separated, a layer ofsubcutaneous fat, abdominal muscle, intestines, etc. Still, after removing the knife and looking atthe wound, I remember using my hands and hold the would closed so it could heal or at least notget any worse.

    This dream and revelation has taught me one thing- We are in a time of decision, about whetherwe resist the evil which is about to be thrust upon us, or acquiesce. If we resist, there will be a

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    great conflict, and a great amount of damage inflicted to our country by resisting. This act ofresisting, removing the knife, is the only way we can heal.


    Dec 28, 2012

    I saw in the sky stars falling down to earth. Only before they hit the earth, they became like men

    Last night I had a dream, it was weird. I saw in the sky stars falling downto earth. Only before they hit the earth, they became like men. Or whatlooked like men, only they were tall and they had long hair. They were notmen though, from what I could tell. I was in an apartment complex and Icould see that everything was destroyed like people left in a hurry andcars were crashed into the building and each other, I saw a dead lady

    hanging from one of the cars. I went inside to get away from one of thestars. I heard it land nearby and then I heard it walking, it took reallyloud steps, like it was really heavy, sounded like a machine or bulldozer.Things inside that apartment were shaking, inside the apartment I found ayoung child, that had been left behind, I scooped him into my arms anddecided that I would care for him and save him the best I could seeing thatI could find no adults. I then began to run to hide and escape the thingthat was making the loud foot step sounds. I don't watch TV or movies and Itold my daughter, she told me about this site. I never had a dream likethis in my life, it scared me. Luciano

    Dec 28, 2012


    Hi Steve, I've stumbled into your website a couple months ago and have beenchecking in practically everyday since to keep tabs on the news articlesthat the "real news" never deems to be important. I am a person who hasvery vivid dreams and visions that have gotten very intense in the pastyear or so. I'd like to share a dream I had last night that I thought wasimportant to share. It has two parts to it that are connected, yetseparate.

    In the first part, I was walking out of the grocery store with a small bagof food and heading to my car to go home. I didn't make it ten feet out ofthe store when I was stopped by a cop who was geared up like he was specops or something. He demanded ID, what I was doing and where I was going.I complied, and he let me go on. But I was stopped again, twice morebefore I made it to my car. These military cops were standing about 30-40

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    feet apart from each other and stopping everyone. I remember feeling afraidthat they wouldn't believe me, even though I was telling the truth. I gotthe feeling that as long as these guys weren't in a bad mood, I'll be ok.The other strange thing about this was that my ID said I lived in Roanoke.In reality, I live in Texas with no intention of moving right now. Also,

    Roanoke is the colony that disappeared.

    The second part of my dream was at a meeting or conference type thing.There was one guy who was trying to tell everyone what was really going on,much like what you do on your website. I got the impression he is a publicfigure, particularly in radio. I didn't recognize him as any particularperson and felt that he represented people who act as mouthpieces againstthe regimes that have successfully quieted people into a sort ofsubmission. When the meeting ended, he didn't have any supporters, theyall shrugged him off. I stepped up and told him that I believe what he issaying and what he shared only confirmed my dreams and visions as well as

    research. Suddenly we were both being hunted down by the same militarycops from the first part of the dream, but I realized, they were mostlyafter him, not me so much. When I realized this, I suddenly grew togiant-sized and could look down and had a good view of a city that waspractically empty except for this chase. I helped the guy escape from themilitary cops, then I woke up.

    The exact meaning of this isn't hard to understand. My dreams usually usesymbols, or they just plainly put it out there. I believe the first partto be what is coming for the average person, I everything that I'veresearched and in the visions that I've had, I'm convinced now that wealready are in a military state, but it will be obvious to everyone whenit's too late to prevent it. People will be afraid to go get food. Everyperson will be asked their business due to suspected terrorism. Youbreathe wrong and you will be suspected. The Roanoke thing is what'sthrowing me off a little. I'm not sure what the connection is. But Iactually remember being in the dream and thinking that it was weird.

    The second part is obvious to me. Persecution will come to those who speakthe truth. The fact that I represented the average person who believed thespeaker of the truth shows that when things get bad, some people will standup, stand tall, and fight back. I've seen a lot of things in my dreams andvisions and was scared to share them because they are so strange sometimes,but this is important. Their regime has been in planning for many years, Ithink decades, but it will not last for as long as they think it will. Itwill only last as long as people let it. We are not weak, stupid people.When people figure out what is going on, they will have a decision to make,and it won't be too late. There is always hope. The world won't end, butit will change.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    Thank you Steve, for standing up now.

    Dec 27, 2012

    I was standing outside looking up at the night sky and I was looking at what appeared to be 2 fullmoons in the sky.

    Hi Brother Steve,

    I had the strangest dream last night and I want to share it with you. In the dream I was standingoutside looking up at the night sky and I was looking at what appeared to be 2 full moons in thesky. I went back inside my house to gather the others to come outside and see what appeared tobe 2 moons. As we were watching more started to appear in the sky and they started movingaround in these strange pattern's, it became obvious they weren't moons. I looked around and

    noticed that there was now crowds of people all around watching these what now looked like justbig balls of light in the sky. There were many of them now and they started to ascend to the earth.There was one close enough that I could actually see it coming down into a nearby field and as ithit the ground it morphed into a child that appeared to be around the age of 10 years old or so,wearing a strange robe. The child began to run straight for a crowd of people that was near him,the people were not afraid and the child ran up to the first person, and grabbed a man by the armand pulled the back of the mans hand up to his forehead. Immediately everyone started to runfrom the child in fear, it was hard for me to see what happened to the man after the child put theback of the mans hand to his forehead, but it obviously wasn't good because everyone started torun in fear. I panicked and started looking for a place to run too when the child saw me andstarted to run straight for me. It was like I was paralyzed when the child got near because I wasn't

    able to run away, he was right by me and I could see his face, he was defiantly not completelyhuman. There was a bump or a notch on his forehead and he grabbed me by the hand and startedpulling the back of my hand up to his forehead. I struggled with him trying to pull away fromhim, but he was so strong for a child and seemed to have some strange power. Before the back ofmy hand touched his forehead where that notch was I awoke from the dream and I was veryshaken up from it. Have you ever heard of anything like these strange demonic children before?Also, I apologize for my horrible grammar and punctuations.

    Dec 26, 2012


    Hi Steve, I saw your section on dreams and visions, so I thought I wouldshare a dream I had. I have dreams sometimes, and I think I would have alotmore if I walked closer to God, because I have more dreams when I am inprayer, fasting, and focused on things of God more. Ok well, here is one ofthe more recent and pertinent ones that I had in May of 2009, regardingwhat I believe is the future of our country. I believe it was a message,

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    because it was unusual, specific details that I remembered, and clearly inorder, unlike other dreams I have, and I woke up with a deep feeling that Ihad seen something that was actually happening in reality, along with anurgency regarding souls and eternal matters:

    I was in a house and I heard threatening growls in the back yard, so Igrabbed my pistol and went to see what it was. At first I only saw a littlebrown dog and I thought 'he's not hurting anyone, that's not what I heard.'So I kept looking.

    This house had really high windows like 20 feet high close to the tallceiling, but I could see out of them somehow, and they were really small. Ifinally saw the dog who was threatening, it was a pure black dog, and as Iwatched him, he started growing tall, at least as tall as the house andcame to the window I was looking out of. By now the windows had grownlarger and lower, not so high and small. The dog stuck his head into the

    window and broke into it, and now his head and neck was in the house. Sothere I was with this huge black dog head filling up the whole room, and itcould have killed me, very scary, so I didn't even try to shoot it or fightit, I left to another room of the house where there were a lot of otherpeople standing around what seemed like a kitchen table.

    A while later, I asked someone what ever happened with that dog that brokein, and I was shown visually how that once it had gotten its head into thehouse, he was able to wiggle his whole body in through the window leg byleg and break into the house. Once I saw that scene, I had the overwhelmingfeeling that a monumental violation had occurred, and nothing would ever bethe same again. Then I looked and the dog had turned into a young man,about 14 to 16 years old. And he was a tall man-sized boy, but somethingwas wrong with him, he was perverted. And he went around scaring everyoneand tricking or scaring them into doing perverted things. And everyone washiding their weapons from him, and mostly ignoring him when they could, butsecretly scared. We all talked amongst ourselves, standing around thattable and pretending he wasnt there.

    At the table, there was a lady between me and the boy, so I thought hecouldn't see me and I had a fancy knife that I understood somehow was myweapon in my right hand. It had curved silvery razor blades all around it.I have never seen a weapon like it, but when I thought he wasn't watching,I slipped it into a drawer behind the girl's back. Somehow I had aknowledge that others were doing the same. We hid our weapons from him.

    Then suddenly me and two of my family members, were in a back room watchinga projector screen, but it seemed what we were shown was real life. We werewatching a bloody war scene from the streets of somewhere in America, and Inever knew where it was taking place. But it was a violent gun fight and

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    one side was obviously losing real bad. It was pretty obviously a ragtaggang of rebellion against what was happening in the authority structure.The rebels were the losing side, and they seemed like ordinary Americanmen, young to middle age, and caucasian. They were using very modernautomatic styled fighting rifles.

    There were at least two beings that I could barely see there in the roomwith us, showing us this battle scene on that projector screen, and onebeing told the other 'Don't show it to her in color, show it in black andwhite'. I think that is because the bloodshed was really disturbing me.They moved close to the projector, and they reached out toward the screenwith their hands, and the scene changed from color to black and white.After that, it did not seem as bloody, but it showed me how soft I am,because I am not used to seeing how brutal and gory it was. It was a veryreal scene that struck a deep nerve with me, like I was seeing it happen infront of me in real time.

    The side that was winning was cutting off the heads of the defenseless menand lining them up along the side of the street in pairs, as a sign orwarning I guess, but it was gruesome scene of cutting the heads off andsevering the spine, some were alive and some were already dead, but thelive ones were severely wounded already and were very helpless. They weredoing it in a very fast sloppy way, and like it was planned ahead of timeto do it in that way. By the way, I DONT EVER HAVE DREAMS LIKE THIS!

    I noticed, about half of the men died horribly and the other half diedpeacefully, some even before their heads were cut off, but it was very hardto watch and gruesome, they were lining heads up on the side of the streetin twos. Two by two. It was obviously a street of some town, and I knew itwas somewhere in America, but it felt like not everywhere stood up andfought like that, although there was oppression all over. There was alot ofhelplessness against what was happening. I tried and tried to see who wasdoing the beheadings, but it was hidden from me.

    At that point I could sense eternity so strong on the dead mens faces, andthe obvious message I felt from that is to be closer to God than everbefore. Maybe it was a warning mostly meant for me. I woke up at thatmoment with the knowledge that I had seen something real.

    I don't think I have the interpretation of the dream completely, but someof the things that I believe I do understand, is that the black dogrepresented what the Obama administration was used to do to our country. Idon't think Bush was innocent either for the record, but as I saw eventstaking place in the economy, politics and laws after that dream, I couldsee the legs of that dog working their way into that house, and I felt thatsame feeling that we are never going back. That dream gave me alot of peace

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    with the grief of saying goodbye to freedoms and priveleges we have known,because I felt God himself has shown me he is letting it happen. He showedme it is no surprise to him. Also, I think the windows of the house weresmall and high at first, because the house was fortified, but they gotbigger and lower, as defenses were removed. I am unsure completely about

    the perverted man that people were afraid of, but ignoring. The mediamaybe? Corrupt spirits? Foreign guards or peacekeepers on our streets? Onlyspeculation.

    At the time of this dream, I could not imagine our guns being taken anytime soon, but now we can see that is a strong threat, and an agenda beingbrought against us. I wondered if my 'silvery' weapon was a hint at hidingother valuable items as well as guns?

    As far as the battle scene, it showed how bad things would get, and howhelpless we will be against it, and how the important thing will be to have

    our souls right with God. I believe there is a significance to the headsbeing placed two by two on the sides of the streets, and I have come tobelieve that when times get that bad, God will show me something, or bringsomeone to tell me something, that I will recognize as being from this partof my dream. Or if I share my dream enough, it may be for someone else.Maybe this will be something to help us see that God is with us, even rightin the middle of some pretty harrowing things. It may also be someinstruction or confirmation at the right time, but only if I remain closeto him and following after his ways. God Bless.


    Dec 26, 2012

    Weep and howl for the misery that shall come shortly.

    Another Visitation from the LordPastor T.D. Hale Nov. 24th 2012

    I was immediately standing in front of the desk in the Oval Office. Standing in the Oval office Iwas in front of the president. A voice came forth and said, Weep and howl for the misery that

    shall come shortly.

    There on the floor of the Oval office was the eagle I saw him shoot back in Dec. He walks frombehind that desk with the same smirk I saw on his face and puts his foot on the neck of the eagle.At this point he picks it up by its head and twisted it three times until his head came off from thebody.

  • 7/30/2019 Prophecies Steve Quayle


    At that point that voice said, The spirit of Rehoboam. I knew what that meant and I knew itrested upon the President.

    (MB note, When King Solomon died, his son Rehoboam took his office. He abolished

    worship of the LORD and in its place built two golden calf idols, the Lord mentions calf further


    The president of the United States was dressed in total black; Black suit, tie, shirt, shoes, pants,total black. As I was standing in front of him looking directly at him, all of a sudden his chestcavity began to open and his heart was exposed. As I was looking at his heart, thick black, darkmist was swirling around his heart.

    At this point he picked up a gavel in his hand which was part wood and part stone. Handle was

    wood; head of the gavel was stone. He hits a document on the desk and when he did anearthquake hit Washington .

    All of a sudden I was standing above the White