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Prosperent Affiliate Tools. For Affiliates, by Affiliates

Date post:18-Jan-2015
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  • 1. Aliate Tools For Aliates, By Aliates

2. Make More on Your Aliate Site Using Prosperent When you leverage our merchant relationships, data, and tools, you have the opportunity to maximize your revenue. Heres how: 3. Higher Commissions As a part of Prosperent, you will enjoy the higher commissions we have negotiated with merchants. For example, Nordstroms oers new aliates a 2% commission. Through Prosperent, you have the opportunity to earn up to 20%. 4. Instant Access to Merchants Connect with Prosperents huge network of leading merchants automatically up sign-up. Immediately show targeted ads and products from any of our over 4,800 merchants. 5. Active Community Our forum is active and collaborative. Ask questions, nd answers, and stay updated on the latest deals and oers. See what other aliates are trying, and improve your strategies. 6. Access to Prosperent Team We view you as an essential part of the Prosperent team. Your feedback, questions and ideas are a priority to us. We are dedicated building tools, collaborating and providing the data necessary to ensure your success. 7. Merchant Relationship Management We handle commission negotiations, program applications, and something else. This allows you to focus on what really matters, growing your business. 8. Standardized Data If youve worked with a merchant data feed, you know they can be a nightmare. They frequently have incorrect tags, broken images and extra code. We clean up the data to make it easier for you to use a feed. 9. Responsive Ads Our ads are responsive, which means they scale to the width of your page. You can be condent that the ads will display properly on any screen, whether theyre showing on a phone or a desktop. 10. Access to Trending Data We collect mountains of data so we can share with you which merchants and products are performing best. We track which brands are hot and when you should push specic seasonal products. This is all available to you, for free. 11. Trac Optimization Your links will always go to the highest converting merchant or product. If a merchant goes out of business, your links are automatically redirected to the same product from another merchant. 12. Automated Tools Our software scans your content and delivers ads that match what you are writing about. You can focus on content, rather than searching for relevant products. You can place the ads wherever you want on the site. 13. Retargeting 95% of shoppers dont purchase the rst time they visit a site. When a repeat visitor returns to your site, ProsperAds will show products similar to or exactly what the visitor shopped for on the previous visit- increasing the likelihood that they will purchase. 14. All Your Data in One Spot All of your aliate related data from all merchants and networks is accessible on the Prosperent dashboard. Youll save time and eort by logging into one site. We make it easier to keep all your data organized so you can see trends and improve your strategies. 15. One Payment Prosperent makes it easy for you to keep track of what youre owed by paying once a month via Paypal or Payoneer. 16. Free to Use. Free to Join. We operate on a revenue share model with you receiving 70% of the commission. All of our data, tools and community are available to you at no cost!

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