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Puppet Camp Dallas 2014: Puppet Keynote

Date post:10-May-2015
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Puppet Camp Dallas 2014: Puppet Keynote (Beginner) by Owen Rodabaugh, Puppet Labs
  • 1.Owen Rodabaugh owen@puppetlabs.com

2. A Quick Poll 3. We live in Interesting Times 4. More. Faster. 5. Old practices are constraints ... 6. ...and old constraints are gone 7. Major IT movements 8. No future.... 9. SaaS sets the trend 10. Enterprise pays the bills 11. Driving down the cost of technological change 12. Started 8.5 years ago 13. Datacenter and Cloud Automation 14. Language: Easy to Get Started class ssh { ! package { 'openssh-server': ensure => present, } ! file { 'sshd_config': path => '/etc/ssh/sshd_config', source => puppet:///modules/ssh/sshd_config', require => Package['openssh-server'], notify => Service['sshd'], } ! service { 'sshd': ensure => running, enable => true, require => File['sshd_config'], } ! } 15. New Approach: Software Dened Infrastructure 1. DEFINE 2. SIMULATE 4. REPORT Re-usable infrastructure-as-code Before deploying changes Automatically and reliablyInsight into changes DESIRED STATE CURRENT STATE 3. ENFORCE } 16. Facts The node sends normalized data about itself to the Puppet Master. 1 Catalog Puppet uses the Facts to compile a Catalog that specifies how the node should be configured. 2 Report Puppets open API can also send data to third party tools. 4 Report The node reports back to Puppet indicating the configuration is complete, which is visible in the Puppet Dashboard. 3 Report Collector (Puppet or 3rd party tool) Node Puppet Master SSL secure encryption on all data transport Lifecycle of a Puppet Run 17. Puppet Architecture Web Server Database ServerApplication Server Reporting GUI & Workflows Content Admin & Security Virtual Machine CloudHardware PUPPET MASTER SERVER PUPPET AGENT PUPPET FORGE CONTENT MARKETPLACE PUPPET AGENT PUPPET AGENT PUPPET OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM 18. Puppet Enterprise 19. Solid platform 20. Ecosystem Support 21. Get there faster 22. Interactive Event Analysis 23. Live Management: Remote Control of Puppet Agent 24. Live Management: Resource Browsing and Centralized Inv. 25. Cloud Provisioner / VMWare Support 26. Non-Root Puppet Agent Support 27. Supported Modules 28. Current Supported Modules 29. Puppet Forge 30. Puppet Forge 31. Open Source 32. Technical Proving Ground 33. Highly Flexible Core Components 34. Puppet Core language for specifying infrastructure state Transactional system for enforcing it Resource Abstraction Layer Reusable modules: Puppet Forge Puppet Enterprise built on top of Puppet 35. MCollective (mco) Parallel, real-time execution across your whole network Real-time discovery of all nodes and their functions Powerful command and control tool Drives Orchestration Engine in Puppet Enterprise 36. PuppetDB Stores all congurations, facts, and reports Knows everything there is to know about your infrastructure Foundation for nearly all reporting and analysis Foundation for Puppet / Puppet Enterprise data storage 37. Facter Facts: bits of data that you care about Core inputs for customizing Puppet congurations per host Easily pluggable to collect new data or store it in existing databases Supports rich data structures Foundation for Puppet / Puppet Enterprise Inventory 38. Hiera Separate site conguration data from reusable code Iterate and promote code quickly without having to manage dev/test conguration differences Foundation for Puppet / Puppet Enterprise Hierarchical Data 39. Razor Rules-based provisioning for bare metal hardware and virtual servers Feeds directly into your Puppet Infrastructure Physical machines as easy to provision as VMs Provision servers, then use Puppet / Puppet Enterprise 40. Puppet Labs 41. Customers Everywhere 42. Were Hiring! Professional Services (everywhere) Engineering QA Modules Forge Windows Platform Solutions Engineering Support ...and lots more puppetlabs.com/about/careers 43. Whats Next? 44. Join the Community Learn from others Ask/Answer questions http://ask.puppetlabs.com mailing lists IRC Help with bug triage Contribute code Contribute modules on the Forge puppetlabs.com/community 45. Take In-Person Training & Get Certied 46. People Love our Worldwide Training! I liked being with other sharp admins in an environment where "cross-pollination" and experimentation were encouraged. A brilliant course to jump into using puppet fast and effectively. Very useful information, a good start for our Puppet team, and would highly recommend it. 47. Take Online Training puppetlabs.com/learn 48. Inuence Products 49. Questions? Questions? 50. Thank You! ! Learn More: http://puppetlabs.com http://puppetlabs.com/community http://puppetlabs.com/puppet/puppet-enterprise/

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