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Putting It All Together: A Retailer's Perspective on Maximizing Revenue through Bronto

Date post:13-Jan-2015
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We all sign up with Bronto, committed to driving as much revenue as we can through our marketing efforts. And whether you have just become a customer or have been one for years, there are always new things to learn and new ways to maximize your ROI. Follow the journey of Reeds' Jewelers as we share our secrets to success for high conversions, greater customer retention and more money!
  • 1. Putting It All TogetherA Retailers Perspective on MaximizingRevenue through Bronto

2. What can Bronto do for you? 3. What can Bronto do for you?Targeted EmailsLife Style MarketingRe-engagementLeverage CRM DataIncrease EngagementIndividualized ServiceLife Cycle MarketingUse Social MediaGrow Your Email ListIncrease EngagementHealthier Email List 4. Tip #1: Have a PlanA Goal and A Plan Decide what you want to accomplish withEmail. Prioritize Goals. Create measurable Metrics. Create a plan. Execute the plan. Evaluate the results. Repeat or Move on. 5. How to shorten the Learning CurveGet a Partner Account Rep and/or Marketing Strategist You dont know what you dont know Make them a part of goal setting and youraction plan process. 6. Ask Good QuestionsChase the low hanging fruit.My favorite question:What are the best practices that thesuccessful companies are using in this areathat we can execute easily? 7. Tip #2 Use the resources you are paying for, ask for theiradvise, use their expertise, use the learning tools. 8. Want to be SocialGoal to monetize our Facebook We were doing two contest per week Offered Coupons Offered customer the ability to sign up for ouremails. 9. Want to be SocialThis is what we were told by our Marketing Strategist There are tabs (contest & coupons) that offer anemail sign up. Coupons page is not clear on permission. Bronto web forms need to be used andsubscribers need to go onto their own list so wecan monitor performance separately. 10. Want to be SocialWe did what we were told by our Marketing Strategist New Subscription Form. Clarified the Features and Benefits Set up Welcome Emails (w/coupons) Set up Segments/Lists 11. Payoff Oct 2010 2,388 Fans Nov 2011 50,193 Fans 21,149 new unique Email addresses Generated 56K in revenue from Nov 2011-Feb2012. 12. Tip #3 When they give you a solution to a problem youneed to solve. Get the project completed.(Asking for advice is not the same as taking advice) 13. I want more names Optimized Sign up This was put on the list by our Marketing Strategist. She claimed that we would experience adramatic increase in email acquisition if 14. I want more names Optimized Sign up project started March 2011 Completed the project moving sign up to thetop of the page July 2011 15. PayoffFirst change resulted in a lift of 50% in new uniqueemail addresses. Result consistent over the next 6months. 16. No time/No Resources/No ExpertiseRe-Engagement Campaign Clean our List Improve deliverability Retain standing with ISP Win Back Customers 17. No time/No Resources/No ExpertiseSprint: Starting Point 75% of our list was unengaged: hadnot opened any of the last 20 emails. 18. Payoff Recovered 24.87% of non-engaged Reduction in email costs of sends of 56%. Sales from emails generated sufficient revenueto fund cost of the sprint and campaign. 19. Bigger Payoff Starting Point 59% of list was unengaged. Recovered 51% Increased Revenue over previous Campaign Reduced Email Costs 29% Owned Knowledge/Skill Sets 20. Tip #4 Leverage their expertise and knowledge todevelop your internal assets. 21. This is what it comes down to How you maintain your list How you build your email list. How use your email List. 22. Summary1. Listen to your Marketing Strategist, or AccountRepresentative and leverage their knowledge. Sometimes it is more effective and efficient to buyknowledge and assets. Always be improving something. Optimizing emails is a journey not a project. 23. Questions ? 24. ContactMark deCausmeakerDirector Multi-Channel SalesReeds [email protected]

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