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Prepared: Puzanova Tatyana Places of Interest in Ukr aine
  • 1.Prepared: Puzanova Tatyana

2. Ukraine is one of the oldest and most beautiful countries in East Europe. The country has a fascinating history and rich culture. Apart from historic monuments, churches, museums, palaces, Ukraine is full of natural wonders, such as mountains, beaches, rivers, and simply beautiful landscapes. 3. Carpathian Mountains are considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. This place is a mix of green areas, forests, meadows and humans living in a harmony with nature. 4. Crimea is a fascinating resort for spending a summer vacation.The climate is mild, the scenery is nice and there are many interesting historic monuments. 5. The most visited sight in Kiev is the ancient monastery of Kiev Pechersk Lavra, also known as Kiev Monastery of the Caves. This historic and religious sight got its name after the district where it is located. Every year millions of visitors come to see its unique buildings and take a tour along the caves. 6. Khortytsia is a national cultural reserve located on one of the largest islands of the Dnieper river, in Ukraine. The island has unique flora and fauna, including oak groves, spruce woods, meadows, and steppe. 7. The Khotyn Fortress is a fortification complex located on the right bank of the Dniester River in Khotyn, Chernivtsi Oblast of western Ukraine. The fortress is a large tourist attraction for the area and Ukraine. In 2007, the fortress was named one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. It is also a National Ukrainian Architectural Preserve . 8. Kamyana Mohyla is an archaeological site in the Molochna River valley, about a mile from the village of Terpinnya, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine. 9. People say that one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine is Lviv. It is a very poetic city of ancient and relatively new architecture. The city was once the part of Austro-Hungarian Empire and then Poland. One of the most interesting places in Lviv is the 16th century market with its square Ploshcha Rynok.