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Date post:11-Mar-2020
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    Data Driving Enhanced Performance


    Jill Curry, Dietetics Services Manager

    Yvonne Graham, Head of Information and Records November 2018

  • Business Intelligence in NHSCT

    ⚫ BI Development - January 2012

    ⚫ Drivers:

    – Utilise our data better – drive improvements

    – Data needs to be live/current

    – Reports need to be meaningful

    – Self-service culture

    ⚫ Tool of Choice

    Aim: to provide better access to accurate up-to-date

    information to support decision making

  • 21 Live Qlik Apps

    180 Active Users

    500 Sessions

    Last Week

    270m Rows of Data

    Last Week

    Live/Operational Apps • Acute Patient Flow

    • Theatres at a Glance

    • ED Live

    • Mental Health

    Historical and Trending Apps • Acute Activity/SBA Monitoring

    • Community Activity – AHP/Nursing

    • Community Care – Social Work and Community Beds

    • Children’s Social Care

    • ED Quality Indicators

    • Clinician Dashboard

  • The Value of

    Business Intelligence

    A Service Manager Perspective

  • Desire for Improvement

    ⚫ Quality data – accurate, timely and consistent (in-line with regional guidance and HSCT approach)

    ⚫ Comprehensive but necessary coding – standardisation of

    information captured on information system (LCID) –

    professional and administrative activities

    ⚫ Influencing ‘self-reporting’ options and information within


  • Overview of Service Manager Responsibility NHSCT Nutrition and Dietetic Service

    ⚫ Across all care settings (based within 11 NHSCT sites)

    ⚫ Provision of care within paediatric and adult services

    ⚫ Includes ~ 20 specialisms (such as diabetes, eating disorders, health improvement,

    learning disability, neonatal, oncology and renal)

    Regional Prescribing Support Dietetic Service

    ⚫ Based throughout Northern Ireland (Armagh, Ballymena, Belfast, Londonderry and


    ⚫ Primary care facing service

    ⚫ Focuses on improving patient care and outcomes, whilst ensuring pharmaceutical clinical


    Site Co-ordinator

    ⚫ Causeway Hospital

    ⚫ Out of Hours provision

  • Nutrition and Dietetic Performance


    Department of Health – Allied Health Profession (AHP)

    PFA Elective Access Targets : Waiting Times (

  • Nutrition and Dietetic Service

    Qlikview Dashboard

    Figures for Demo Purposes Only

  • Self reporting tab

    Figures for Demo Purposes Only

  • Regional Prescribing Support Dietetic Team

    ⚫ Quarterly Reports – HSCB / PHA:

    o - Clinical Contacts

    o - New : Review Ratio

    o - Monitoring of information specific to each local commissioning

    area (S Eastern, Southern, Belfast, Northern and Western)

  • Site Co-ordinator: ED Dashboard

    Figures for Demo Purposes Only

  • Benefits of Qlikview & Business Intelligence

    ⚫ Overview of service business intelligence

    ⚫ Near “real time” information

    ⚫ Informs accountability reports and specific work (including 14/15 C&D

    AHP exercise, quarterly performance reports, DoH AHP workforce

    review statistics and future transformation investment template

    proposal monitoring)

    ⚫ Influences commissioning (disease specific conditions)

    ⚫ Assists with service planning and development

  • Benefits of Qlikview & Business Intelligence

    ⚫ Improves credibility with internal/ external partners (provision of timely

    and accurate information)

    ⚫ Helps inform “Freedom of Information” requests

    ⚫ Improves professional supervision through caseload management

    ⚫ Encourages adherence with regional clinical care pathways across

    teams and by individuals (facilitating auditing against best practice/


    ⚫ Future developments within Qlikview – clinical outcome achievements

  • ‘Most of what we call

    management consists of making it

    difficult for people to get their

    work done’

    Peter Drucker

  • Figures for Demo Purposes Only

  • Figures for Demo Purposes Only

  • Qlik Sense

    Qlik’s next generation BI Tool

    Data Association\Suggestion Engine

    Modern Visualisations

    Responsive User Interface

    Optimised for Mobile devices


    Scalable Architecture

  • Questions

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