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  • QlikView | Industry Data Sheet | Retail & Wholesale Distribution

    Industry challengesWhile the Web gave retailers additional sales and service channels, it also em-powered customers with easier product and price comparisons, and sharing online reviews of in-store and online shopping experiences. More informed shoppers increase competitive pressures. Goals to attract customers, capture their spend and earn their loyalty now require:


    Cross-functionalvisibilityintomoreagile business processes

    Improvedcapabilitiesformarginoptimization and cost controls

    Customer-focuseddecisionmakingthroughout retail and wholesale value chains

    InhibitorsThe industrys technology systems ad-dress functional business needs versus cross-functional process needs. Systems are difficult and costly to integrate and can be major inhibitors to running a more agile, customer-focused business. Companies with substantial invest-ments in proprietary legacy systems and traditional business intelligence applica-tions still lack business agility. Infor-mation used for decision making may be recent but not current, and the applications are difficult and expensive to maintain impairing agility while adding to operational costs.

    QlikView solutionWithQlikViewin-memoryanalysis,retailers and wholesalers can integrate data in real time from across business functions and remove inhibitors to customer-centric business agility.

    Unliketraditionalbusinessintelligence,QlikViewcanbeimplementedindays.End users can be trained in minutes. Data can be analyzed across unlim-ited dimensions and explored in any direction against the entire data volume downtothetransactionlevels.QlikViewprovides fast, visual, flexible and power-ful analysis all enabled through its in-memory associative technology.

    More than 500 retailers and wholesal-ersworldwidehaveturnedtoQlikView

    to improve performance. Retailers and wholesalersrelyonQlikViewsun-matched flexibility and ease of use for clear visibility into their functional and departmental processes, enabling:

    Improvedunderstandingofcurrentcustomer needs and the business agility to meet them

    Improvedcross-functionaldataanalysis for optimizing sales vol-umes, margins and operational costs

    Improvedcross-functionalsupplychain visibility, flow and forecasting

    Improvedcoordinationandmanage-ment of in-store, online and catalog operations

    Improvedexecutiveinsightsintooperations, performance drivers andrisks

    Easierfinancialanalysisandcon-solidated reporting for regulatory compliance

    QlikView for Retail and Wholesale Distribution Enabling cross-functional intelligence for customer-centric business agility

    Under constant competitive pressure, retailers and wholesalers must continu-ally strive for higher levels of innovation and business agility. Industry shifts are clearly toward more sophisticated technology to both capture spend of increasingly savvy consumers and further optimize operational efficiencies. Aligning business processes with consumer behaviors is key, but data cap-tured in function-specific systems cannot be analyzed or shared easily. With QlikView in-memory analysis, retailers and wholesalers quickly and affordably leverage real-time customer and business process intelligence to drive and synchronize customer-centric merchandising, operations and supply chains.

    Representative QlikView Customers

    99 Only Stores

    Ahlers Group

    Alabama Farmers Cooperative

    Applebees (Thomas & King)

    C&S Wholesale Grocers

    Campbells Soup


    Connacht Gold

    Dean Foods

    E. Breuninger



    Eden Park


    Grotto Gas

    Henderson Group

    Kentucky Fried Chicken




    Robinsons Group

    Saks Fifth Avenue


    WH Smith


  • QlikView | Industry Data Sheet | Retail & Wholesale Distribution

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    QlikView for Customer-Centric Business Agility

    In-store operational analysisEmpower store managers with complete insight into their operational data and easy information sharing with regionalandcorporateoffices,supplychains, your other stores and corporate businessfunctions.WithQlikViewdashboards, analysis and reporting standardized for your organization and processes, each operating location can better manage their store-level P&L, merchandising, inventory, workforcesandschedulingforoptimal performance leveraging bothlocalknowledgeandenterprisetransparency.

    Multi-channel operational analysisManage e-commerce, catalog sales and call centers with real-time analysis that integrates with the rest of your organi-zation for stronger sales, brand value and customer loyalty. Analyze best selling positions and colors for products on a Web or catalog page, and best products and services to recommend to shoppers when browsing a category. Analyze frequencies, types, outcomes andpeakperiodsofcustomerinterac-tions for merchandising, supply chain and resource utilization advantages. Yoursystemscapturetheknowledge;QlikViewallowsittoworkharderforbusiness.

    Customer management analysisCustomerinformationswellsindatabas-es inside and outside of your organiza-tion.UseQlikViewanalysistounder-stand buyers, identify trends before competitors,guidemarketingprograms,tune loyalty programs, and explore new ways to reinforce perceptions of value. WithcapabilitiestolinkotherbusinessfunctionsinQlikView,customerknowl-edge becomes a clear differentiator for driving multiple competitive advantages.

    Merchandising analysisUseQlikViewtospeedmore-informedproduct assortment and buying deci-sions, manage product categories and inventories,createandtrackpromo-tional campaigns, and adjust product pricing for optimal margin and volume tradeoffs.Cross-functionalvisibilityintocustomerknowledge,supplychainsand sales channels enables foresight, planning and logistics for true customer-centric business agility.

    Supply chain analysisDisconnects among data-driven pro-cesses for supply/demand planning and forecasting, warehouse and inventory management, distribution and logistics, procurement, and supplier management impair business agility and increase operationalcosts.QlikViewquicklyex-poses redundant and inconsistent data in disparate databases for easy reme-diation, enabling your organization to workwiththesameinformationacross

    supply chain processes and dependent business functions. At each process level,yourQlikViewendusersgainana-lytical insights to optimize operational efficienciesmadepossiblebyyournewmaster data management system.

    Executive performance managementUsingQlikView,executivesmonitordashboardKPIstomaketimely,fact-based,financiallyjustifiedbusinessdeci-sions.CFOssimplifyfinancialreportingandcompliancewithSOX,IFRSandGAAP. Since analyses can be conducted on any data by any dimension for ex-ample, P&L by region, category, store, etc. corporate administrators apply QlikViewdecisionsupporttoassetmanagement,riskmanagement,HRandmaterial resource utilization, payroll andbenefits,planning,budgetingandmore.QlikViewsassociativedataplatforminspiresintuitivethinking,exploring what if? scenarios, and developing totally new business intel-ligence applications within hours.

    Enabling customer-centric business agility fast and affordablyLeading retailers and wholesalers world-wideuseQlikViewastheirplatformtodeliver easy-to-use, fast and fl exible anal-ysis across their business functions. With QlikView,companiesseizestrategicandtactical advantages by empowering their organizations with coveted customer-centric business agility in highly competi-tiveandever-changingmarkets.


    Executive ManagementFinancial Consolidation Reporting KPI Dashboard Reporting Predictive / What-if Analysis Compliance, Risk & Sustainability Reporting Real Estate & Asset Management Analysis

    Supply Chain Advanced Demand Planning & Scheduling Sourcing, Procurement & Vendor Analysis Inventory & Warehouse Management Distribution & Logistics Analysis Reverse Logistics (Damages / Repairs / Recalls) Analysis

    MerchandisingAssortment Planning & PLM Category / Item / Seasonality Management Price & Revenue Management Marketing / Promotion / Event Management Gross Margin Analysis

    In-Store OperationsP&L Analysis by Region / District / Store POS (Sales, Exchanges, Returns) Analysis Inventory Management & Stock Maintenance Labor Scheduling & Payroll Analysis Fraud & Loss Prevention Analysis

    Multi-Channel OperationsRetail Catalog Operations eCommerce Operations Customer Service & Call Center Operations Order / Cart / Category Analysis Channel Order / Profi tability Analysis

    Customer ManagementCustomer Profi le Segmentati

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