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Date post:11-Apr-2017
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  • QlikView

  • Associative Thought driven Natural Freeing Flexible Collaborative Personal Empowering

    Patented In Memory Associative Technology


    Time M



    & P




    64 Bit

    Traditional Cube OLAP


    QlikView Real-time OLAP

    Real-time processing

    In Memory Fast Light impact Visually Interactive Summary and Detail Portable Simple Inexpensive Integrative

    The power of simplicity How

  • Our Value Proposition: 1/4 the time, 1/2 the cost, 2x the value

    QlikView New Rules

    Everyone Else Fast Deployment





    Source: IDC whitepaper by Dan Vesset and Brian McDonough, QlikTechs Approach to Business Intelligence: Keep It Simple and Flexible

    Within two days of downloading a trial version of QlikView, Shell Sweden had a

    prototype application for analyzing financial data. It became a customer and later

    expanded QlikView usage to sales and operations functions.

    A Nacka kommun representative emphasized how user friendly QlikView was, stating, "It is so easy to work with it seems like fun."

    Dakota Healthcare built an application to allow users to navigate through massive amounts of related data to each insurance claim. The 200GB database was compressed into 500MB and loaded into the RAM of a 64-bit Windows Server 2003.

    Zurich, a Swiss insurance firm, was able to reduce the workload of report development and maintenance from seven full-time dedicated staff to two people working over a two- to three-day period every month.

    IDG Denmark chose to download a trial of QlikView and had some initial skepticism about the low cost of the solution. However, due to the ease of implementation and functionality, IDG soon became a satisfied, paying customer.

    Deluca Homes, a manufacturer of homes turned to QlikView to provide: applications that enable monitoring of the performance of contractors involved in the building and inspection of homes, provision of KPIs to management, and analysis of financial data.

  • What makes QlikView special, on need to know basis?

    QlikView is a new generation tool:

    All data are stored in memory and processed from there faster! Traditional generation BI tools working with views

    Makes associative connections like human brain: no top-down, no data structure knowledge required ...

    PC: 3 versions 8.5 very recent update to 9 Analyser (only consult reports)

    Professional: also creation of reports, chart, etc (advanced users)

    Developer: also create datawarehouse etc (IT)

    Server: on a windows server


    Publisher (most expensive license, not for SMEs)

  • What can you do met QlikView?

    Create flexible end user interface for DW View on relations between data Make presentations, based on your data Cretae dynamic graphs and tables Perform statistical analysis Link descriptions and multimedia to data Sert up your own expert system Create new tables and merge information from different sources Build your own BI system

  • Using QlikView Professional

    Starting QlikView

    Basic Layout and Navigation Remember, a QlikView file contains everything the user needs to perform

    meaningful data analysis, including the data itself and all the layout

    information, objects and sheets defined by the Professional developer

  • Using QlikView Professional

  • Wat strikes you?


    selected data green

    associated data white

    unrelated data grey

    Context help Help topics

    View Toolbars menus tabs

    Toolbar: design table relations (data structure)

    Sheet is the basis: right click sheet objects

  • Using QlikView Professional

  • Sheets and Sheet Objects

  • Sheets and Sheet Objects

    Sheet Basics A QlikView document uses at least one sheet on which sheet objects are


    Even if a number of sheet objects have been placed on several different

    sheets, all sheet objects are still fully connected by the QlikView logic.

  • Sheet Objects Include: List Boxes

    Statistics Boxes

    Multi Boxes

    Table Boxes


    Input Boxes

    Current Selections Boxes


    Text Objects

    Line/Arrow Objects

    Slider/Calendar Objects

    Bookmark Objects

    Custom Objects

    System Tables

    Sheets and Sheet Objects

  • Add sheet (via Layout) (or button)

    Sheet properties

    List box: select fields: Layout Select fields

    Shift click

    Ctrl click

  • Activate a sheet object: click caption

    Move a sheet object on a sheet: click and drag

    Resize sheet object: like windows

    Copy on same sheet: ctrl click and keep caption -- drag loose ctrl and mouse

    Move to another sheet: click hold and drag to tab

    Delete: via right mouse click or click caption and press delete button

  • First exercises

    1 Open file Film and save as Film2

    2 Create a new tab, copying Qvgids and name it IP

    3 Create a box current selections

  • The List Box

  • The List Box

    The List Box is the most common QlikView object. List of all possible distinct values of a field

    one value represents multiple rows in source data

    It provides one of the simplest ways of making a query and can also be used to navigate in QlikView

  • The List Box: Additional Functionality

    Performing a simple search A value: green other table values whit or grey

    Performing an advanced search Search String: click in caption (hoofding) wildcards * and ? Select excluded (e.g. all customers without er) right mouse click

    Create new list box: right mouse click CTRL-Click: multiple selections Simultaneous selections in multiple list boxes like AND Locking (= clear proof; blue, yellow) and Unlocking Selections

    Lock button

    Beacons: green blue red dot: indicates selection in other tab

  • List Box Properties: The General Tab

  • List Box Properties: The Presentation Tab

  • List Box Properties: The Sort Tab

  • List Box Properties: The Number Tab

  • List Box Properties: The Font Tab

  • List Box Properties: The Layout Tab

  • List Box Properties: Layout Tab - Advanced Caption

  • List boxes exercise

    1 Create a list box for movie title and another for year

    2 Experiment with the settings

  • The Table Box - Tabelobject

    The Table Box is a sheet object that shows several fields


    It is a combination of list boxes. Instead of placing each field in its own

    object separately, however, the Table Box combines them. The

    content of every row is logically connected. The columns may be

    fetched from different input tables, letting the user create tables

    from any possible combination of input tables.

    When you want to present the contents of several list boxes in one

    table, you need a Table Box

    to view data on detailed level

    not really for graphs or selections

  • The Table Box

    A series of List Boxes presented in comparison

    with the Table Box

  • Table box

    Make table wider

    Widen a column

    Select in table

    selection in other tab green dot (beacon)

    click in table: one column, a second one, etc


    drag caption: sequence columns

    on a column value: right click and sort

    Or via properties sort


    to Excel

    To QV export file

  • The Table Box: Advantages

    Some advantages of Table Boxes include:

    Making selections




  • Table box exercises

    1 Make a table box with actor, director and year

    2 Sort decreasing on year and change sequence actor-director

    3 Give it style pyjama green

    4 Make a listbox of rating

    5 Pick rating 6 and search in table box which movies from Donald

    Sutherland have that rating;

    6 Export the result to QVO file and try to open from Excel

  • The Multi Box

    The Multi Box offers the ultimate solution to the problem of displaying

    a large number of list boxes on the same sheet.

    The Multi Box is a set of dropdown list boxes gathered within the

    same frame. As the picture illustrates, every field is represented by

    a row in the multi box.

    Multiple fields can be combined into a single Multi Box.

    Compare the space used for the list boxes with the Multi Box

  • The Multi Box: Advantages

    Less space is required in the layout. Less clutter

    Possible to display a large number of fields in a single Multi Box

    Displays the result of selections that result in a one-to-one

    relationship, since no data is shown until the selections define a

    single result in a Multi Box field

  • Multi Box

    1 Make a multibox with Reference, language and title

    2 Experiment with the settings

  • The Text Object

    Text objects are used for adding information to a QlikView document.

    They can be used to show text information or an image in the

    layout. They can be moved and positioned anywhere on a sheet,

    just like any other sheet object.

    Text objects can also be used effectively for displayin

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