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What is QlikView:

QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. QlikView is an In-memory BI platform.Qlikview training also teaches you creation of graphic and table to get a better overview of the data that can be exported to other programs.QlikView is a combination of quick and click and these features make it intuitive and easy to use. Users can visualise data, search multiple data sets, create ad hoc reports, and view patterns and trends in data that may not have been visible in other reports.BUSINESS DISCOVERY QLIK-VIEW



Core Technology is the In-memory is important for performance so this technology makes the QlikView than other business intelligence tools, but it takes a lot more to deliver a Business Discovery platform. Basically all BI tool based on queries and cubes looks faster in memory and could be fast response but the still need takes care from IT department and user manually depends on the maintainess but in QlikView User not depended no IT.


The QlikView Difference: Its what QlikView does with in-memory technology that really makes a difference. Has an inference engine that maintains the associations in the data automatically.Calculates aggregations on the fly, as needed, for a super-fast user experience.Compresses data down to 10% of its original size to optimise the power of the processorsAccomplishes both within a single, comprehensive product

The Result - Less Maintenance and Faster Deployment

QlikView can be deployed anywhere

QLIKVIEW ON PREMISEAppsApps PlatformData SourcesData SourcesApps PlatformAppsQLIKVIEW ON THE CLOUDEThe Worlds Most Successful Companies Use QlikView

Branch profitability

Real-time views of production and quality control performance

Station profitability

Production and order managementcontent:-1. Data warehouse Concepts Basics of Data Warehousing OLTP and OLAP systems Data Warehousing Architecture Dimension and Fact Tables Star Schema and Snowflake Schema

2. Introduction to QlikView Traditional BI and QlikView QlikView In-memory Analysis Sample QlikView Demo Application What is Dashboard and Analysis? QlikView Flavors QlikView Architecture QlikView Components QlikView Desktop DeveloperQlikView Server QlikView Publisher QlikView Access Protocol Downloading and Installing of QlikView Software QlikView Data Sources

3. Scripting Script menu commands Edit script Toolbar/Editor System Variables Data Extraction(Various sources) Script Editing Renaming of fields Executing script Debugging, Tracing and trouble shooting Data Modeling Types of data modeling Storing data into QVD filescontent:-4. CalendarGeneration of calendar Date and Time functions

5. Functions and Expressions QlikView Functions Expressions Joins Keep (left and right) Aggregation of data at script Concatenation Variables SET and LETcontent:-6. Interacting with QlikView Objects List Box Multi Box Table Box Current selection Box Text Object Calendar/Slider Object Input Box Line/Arrow Object Button Statistics Box Bookmark Object Search Object System Tablecontent:-7. Interacting with QlikView Objects with All Properties(Charts)Bar ChartLine ChartCombo ChartRadar ChartMekko ChartGrid ChartScatter ChartPie ChartFunnel ChartBlock ChartStraight TablePivot TableContainer Box

content:-8. Interacting with QlikView Objects(Charts II)General Calculation ConditionError MessageFast ChangeTrellis ChartExpression Mini ChartAccumulation/No AccumulateTrend Lines9. Interacting with QlikView ScriptMapping LoadBinary LoadExistsSynthetic KeyLoop/Circular ReferenceCyclic and Drilldown GroupsExpression GroupingJoins in QlikView

content:-10. Set AnalysisWhat is Set Analysis and Alternate States?Why and how do we use it?Identifiers, Operators and ModifiersExamples

11. Interacting with QlikViewSheet PropertiesDocument PropertiesConditional Display of Object and SheetTriggersHidden ScriptPreceding LoadLoad Inline DataIndicatorsIncremental LoadInterval Matchcontent:-12. SecurityWhat is security?Type of ImplementationSecurity based on User IDSecurity based on NTNAME

13. Type of LicensesNames CALSDocument CALSSession CALSUsage CALS

content:-14. Creation of Demo ApplicationWhat is BRD?Technical SpecificationsCreation of Dashboard and ReportsImplementation of security

15. Access of ApplicationAccess by Access pointAccess by QlikView Developer

content:-Contact Details IND: +91 95506 45679USA: +1 908-366-8933


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