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QRAE 2 Training PPT

Date post: 21-Jan-2015
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QRAE II Multigas Detector
  • 1. QRAE IIMultigas Detector

2. QRAE II Multigas Detector GeneralSpecifications QRAE II accessories QRAE II service SPE O2 Sensor QRAE II Prices Features and Benefits 3. General Specifications 1 4 Gases: LEL, O2, CO, H2S,diffusion mode (in the pipeline: additional sensors) Large, high resolution graphicdisplay On-demand or automatic backlight 4 alarms: LOW, HIGH, STEL (tox)and TWA (tox) Ultra bright around-the-top optical alarm 95 dB acoustic alarm Vibration alarm 4. General Specifications Light-weight: 350 g (12.3 oz) Compact: 11.5 x 7.6 x 4.6 cm(5x 2.8 x 1.5) Big, well-spaced buttons Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 14 hrs run time Drop-in alkaline adapter 10 hrs run time Rugged charger and data port Optional vehicle charger cable Datalogging cable andsoftware included QRAE II in cradle charger 5. General Specifications Plug-in gas sensors: LEL, O2, CO, H2S New SPE O2 Sensor Super-rugged stainless steel alligatorclip Concussion-proof, easy-grip blackrubber housing EMI/RFI tested against 60 Volt / meter CSA/cUL, C1D1, Grps A,B,C,D ATEX EEx ia IIC T3 & T4 IECEX pending 6. Accessories AutoRAE CompatibilityAutoRAE for fully automatic- bump testing- calibration- documentation 7. Accessories Rugged calibrationadapter for: manual calibration manual bump test 8. Accessories Optional hand pumpfor: Confined space entryapplications Included in theConfined Space EntryKit 9. Service Quick sensor swapping foreasy maintenance Compatible with ProRAEStudio for detector settings Diagnostic mode for simpletrouble-shooting Days to next calibrationalways displayed at start up Password protected: detector settings alarm settings calibrations 10. Solid Polymer Electrode Oxygen Sensor Designed to meetRoHS directive Contains no lead Guaranteed leakfree Longest life Increased long-termstability Fast response 11. Pricing 12. Key Markets What kinds of companies have beenbuying the QRAEII in quantities? Petrochemical plants Chemical plants Fire brigades 13. Key Questions What makes it better than thecompetition? SPE O2 sensor Long life Non-consumable Lead free Product quality Only RAE Systems components inside 14. Key Questions What are the top 3 features? Easy maintenance LEL correction factors built in for directmeasurement of know combustibles Alkaline battery adapter 15. Features and BenefitsFeature BenefitFlexible configurations: from LELPlug-in sensors single gas to a full four-gasSPE O2 OxygenLead-free, RoHS conformity. FastSensorresponse. No leakage. Longer life,no lead consumed. Best long-termstability.LEL CorrectionDirect measurement of target gasFactors increases safety 16. Features and BenefitsFeatureBenefitLi-Ion rechargeable14 hours operation on one charge.batteryVery fast charge-up time. Reliable. Flexibility of operation, notAlkaline battery adapter dependent on charger. Ideal for one-day-a-week usage.Charging cradle with Universal 110/230V power cable,data portoptional 12V DC adapter. Compatible with existing data cables. Also works as an external battery charger. 17. Features and BenefitsFeature BenefitAvailable as Confined Ready for confined space entrySpace Kit applications. Includes calibration gas and regulator, rugged carrying case,more.AutoRAETM compatiblePush-button bump test or calibration,charging and documentationEMI/RFI tested to Surpasses the industry standard60 Volts per meterof 10 Volts per meter. A 5 Wattradio emits about 50 Volts permeter at 2 cm. 18. Features and BenefitsFeature BenefitLight weight, 350g(12.3 oz) Easy to carry at belt, strap or harnessDoes not get in the way,Small size, compact comfortable in confined spaces95 dB acoustic alarmLouder than a noisy environmentUltra-bright optical alarmHighly visible alarm. Easy to notice.Vibration alarm Noticeable in bright and noisyenvironments. Additional safety. 19. Features and BenefitsFeatureBenefitSimple 2-buttonEasy to useoperation User friendly. Unit can beMulti-language support operated by anybody worldwide. Less training.Flip display upside-down Easy to read in hand or on belt. 20. Features and BenefitsFeatureBenefitAutomatic or on-demand Automatically lights up in darkbacklightenvironment or manually, whenever needed.High quality rubber Concussion-proof, easy-grip.casingDatalogging alwaysNo added cost for datalogging. Usesincluded, wrap-around MS Windows. Logs all alarms andor stop when full.events; creates tables and graphsautomatically. 21. Features and BenefitsFeatureBenefitEasy to access sensors Ultra fast service without touching& battery compartment. the electronic board. No risk of damaging electronic components.IP 65 water resistantUse in workplaces with high humidityand dust resistant or high dust exposure.Low spares prices forLowest cost of ownership calculationsensors and batteriesTrue RAE product; no RAE does not only have control overthird party components costs but also over the technology. 22. Future Coming in 2 months Unique 2 in 1 pump/diffusion version (not aadd on pump) SO2 H2S 0.1 ppm resolution 23. QRAE II New Multigas DetectorQuestions?