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QU for buddies

Date post:24-May-2015
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  • 1. A hummingbirdmoves quickly fromflower to flower.quicklyWhen something moves quickly,it moves very fast!.Do elephants move quickly? What issomething you can do quickly?

2. A lioness hasto be veryquiet to sneakup on her prey.quietWhen something is quiet, itdoesnt make any sound.Can you think of a time when you had to bequiet? If a baby is sleeping, should you bequiet? Why? 3. Most earthquakeshappen nearvolcanoes, Japan,California orIndonesia.earthquakeAn earthquake is a shaking orvibration of the surface of the earth.Is an earthquake safe? Why?Do earthquakes happen in Florida? Why? 4. When something is aquatic, itlives in or near water.aquaticAre humans aquatic animals? Why?Is a cactus an aquatic plant? Why? 5. An aquarium is a placethat contains aquaticplants and animals.aquariumHave you ever been to an aquarium like SeaWorld or Marineland? Is there an aquarium inyour classroom? What lives in it? 6. equalAre the play doh colorsequal? Why? Whatwould you do to makethem equal?When two things are the same,they are equal. 7. Liquid is theopposite ofsolid. Solids donot flow. Ablock of woodis a solid..liquidWhen something is liquid, it canflow like water or oil.Can you think of a liquid thatpeople drink? Are there liquidsthat are not safe to drink? 8. Quicksand is very wetsand that acts like aliquid.quicksandThings can sink into quicksand.

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A hummingbird moves quickly from flower to flower. quickly When something moves quickly , it moves very fast!. Do elephants move quickly ? What is something you can do quickly ?
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