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Qualifications Update: Human Biology Qualifications Update: Human Biology.

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  • Qualifications Update:Human Biology

  • Provides progression from National 5 BiologyContent is very similar to the Revised Higher Human BiologyDevelops an increased depth and complexity of knowledge and understandingFurther develops higher order skillsOffers personalisation and choice Provides flexibility

    Key messages

  • Course Structure

    4 Units: internally assessed by centres externally verified by SQAPass/FailCourse assessmentQuestion PaperCoursework (Assignment)

  • Course assessment consisting of:Question papermarked by SQA. a specimen Question Paper and marking instructions will be published February 2014, which meet the requirements of the Course Assessment Specification. Assignment conducted by centres & marked by SQA. Assignment Information will be published in March 2014, which meet the requirements of the Course Assessment Specification.

    Key messages

  • SQA is currently developing Unit and Course assessment materials to support the Higher Human Biology Course. Unit Assessment Support will provide three support packages that exemplify different approaches to assessment and gathering evidence. Centres will be free to develop their own assessment packages. Evidence for the achievement of Outcome 1 and Assessment Standards 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 for one Unit in this Course can be used as evidence of the achievement of Outcome 1 and Assessment Standards 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 in the other Units of this Course (except Researching Unit).

    Key messages

  • Use valid and reliable assessmentsSQA-produced Unit Assessment Support PacksCentre devised assessments that have been prior verifiedYour own assessments strongly advise you have these prior verifiedMaking assessment judgementsSQA packs are designed on a pass/fail basisUse Judging Evidence Tables to make assessment judgments against Assessment StandardsJudging Evidence Tables have commentary on how to meet each Assessment StandardA task/activity can meet most or all of the Unit Outcome and Assessment StandardsIndicate on candidates work that Unit Assessment Standards have been metUnit Assessment complementing learning and teachingUnit Assessment is open and flexibleAssessment should allow you space to prepare for Added Value/Course Assessment

    Key messages from Verification (Round 1)

  • Assessment Support Schedule 2013/14

    Sept 13CfE Update LetterOct 13Unit Assessment Support (Package 1)Feb 14Unit Assessment Support (Package 2) Feb 14Higher Specimen Question PaperMar 14Coursework General Assessment Information Apr 14Unit Assessment Support (Package 3) May 14Update Mandatory DocumentsJun 14Update Unit Assessment Support

  • Human Biology Unit Assessment at Higher

  • Unit assessment - recap

    Flexible and open Assessment Standards and Evidence Requirements in Units

    Greater range of techniques and methodologies for assessment encouraged

    Assessments can be designed to provide evidence across more than one outcome or Unit combined assessments

    More opportunities to gather naturally occurring evidence assessment as part of learning and teaching

  • Unit Assessment Support purpose As at National 5, Assessment Support will be provided which you can use to:Assess your candidatesAdapt for your own assessment programmesHelp you develop your own assessments

  • Unit Assessment Support at Higher key featuresValid from August 2014

    Complements and supports learning and teaching

    Assess competence against Unit Outcomes and Assessment Standards

    Designed to encourage professional judgement

    Provide broad-based tasks allow assessors to choose appropriate context and forms of evidence

    Show range of approaches to generating assessment evidence

    Give information on the type of evidence which could be gathered

  • Summary of Requirements to pass a UnitAssessment Standards can be achieved in a variety of waysAssessors should ensure that the work is the candidates own.

  • Summary of Requirements to pass a UnitOutcome 1 All six Assessment Standards are required. They can be achieved through a number of activities

    Outcome 1 is transferable and need only be overtaken once in the Course.

  • Summary of Requirements to pass a UnitOutcome 2 This can be achieved through a number of activities 2.1 at least half of the statements should be correct across the key areas of the Unit2.2 the description of the application must be at an appropriate level2.3 the description of the issue and its effect on environment/society must be at an appropriate level2.4 all 4 problem solving skills (making predictions, selecting information, processing information and analysing information) must be achieved

  • Summary of Requirements to pass a UnitOutcome 2Assessment Standard 2.1 is Unit specific

    Assessment Standards 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 are transferable and need only be overtaken once in the Course.

  • Unit assessment support packages at Higher - approaches

    Package 1 Unit by Unit approach discrete assessment tasks for each UnitPackage 2 Combined approach groups Outcomes and Assessment Standards from different UnitsPackage 3 Portfolio approach naturally occurring evidence

  • Assessment Package 1

    This pack consists of three assessment activities for each Unit:Activity 1: a scientific report of an experiment to generate evidence for Outcome 1Activity 2: a short report of a research investigation to generate evidence for Assessment Standards 2.2 and 2.3Activity 3: a set of questions to generate evidence for Assessment Standards 2.1 and 2.4

  • Assessment Package 2

    This pack consists of two assessment activities:Activity 1: an investigation of a key area of any Unit through research, a practical activity and problem solving, covering Outcome 1 and Assessment Standards 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4Activity 2: a set of questions covering Assessment Standard 2.1. This generates evidence that the candidate is able to make accurate statements demonstrating knowledge and understanding gained throughout the Course

  • Assessment Package 3

    Portfolio ApproachThis pack outlines the gathering of naturally occurring evidence

  • Re-assessment Assessment Standard 2.1If you have used a test and the candidate does not achieve AS 2.1, then you could reassess by either:giving another test covering all the key areas analysing the candidate's performance and reassessing only those key areas in which they did not do wellIn either case, the candidate needs to score at least 50% across the key areas. Not 50% for each key area.

  • Re-assessment Assessment Standard 2.4If a specific Problem Solving skill (eg selecting Information) is not achieved, then only that skill need be re-assessedIf, after re-assessment, the candidate fails to demonstrate that Problem Solving skill within this Unit assessment, they could be given further assessment opportunities to demonstrate this skill, in the other Units of the Course

  • Human Biology Higher Course Assessment

  • Course Assessment at HigherCourse Assessment at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher assesses Added ValueCourses at Higher are graded A D, as at presentHuman Biology has 2 Components a question paper and an assignment

  • Higher Question PaperAssesses ability to retain and integrate knowledge and understanding from across the Course contentThe weighting is approximately proportionate to the UnitsStructure similar to existing Revised Higher Human Biology100 Marks Duration - 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Higher Question PaperSection 1 consist of 20 objective questionsSection 2 consists of a mix of restricted and extended response questions which has 80 marks

  • Higher Assignment The assignment will require the candidate to carry out an in-depth study of a Human Biology topicThe topic will be chosen by the candidate (to be reviewed by the assessor) who will investigate/research the underlying Human BiologyMarked by SQA

  • Higher Assignment This assignment has two stages:a research stagea communication stage, during which the report is writtenThe research stage will be conducted under some supervision and control.The communication stage will be conducted under a high degree of supervisionDuration: should be no more than 8 hours in total

  • Higher Assignment

    Skills, knowledge and understandingMark allocationAim1Applying knowledge and understanding of Human Biology 4Selecting information 2Processing and presenting data/information4Analysing data/information2Conclusion 2Evaluation 3Presentation 2

  • Course Assessment at HigherHUMAN BIOLOGY WORKSHOP 2To understand the requirements of Higher Course assessment

  • Workshop 2 Course assessmentcentre?

    Following on from your discussion and using the materials provided, discuss:the requirements of the Higher Course Assessment how these requirements build on the Higher Unitshow these requirements build on National 5 (where appropriate) What key points will you take back to your centre?


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