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Quality Management System (QMS) instant application framework april 2013

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It is now easier, faster, and less expensive for companies to create, execute, and maintain their own Quality Management Software (QMS). People that are currently wasting time and money by using stand alone, non-integrated XLS files can now create robust business management software, including iPad and iPhone functionality. johncachat@hotmail.com www.peproso.com
  • 1. QMS Instant Application Framework John M. Cachat jmc@peproso.com Copyright John Cachat

2. HousekeepingPhones are muted2Use the question block for questions Copyright John CachatCopy of presentation available upon request 3. About John M. Cachat http://www.linkedin.com/in/johncachat Driving Business Performance Helping companies align their business and technology Focus on people, process, and then the technology Subject matter expert on business process management On-going research into next generation of technology for enterprise systems 28 years experience in enterprise systems USAF Research Project (1985) Founder of enterprise quality software company (1988) Chair of ASQ technical committee on computerizing quality (1992) Trusted advisor to global organizations, government agencies, and professional groups 3 Copyright John Cachat 4. What is the Goal? Less LaborDo Things FasterNo Bad MaterialIncrease RevenueHow will computerizing QMS help you reach your goals?4 Copyright John Cachat 5. Options if You want to automate QMS Write it yourselfNext Generation BPM with TemplatesTraditional Off the Shelf COTSProsGet what you wantGet what you wantGet what they sellConsStart from ScratchStart with TemplatesFigure out how to use itTime consumingFaster, easierChange your formsExpensiveMulti userChange your processesDifficult to maintainRobust securityChange your documentationWorkflow Train (re-train) your employees5 Copyright John Cachat 6. COTS vs Your Form, Your Process - NCM6 Copyright John Cachat 7. COTS vs Your Form, Your Process - CAR7 Copyright John Cachat 8. COTS Feedback 8I love the database / data model I hate the screens I hate the menu / process flow I hate the reports Copyright John Cachat 9. Manufacturing Software MapSystemsPLM EngineeringERP - Planning SystemsCRM / SRMQMS LegacyMES Execution Systems Document Driven9Data Driven Copyright John Cachat 10. Rapid Application Development Framework 10Robust database / data model Your forms / screens Your menu / process flow Your reports Copyright John Cachat 11. Instant Application Platform ModulesWorkflow API Tool SetUser InterfaceInstant Application Platform ModulesBusiness LogicReports11TemplatesSecurity Copyright John Cachat 12. Next Generation Software If you want the Next Generation of the workforce to use the software, it needs to look like something they will want to use..12 Copyright John Cachat 13. Next Generation Software BUILT IN REPORTINGSUPPORT MOBILE DEVICESWORKFLOW13 Copyright John Cachat 14. Quality Management System PROJECT MANAGEMENT New BusinessProduct/Process ValidationRisk ManagementPEOPLE CustomersEmployeesSuppliersDOCUMENTATION Process Flows/ProceduresProduct InformationRecordsEQUIPMENT CapitalToolingInspectionMANUFACTURING ReceivingWork Orders, Routers, InspectionShippingCONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT NCM and CAPA14Project Teams Copyright John CachatAudits 15. Software Technology Support15 Copyright John Cachat 16. About Us Proven expertise in business information systems Rapid Solution Development processContactServices Assess Current Status Develop Short and Long Term Plans Develop Specific Solutions to Your Problems Assist in ROI AnalysisJohn Cachat jmc@peproso.com16 Copyright John Cachat 17. FREE Proof of ConceptWe17We Copyright John Cachat 18. QMS Instant Application Framework Copy of Presentation & Request a DemoContact: John Cachat jmc@peproso.com18Future Webinars&Visit: http://peproso.com/webinars Copyright John Cachat

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