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Queen's Jubilee

Date post: 07-Jul-2015
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Presentation about Polish celebration of Queen Elisabeth II Jubilee in our school
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The group of 5 and 6- The group of 5 and 6- year-old children year-old children „The Forest Goblins” „The Forest Goblins”
Page 1: Queen's Jubilee

The group of 5 and 6-The group of 5 and 6-year-old children year-old children

„The Forest Goblins”„The Forest Goblins”

Page 2: Queen's Jubilee

We saw the We saw the presentation about presentation about

the Queen the Queen Elizabeth IIElizabeth II

Page 3: Queen's Jubilee
Page 4: Queen's Jubilee

We watched a We watched a short film short film

connected with the connected with the celebrations of the celebrations of the Oueen Elizabeth's Oueen Elizabeth's


Page 5: Queen's Jubilee
Page 6: Queen's Jubilee

We coloured the We coloured the queen's crownqueen's crown

Page 7: Queen's Jubilee
Page 8: Queen's Jubilee

We familiarized with We familiarized with the traditional English the traditional English

custom called the custom called the Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea

At the end we all At the end we all drank tasty English drank tasty English


Page 9: Queen's Jubilee
Page 10: Queen's Jubilee