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Date post:26-Jun-2015
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This presentation illustrates Queue Hacker. An idea that was developed through a three week creative problem solving course at the Digital Media Management master program of Hyper Island Manchester. See our video here: https://vimeo.com/41080662 The brief was delivered by Dare in corporation with the Post Office. The idea was developed by Paulo Yanaguizawa (@pauloey), Hanna Mejia Beaton (@thelemonadepwr), Leo Senra (@leosenra), Thomas John Clegg (@tommykreg) and I, Richard Trovatten (@rtrovatten). Special thanks to Laura Jordan Bambach ‏(@laurajaybee), Andy Sandoz (@sandoz) and Home Sweet Home (@HomeSweetHomeNQ).

2. OUR INSIGHT The worst thing about going to the Post Office,is realising that you have to go. 3. SEGMENTS &PERSONASTarget groups.ONLINEMORE DASH THAN CASH QUICK8%WORK HARD, PLAY HARD SIMPLEEASY12% 4. REASON WHY Future of the Post Office Connected and prefer to solve things digitally. Are open to new products & services within the Post Office. 5. OUR FOCUSWhat we foundIMPACT STARTMIDDLE ENDTIME 6. OURAPPROACH BUSINESSPEOPLETECH 7. Observing consumers is usually a more effective way of discovering unmet or poorly met needs, and can reveal hacked solutions that suggest real opportunities of how to be useful in the world.I went to the Post Office on my lunch break, grabbed a sandwich on the way, pulled a ticket and ate my sandwich in the queue. Two things at once! 8. QUEUEHACKERWere moving the queue outside of thePost Office, so you can do what you need todo on your own time. 9. QUEUEHACKER 10. LIVE DEMOLet us show you 11. QUEUEHACKERAnalysis.With a real-time ticket app we let customersbrowse and order tickets wherever they are.Returning to them the choice of their ownexperience and making the trip easier overall. 12. QUEUEHACKERAnalysis.Your time - Handled with care 13. THANK YOU

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